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Obama Schedule || Friday, June 27, 2014

10:50 am CT || Delivers remarks on the economy; Lake Harriet Band Shell, Minneapolis, Minnesota
12:20 pm CT || Departs Minneapolis
3:45 pm ET || Arrives White House
5:00 pm ET || Meets with Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan D. Gibson and Rob Nabors
8:45 pm ET || Attends the Marine Barracks Evening Parade

17 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, June 27, 2014”

  1. OK, I’ll bite. What in the SamHill is a “Marine Barracks Evening Parade”?
    It’s not some GLBT beauty contest, is it?
    Marines parading in evening gowns, in the dark, would be too scary to contemplate.

        1. “A Marine and his rifle, a lethal combination”. Damn right! And I will have my rifle(s) until the day I die, then pass them down to my daughter and future Grandchildren. I refuse to be a victim or statistic.

    1. In the summer, all branches of the armed services offer free performances in Washington DC. Mostly military bands, but with some drill demonstrations. One of the most moving is the USMC band at the Marine Barracks, an historic base where the Commandant lives. I highly recommend this event – although, it sickens me to think that teh one will be there this evening. It is hard for me to imagine how he will sit still for the whole performance. The thought of him and his goofy grin during solemn ceremonies is too much to bear.

      1. I thought the same thing. If Obama’s never seen this before, I’m sure he’ll think it’s all about him :) Little will he know, the Marines perform the exact same way for all the little people too.

  2. Just saw a clip of Obama today…in somebody’s backyard. O…M…G….!!!
    He was talking gibberish, looked dissipated, and sounded sooo ghetto-ish. What are these people thinking?
    The only thing I am looking forward to now is reading the Ed Klein book as soon as it arrives. Hope the Obamas got an advance copy, lol.


  3. interesting that the President is attending the Marine Barracks Parade……..Perhaps, he can explain to them why he did not bring up the fate of their fellow Marine SGT Tahmooresi being held in prison to President Nieto of Mexico during a phone conversation earlier this week. Furthermore, he can explain why his State Department has done nothing as well.

    I am sure the Marines already understand why he could not be bothered. He was late for a golf outing,fundraiser or a Hard Drive destroying party.

  4. does this bone head lazy bum ever do anything he is the biggest lying piece of Garbage ever in the White House golf all weekend for sure what a slug

  5. If Dictator Obama had a “smidgeon” of a conscience he would be too ashamed to show up to the Marine Barracks Evening Parade. He loathes the military, this country, and we, the people.

    How can he look any Marine or for that matter any member of the Military in the face? Answer: Not even a “smidgeon” of a conscience.

    The worst enemy this country has ever faced in it’s history.

  6. Soon the “bear will be loose” at the Marine Barracks, trying to make people think he is “one of us.” To the wonderful, brave men and women who serve the corps, my sincere thanks. You make us proud. I pray for you all every day.

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