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Video || Meet Josh Earnest

Here’s a little get-to-know you interview with President Obama’s new press secretary by Politico’s Mike Allen.

From this, we learn about Josh:

  • He wants Obama to take more questions.
  • He seems human.
  • He loves his wife.
  • He’s going to be a father soon, though if he stays on through the end of the Obama administration, he won’t meet the child until he or she is two and a half years old.

Josh is a nice and a genuine guy, I’ve dealt with him many times. But he’s also very much a press secretary:

“I”m so looking forward to taking on this challenge and this opportunity with her,” he said of his wife and new baby.

I guess when you talk like that all day it’s hard to turn it off . . .

The little opportunity must be knocking now and will present itself this summer.

10 thoughts on “Video || Meet Josh Earnest”

  1. Surely this is all true. But true also is that to serve in the Obama Administration, to address the Obama policies for the public, one believes that Obama means well for the United States. But Barack Obama wants to fundamentally transform the United States of America into something that destroys every good cell of its founding, its principles, its values. He wants to trample the constitution, pervert the rule of law and strip us of our God given rights. So, JE is just a new face, but the same old Minister of Propaganda for a man who does not respect or honor this country or the oath that he took.

  2. A new baby is a big time in a marriage–maybe not the time to take on a HUGE job and never be home or if you are home, be distracted. Or when you are at work, to be sleep deprived. I wonder how his wife feels. As I have said before, he doesn’t ring my chimes–a true believer.

  3. Good, honest, moal people don’t stand up on a daily basis and spew forth lies in the service of a diabolical Dictator hell bent on destroying his country. Nice? I think not.

  4. He falls into the same category as every other person that seeks a National position (on both side of the aisle): egoists that put their own fame and notoriety in front of all else. Think about it- who in the world would want to sacrifice all that is required to be elected (or appointed) to that level, only to sell your soul and be around other people who have done the same?

    Time for some citizen-statesmen as Jefferson envisioned. Get rid of the professional hacks and get some regular folks in there!

  5. Good person or not. You find out what a person is really made of when they show you where they draw their lines of demarcation. Job was a really good man, he didn’t waver in his convictions, beliefs and faith. No matter the circumstances around him, He remained true and faithful (even in the face of those around him to do otherwise). We need a lot more like Job these days. Those who will do what is right, just and moral and not waver in the face of fame, fortune, or special interest groups. Sadly, I look around and see too many with flowery sounding words but they are still looking horizontally instead of vertically.

  6. I’m sorry Keith but this piece is like Garrison Keillor’s pap opening mocking the mythical Lake Wobegone citizens “…where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” I’m sure he’s a nice guy but that doesn’t excuse what he has chosen to do for a living.

    1. Apparent Matt Lauer asked that GM Ceo if she could be a mom and CEO. Would he ask this guy whether he can do justice to being a new father and being on call 24 hours a day to some dilatory ideologue. The ideologue will retire to to some posh estate but good old Gosh will have to get to know his young kid from scratch.

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