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Bill Clinton: I Bought 14 Swiss Watches

Somebody make it stop. Really, even I can’t take it. It’s like watching the Hindenburg catch fire, over and over again.

The Clintons just keep stepping in it.


From an appearance at a Denver meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative on Wednesday:

MODERATOR: I don’t know how many you bought, Mr. President. Twenty, 30 of these watches? Whatever it was?

CLINTON: My group did. I bought 14 of them that month.

MODERATOR: Oh, you really did?!

CLINTON: Yeah, and two different rugs. I bought five at Christmas and nine when I was there, and I just give ‘em away and hope that I’ll make you more customers.

MODERATOR: Heh, I had no idea, I thought I was just pulling his leg.

H/T Daily Caller.

17 thoughts on “Bill Clinton: I Bought 14 Swiss Watches”

  1. Assuming he is telling the truth, this is just another example of a diminished mental state of someone with serious physcial problems. If he did buy those watches, he did so in a state of mind that wasn’t very clear or sharp.
    Odds are he didn’t buy any watches or rugs.
    It’s not unusual for some elderly to fly off into a fantasy world to recount things they never really did, never said, or just never experienced.

    IMO< both Clintons are riding on a very thin rail of reality.

  2. What he is saying, basically, is that he is bored and has money to burn. From what I have read over the last few years, Bill Clinton is a shopaholic when he is out of the country.

  3. BREAKING! UNANIMOUS Supreme Court decision. Obama violated the US constitution by making “recess” appointments to the NLRB.


  4. What part of “I gives them away”
    I( know in that case he was talking about the carpets)
    What didn’t the dolts get.”
    So he’s generous and rich now.
    You are such sad silly people.
    Really pathetic,

      1. I really like alliteration — some times you can just get on a roll with it. Makes me laugh. Thanks for this. p I failed haiku so I must play at this level to amuse myself.

        1. I love alliteration, too, and have great fun making up little songs about my dog, Benny, the bouncing, baying, beautiful Border Beagle.

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