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The Obama Morning News || June 26, 2014

Lerner targeted GOP Sen. Grassley . . . Newsmax
Startling new emails from the woman at the center of the IRS tea party-targeting scandal show that in 2012 she suggested referring Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley for a possible audit.

IRS chief a major Democratic donor . . . Fox News
John Koskinen has shelled out nearly $100,000 to Democratic candidates and groups.

White House: We didn’t see ISIS coming . . . Free Beacon
Senior Obama administration officials’ closed-door briefing to senators Tuesday night revealed that the White House did not anticipate and was not prepared for the rise of ISIS.

Iraq pullout harmed intel gathering . . . Associated Press
CIA officers have been largely hunkered down in their heavily fortified Baghdad compound since U.S. troops left the country in 2011, allowing a once-rich network of intelligence sources to wither. 

U.S. spent $4.8B on Obamacare exchanges . . . Free Beacon
The funding was provided by a section of the Affordable Care Act that allowed for “indefinite” funding at the discretion of the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Obama admits climate effort costs . . . New York Times
“People don’t like gas prices going up; they are concerned about electricity prices going up,” Mr. Obama said in a speech at an annual dinner for the League of Conservation Voters.

Obama mocks climate skeptics . . . Bloomberg
Obama derided climate-change skeptics as a “fringe” element as he highlighted his record on the environment and cutting greenhouse gas emissions before a conservation group.

Poll: Keep Gitmo open . . . Fox News
Most American voters consider the recently-captured Benghazi suspect an enemy combatant who should be tried in a military tribunal and kept at Guantanamo Bay.

Diplomatic compounds still at risk . . . Free Beacon
U.S. diplomatic compounds overseas continue to be endangered by lax security measures and, in many cases, are highly vulnerable to potential attack.

Pentagon clarifies Bergdahl possibilities . . . CS Monitor
He can be classified as AWOL or a captured soldier, but not both.

Obama to share woman’s “day in the life” . . . Reuters
Obama heads to Minneapolis on Thursday, the first stop in series of summer road trips where he will aim to spend a “day in the life” of an ordinary American and convince voters that he understands their challenges

Rubio pushes working class appeal . . . Politico
Marco Rubio is presenting his domestic policy agenda as one that appeals both to conservatives and single mothers, working-class families and recent college graduates.

13 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 26, 2014”

  1. The email that Lerner sent regarding Grassley was sent from her Blackberry! Blackberry keeps 100% of their traffic so Issa must subpoena Blackberry for her emails.

    Is using a Blackberry for official business a violation of the open records act?

  2. Obama: “People don’t like gas prices going up… That’s exactly why I’m going to keep my head under my desk while ISIS runs wild and takes over the oil fields.”

      1. That poor gal with whom he is “spending” a day goes to two stores to get the best bargain–wonder if there will be two opps for smarmy pix as he nods his nead understandingly in two stores. I won’t be able to keep my lunch down.

  3. Regarding WH did not see ISIS coming:
    I just watched Liz Cheney on Fox. She made the point that their was actual evidence in January. If they were surprised they were ignoring the intelligence reports.
    She mentioned that Maliki does need to take hold of what is going on. Same time we need to because ISIS is a threat to us as well.
    She noted as well how Russia, China, & Isis are all laughing at us and our Red Line.

    1. Of course Obama knew about ISIS. If he had half a brain he would have surmised that Syria was the petri dish for radical Islamists. There were two or three prison breaks in Libya and Abu Grave. What did he think would happen with all of these terrorists running loose? They headed for Syria. Michael Rubin and others warned about the radical movement into Iraq two years ago.
      Obama washed his hands of Iraq nearly 3 years ago. He refused to negotiate a SOF agreement with Malaki b/c it was Bush’s war. The US is now persona non grata in Iraq. Iran is running the show.

  4. When I first heard of this “day in the life” visit to Minneapolis, I wondered about such a trip with no other purpose in mind. Hmm, turns out there is a fundraising opportunity on this trip too. What a surprise… And “a day in the life” will be repeated with other trips this summer, they say. Guess they will also coincidentally involve fundraising events.

    Odds are, as the article says, the chances of him actually experiencing a day in the life, what with his security and entourage, are about nil. Lets see him load kids in the car and fight traffic, without his 50 car motorcade…

    1. Kids in the car–are we there yet, are we there yet? Funny story. My brother-in-law was a corporate pilot and the owner’s kids used to come to the cockpit and ask, “Are we there yet?” In a Citation! Kids will be kids.

  5. SCOTUS said Obama exceeded his authority when he invoked the Constitution’s provision on recess appointments to fill slots on the National Labor Relations Board in 2012.

    This includes the 600 decisions that the NLRB has made as well from 2012 forward – any/all decisions are null and void as if they never existed.

    1. Will those nominees now have to go through the entire process and be approved by the Senate since they were not the first time?

  6. The best thing that Rubio can do for all the people he wants to “serve” is to make a firm commitment that the borders are secure, illegals are treated as the law defines and that immigrants in the country have proper documentation and allowances to be here. He can also make sure Florida companies adhere to everify. Then we can consider the rest of his agenda.

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