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Michelle Obama Racist Against The Romani People

Oh no. This is not going to sit well with good people all over America who care about being uptight. Like the Obamas.

First Lady Michelle Obama this week desecrated the proud Romani diaspora by not only using their now-unacceptable, discarded  moniker, “Gypsies,” but employing it in a way that suggests they scam people during transactions.

I’m a Jew. My people have long been rumored to scam customers during transactions. And to practice medicine. Am I next, Mrs. Obama?

Have a look and a listen.

WARNING: This video contains use of a “trigger” word that could elicit an adverse reaction from over-sensitive individuals. Please hide your children, your pets, and any politically correct relatives who may be spending the night.

Yes, Mrs. Obama says her former employers gypped her. Next thing you know she’ll be calling them Indian Givers. Or, hopefully at least, Native American Givers.

It disgusts me to live in a country where even my first lady says such things. I might have to move to Iceland, where there is no racism and no genetically modified food.

COVER UP ALERT: The White House transcript of her remarks reports that the first lady used the word “gipped.” If you Google, “gipped,” it asks, Did you mean gypped?

Yes, that’s exactly what she meant. God save her, and God save all of us.

33 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Racist Against The Romani People”

    1. They’re both imbeciles who lost their law license to practice in the State of Illinois for corrupt practices. Does that come as a surprise? Nope.

  1. It’s worse than “redskins” ! Even the Urban Dictionary calls it a ray-cist term……

    Used as a term to describe when one has received less than they paid for. Most people do not realize it’s a racist term that stems from nomadic ‘gypsies’ who are stereotyped as theiving criminals.

  2. was the “trigger” word…. work ? you’re right the obama’s don’t want their followers to work… just live off of the rest of us working

  3. Was there anyone – anyone – in this woman’s life who was kind or helpful or even just …decently respectful? My goodness, I always thought that working harder than anyone else was not only a virtue but a way to get ahead.

    1. Aileen, you really should research s/he/it’s job history. She was a Mayor Daly ‘pay back’. Essentially, what that meant was that s/he/it had an office and phone. She had no clients, no business going on in her office. She would take 3 hour lunches, come early and leave early. Doesn’t sound too much like working a full time job while getting ‘gipped’ for receiving part time salary, does it?

  4. I am afraid there are words and phrases that have been passed down or has become a common part of our language. I never connected Gyped and Gypsy. So, I will have to give her a pass on this one.

    I believe that both of them have no integrity or soul. Her abuse of the perks of the office is criminal.

    Did anyone else see the note in Ed Kleins book that ValJar lives I the WH?

    1. Valjar lives at the WH? Just ordered the book on Amazon – can hardly wait to read it. Supposedly, Valjar has a townhouse in Georgetown, but that could just be a facade. Living at the WH makes sense. After all, she has to make all the decisions for the Imbecile-in-Chief.

    2. “So, I will have to give her a pass on this one.”

      Nope. Force them to adhere to the same, stupid standards they require of everybody else.

  5. If only she had stated that she “jew’d” them down for a better price, would American Jews might just barely begin to “get it.”

  6. Gypsies were known to lift a chicken, steal, and still have the reputation of doing shoddy work for big bucks when they pass through a community.

    They were gypping people — racist, or a realistic description?

    I’m sick of the word police.

  7. Not only is she using a word that demeans a group of people, but she’s lying about her “part-time salary for full-time work”.
    Where exactly was she employed at this miserable job? At the law firm that hired her right out of college, the political job at Chicago city hall, the hospital that paid her to keep undesirable (poor) patients from their hallowed beds and bed pans, or is there some secret employment that she neglected to tell her bio suck-ups?

    She’s lying, trying to make herself part of the conversation in the same way that her husband makes himself part of every holiday, every occasions, everything. They are so outside the normal American experiences it’s almost impossible for them to relate or understand who and what we all are.

    If there’s one thing we know for sure about the Obamas it is that they iie about their pasts, lie about what they do, and lie about their future plans.

    1. The current spin by the leftie’s is inequality. HiTLERy is broke. Only the Koch brother’s wealth is despicable. MOOCHelle had to get on the bandwagon for the cause. Wait until Obama trots out with his own personal story of working for nothing somewhere out of the goodness of his heart or being ripped off by Harvard for not recognizing his brilliance earlier and paying him a better salary for his absolute, first rate knowledge of our Constitution.

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  9. Come on Keith. You know liberals can say anything and nothing they say is ever wrong, insensitive, racist, mean spirited or a lie.

  10. Anecdotal but once a self-identified GYPSY stole five bucks from me. There is a show with Rom in it called My Big Fat GYPSY Wedding. And I think the word “gyp” for what, ripoff, is sort of like spending like a drunken sailor or something–nothing against the drinking habits of sailors. Hard to get spun up on this one.

  11. Shelly actually worked? Who knew??

    Just for Keith though, I will modify one of my long used sayings.

    When I speak of negotiating with a customer – I will now say “They Gentiled me down”… :O)

    I am working on other ones such as – You Anglo lipped my joint.”

    Or – “That’s darned color-neutral of you.”

  12. I’m 60 years old, an educator with a Master’s Degree and grew up in the NY area where there’s lots of diversity. The word gypped is used all the time and I’ve never — until this rant on Michelle Obama– associated it with any culture or ethnic group. Sorry white folks — the Obama’s are educated, intelligent, distinguished and elected to the premier position in our nation: save your efforts to discredit them and direct your rants against the continuing discrimination against people of color in our own country — and the ongoing use of the world “Nigger” — an obvious and shameful vestige of our history of hatred and ignorance.

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  14. Hey Keith, she’s an EEOC student so when she/he/it says ‘gipped,’ we all have to assume ebonics would come from her mouth. Anyway, have you any idea how she’s responding to the recent (really not so recent) hype about her being a he/she/it transgender? Gee, I don’t think I’ve seen or heard from her since that story became viral. any ideas where the country’s 1st Man is?

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