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The Obama Morning News || June 25, 2014

ISIS seeks launchpad for US attacks . . . Washington Times
The al Qaeda-linked army now conquering territory in Syria and Iraq ultimately wants its emerging Islamic state to be a launching pad for attacking the U.S. homeland, says a new congressional report.

Cheney: Deadlier attack with decade . . . Business Insider
“I think there will be another attack. And the next time, I think it’s going to be far deadlier than the last one. Imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device.”

Boehner mulls suing Obama . . . The Hill
Speaker Boehner is considering bringing a lawsuit against President Obama for the executive orders the president has issued.

Issa considers immunity for Lerner . . . Newsmax
House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa says he’s willing to consider immunity for former IRS official Lois Lerner, but he wants to know what she plans to say first.

Huge majority regret Iraq war . . . NBC News
Seventy-one percent of Americans now say that the war in Iraq “wasn’t worth it,” a new poll shows, with skepticism up substantially even in the last 18 months.

US forces get immunity in Iraq . . . Reuters
Iraq has given assurances to the United States that U.S. special operations forces Obama has ordered into the country will be shielded from possible prosecution in Iraqi courts.

Biden: Gay rights trumps culture . . . Associated Press
Biden declared Tuesday that protecting gay rights is a defining mark of a civilized nation and must trump national cultures and social traditions.

Obama preps new Russian sanctions . . . New York Times
Doubting Putin, the Obama administration has drawn up plans to escalate sanctions against Russia by targeting its financial, energy and defense industries.

Dems aghast at Obama donor meeting . . . Examiner
The White House, which has repeatedly bemoaned the influence of big money in politics, will open its doors to Tom Steyer, the environmental activist who has pledged to spend up to $100 million on November’s elections to promote his climate-change agenda.

Obama to start hanging with Americans . . . McClatchy
President Barack Obama will begin spending “a day in the life” with Americans who have written him letters.

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 25, 2014

  1. In the article US forces get immunity in Iraq:
    It states that: The Petagon sd Monday it hoped US forces could help improve still Murky US Intelligence assessment of situation about type an quantity of U.S. made weap. ISIL has seized from Iraq.
    I was away from the news from for several days (missed WHD),
    the last I heard it was in the the news that ISIL had seized these weapons.
    Question: Wasn’t it in the news last week that they did seize these weapons?

  2. Obama to start ‘hanging out’ with Americans

    Why don’t we just send Obama to summer camp? Like any other 10 year old, he belongs in a structured environment during the summer months – not ‘hanging out’ in the ‘hood,

    This ludicrous stunt has Valjar’s paw prints all over it. Has there ever been a dumber co-president? The stunt at Chipotle the other day was hilarious. The hispanic woman prop they chose to have lunch with Obama was all dressed up in her Sunday best and wasn’t listening to a word Obama said during lunch. I’m sure she thought these Obama people were all nuts!

    • One thing I know about the feud between the Clintons and the Obamas: they are in a race to see which pair can insult the intelligence of Americans the most.

    • What a ploy. I don’t want any of our Pres. HANGING around, they have a job to do. He is only trying to save face.
      Julie made a good comment below as well, regarding the two couples insulting our intelligence.

    • hmmmm How I spent my summer vacation – by BO. It was the greatest gift ever!!.. DNC HQ called and said they will send me to Golf Camp, as long as I will keep making speeches for $$$ at all the stops along the field trip route throughout the U.S. And the best part is, I save them $$ by flying WH Air.

      uggg .. Hanging out with Americans. Is this another WH Bus tour? Bumps in the road not included.

  3. Joe Bidden is just laughable at this point. He is a pathetic man who is buried in BS. If he wants to talk about rights – what about the rights of Americans on the border whose property and safety is assaulted daily by criminal illegals or the rights of Americans not to be abused by the IRS just to insure that he and little Dim get another crack at fundamentally transforming Amerika. Joe Biden is nothing more than Obama’s cheap trick. Any political capital he spent a lifetime building has been burned. He will live off the taxpayers forever just like his grifter boss. I am sick and tired of being insulted by this man who called Americans who did not agree with his position on gay marriage trogolytes.

    • Biden thinks he’s going to be the 2016 nominee by out Obama-ing
      Obama. BTW, off-topic, but I’m wondering now if the Republicans will take the Senate this year. The Democrats who won the election for Cochran in MS are not going to vote for him in November, and I wouldn’t blame the conservatives for sitting that election out. Same thing with McConnell in KY: I wonder if he will beat Alison Lundergren.

      • Pretty much the Republican Party is embodied in the Cochran way of winning elections and Mitch McConnell. I wouldn’t blame conservatives for sitting out the election is Mississippi. Cochran is beholden now to the blacks and the Dems who helped him win. He may sit on one side of the aisle but he will vote with his constituency on the other.

  4. Oh, those poor Americans he is going to “hang with.” I gather this would be ordinary people, as Bill C put it. Think of the photo ops–cleaning up after the dog, shopping in a store where the self-checkout malfunctions, waiting for 3 hrs for the cable guy, watching some (kidding) stay on the computer for hours critiquing his admin, sitting on a phone tree where they love you but don’t hire people to talk to you, smoking dope at lunch, shooting it out with teardrop idiot criminals–what fun we will have.

    • Maybe he could also hang out with some physicians I saw on TV who are implanting chips in paralyzed people so they can move their limbs. Ordinary people! He can touch the hem of their scrubs.