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Cavuto and Bachmann Brawl Over Boehner Suit

A testy exchange here between Fox News host Neil Cavuto, who goes on the attack against Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) over Speaker John Boehner’s decision to sue President Obama over his abuse of executive power.

Cavuto leaves his manners on the cutting room floor – I assume because it makes for good TV – repeatedly interrupting and talking over Bachmann and then ending the segment while she was still speaking.

Cavuto demands that Republicans “fix whatever’s wrong right now” rather than pointing fingers and launching lawsuits.

Oh really, how? Send the DC police to the White House to make sure the president is obeying the law? Call Spiderman? Or better, Captain America?

Cavuto obviously doesn’t favor impeachment either. Rather, he seems more concerned in showing off how he can swat down a leader of the Tea Party through bluster in lieu of offering any serious argument.

33 thoughts on “Cavuto and Bachmann Brawl Over Boehner Suit”

  1. It’s the first time I’ve seen Cavuto go off the deep end. I don’t watch him on a regular basis, it’s possible he’s done it before. Either way, he was damn rude. I truly resent cutting off conversation/discourse. It’s one of the reasons I can’t tolerate O’Reilly.

    1. I know Shep Smith is a biased, sycophant, liberal (Obama) bitch on FNC.

      …But nowadays I wonder about Neil Cavuto.. (?)

      1. O ‘Reilly has gone off the reservation and so has Cavuto. They’ve
        got the same narcissistic ego overdrive as Dear Leader. I do wonder what brought on the change seems a bit curious. But they have both gone rogue. Not a pretty site.

  2. I just caught his apology at the end of his show (waiting for The Five to start). He read the hate emails and tweets he received since the explosion….lol. He did apologize to MB for his behavior.

    1. DeniseVB, I heard the exchange Cavuto and Michelle Bachmann and the ‘angry e-mails’, too.

      Maybe it is just my ‘take’ on him, but for sometime, now, he seems more intent on ‘having his say’ whatever the subject or to whomever he is speaking! Very annoying and disrespectful for his guests and viewers!

      My admiration and respect for Michelle Bachmann and her tireless efforts to ‘educate’ the citizens on critical issues has increased over the years. She needs to be heard! Cavuto needs to listen and learn!

      Cavuto just ‘might’ realize that his hoping and wishing that the DEMS (Harry Reid & Co) will suddenly decide ‘to talk’ to the Republicans, Conservatives, and other common sense leaders is a ‘wasted wish’! jb

      1. My take away is that he’s sick and tired of all the screaming, and I do like MB, but she’s great at political theater. I think Neil is thinking like a libertarian and tired of it. How is it helping? Us. ?

        1. DeniseVB, Are you wondering if Neil’s thinking or the two parties screaming antics are any help in solving and ending the WH Adm ‘power-grabs’? Liberals divisive tactics seem to be working so even talking heads are yelling at each other.

          Sadly, I am cynical enough to believe that nothing is going to change as long as Harry Reid can block any jobs bills or tax reform bills sent to the Senate from the House. My Senator is unhappy that he and others are blocked from hearing bills Reid (&bho) do not like. That is the ‘stalemate’ in Congress. AG Holder protects the WH Adm continuously dictating laws…!

          Neil’s demanding that the parties talk to each other is not going make them do that. People much smarter than I am seem not to have any workable or acceptable ideas. So very frustrating! jb

    1. Eric Bolling was no better on The Five yesterday, belittling and cutting off Kimberly Guilfoyle (one of his co-hosts) during a discussion of what to do in Iraq. Bolling, apparently, has adopted the liberal “all-or-nothing” position on committing troops…i.e. – if you think we shouldn’t stay out of it, then you must be for thousands of boots on the ground (completely ignoring any convert options in between).

      He then quizzed Dana Perino incessantly, trying to force her to say “yes” or “no” to committing troops…she finally said, “I’m not on trial here.”

  3. O/T: Just caught a bit of Dear Leader’s stand up comic act at a town hall meeting in Minnehaha Falls. No joke. Minnie ha ha.

    Had to turn it off. Lunch-hurling.

  4. I rarely watch Cavuto but that little embroglio reminded me of Jerry Springer. I don’t know if Cavuto is slipping in the ratings, but he sure looks like he needs some attention. There’s just something ‘off’ about him lately.

    On another note, Kristan Powers started going off on O’Reilly – I think it was. Very out of character for her, even though I am not a fan. It was obnoxious and I just picked up the remote.
    It’s beginning to look like ‘staging’ at FOX. Very little ‘hard’ news anymore.

    1. Regarding something being “off” about Cavuto, my late mother used to turn him off on occasion (“I can’t watch him these days,” she would say) – she would attribute it to his illness (MS), thinking he might not be feeling well.

      As for Powers, she’s become increasingly combative on O’Reilly the last few weeks…she has more exposure now (with the new “Outnumbered” show) and perhaps feels she needs to reassert her liberal bona-fides. I agree with you, though, that her recent rants are a bit out of character for her.

      1. She said it the other nite–she is “disappointed” in Obama, She looks very frowny, sweaty and irritated with O’Reilly and I think may be seen less and less. This could be displaced aneger, but people disappear off his show. It’s Kirsten….

        1. Sometimes I think that during the commercials they are all buddy buddy, and then when the camera light comes on the act continues.
          Kinda like congress.

  5. Bachmann is right of course. Republican leadership needs to start threatening cutting funds and then act if necessary. They don’t need to cut 100%. Half or so would be nice. Start with EPA , Homeland Security, and Obamacare.

    1. Of course, they should and should have, but they’re all too busy trying to get reelected. Congress holds the purse strings and lately they’re beginning to look like “drag queens.” LOL

    2. I’m pretty she’s not totally right. Instead of this legal motion they should appeal to the people and to the dems in congress. The republicans should say they are trying to protect congressional power and all their jobs. If the president can do it all then why do the demos want to be a congressman. We all know the truth. But the republicans should play the game.

  6. I feel she will be invited back with him and or another reporter.
    At least the next time, she will NOT be cut off.
    If only a reporter had the guts to speak to O like that, or at least cut him off.
    For instance: Smidgen? What the Blank do you mean Smidgen?

  7. For what it’s worth. You may or may not know that Cavuto has MS.
    I did a little reading and it seems, that patients are subject to a “short fuse” and experience unpredictable angry outbursts.

  8. Totally disagree–Cavuto was objecting to her hyperbolic suggestion that we defund the executive branch. Why not fly to Jupiter or start an ISSA preschool–defunding the exec branch makes no sense. It is not practical–this would be more than no more WH tours.

  9. I didn’t see it — walked in on the tail end. Normally I watch Cavuto when I can and I like him. What I heard was that he was about dollars and cents and getting back to work etc. And I thought — yeah well, that’s nice but check with your biz buddies about how badly a renegade administration has obstructed the growth of business with its over regulation, investigations, taxes and downright corruption. No fan of Michelle Bachmann’s although I give her her due regarding the TP and standing up for conservative values more than most.

    Maybe just an off day all around. Doesn’t sound all that representative of the norm. But maybe that’s the way it’s going.

  10. OT: anyone?
    Is the preezy still pimping around in the woman’s shoes? Did anyone see or hear anything about that weird meeting with the mystery woman?

  11. How unfortunate of Cavuto to behave like this in public! This is tacky and ill-mannered. Ann Coulter would have put him in his place quickly.

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