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Video || Koffler Talks House Lawsuit on the TV Set

Here I am back on One America News Network’s Rick Amato show, discussing yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on presidential appointments, John Boehner’s lawsuit against the White House, and one or two other things.

Sorry about the sound quality, it’s recorded off my laptop.

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12 thoughts on “Video || Koffler Talks House Lawsuit on the TV Set”

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t get the audio going, but I will keep on trying. So . . . unfortunately I don’t know what you said, but I read an interesting piece on Boehner’s move by Andrew McCarthy (NRO’s In The Corner), and he concluded with a paragraph taken directly from Boehner’s spiel. In it, Boehner states that he is going to the courts, in effect, because the legislative branch of the government has no power. Interesting indeed coming from the Speaker of the House and the top Republican leader.

    1. Power of the purse. I am not opposed to House pursuing the lawsuit avenue, but why they do not use more effectively power of the purse is beyond me.

  2. Thank-The-Gods!
    NO ONE in the “WH press corps” or “Main-Stream Media” will ever talk about this Bohener ‘law suit’…

  3. Keith, after the Qotus’s (queen of the United States) comment about being gypped she was heard saying while watching your interview, “he doesn’t look Jewish”.

  4. Great job and thank so much for offering the insight.

    I just hope Boehner lists everything from day one up through to this intentional invasion.
    If he picks and chooses he defeats the purpose of any case he is making about Obama picking and choosing.

    Thank you for getting out there and keeping everyone informed.

    1. The liberal media is sugar coating everything for Obama and not putting out any true news about the border invasion, the VA scandel, IRS targeting of conservatives, Benghazi, fast and furious, arming cartels, the Libya war without congressional approvel, arming terrorists overseas. The transgressions and laws that have been broken under BO reach to the heavens. I pray everyday our Lord delivers us from him. He is evil magnified thousand times over.

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