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Bill Clinton: We Go to the Grocery Store

Bill Clinton Tuesday dumped a little more kerosene on Hillary’s Poor Little Rich Girl firestorm, insisting that he and his kinfolk Hillary and Chelsea are just regular ‘ole neighborly good people.

I think I had the lowest net worth of any American President in the 20th century when I took office, but I still could have been tone-deaf.

And, you know, now I don’t, and we’ve got a good life, and I’m grateful for it. But we go to our local grocery store on the weekend. We talk to people in our town. We know what’s going on.

Their town? Their town is Chappaqua, NY, listed by CNN Money as #10 on its list of ‘Top-earning towns” with a median income of $219,000 and a median home price of $825,000. Bill’s statement perfectly highlights how out of touch they in fact are.

The former president went on to suggest Hillary’s assertion of post-White House impoverishment, the one that originally got her into jacuzzi-temperature water, was “factually true” and he insisted that “she’s not out of touch.”

It is factually true that we were several million dollars in debt. Everybody now assumes that what happened in the intervening years was automatic; I’m shocked that it’s happened. I’m shocked that people still want me to come give talks.

It’s becoming factually true – excuse the redundancy – that the Clintons are previewing a Hillary presidential campaign likely to be no less disastrous than the last one.

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  1. David Gregory should have–but of course HE wouldn’t–have asked Clinton the price of milk or bread or meat. David Gregory is in the same category as the Clintons, well remunerated for being a big nothing.

    Hillary Clinton, as we know from the 2008 campaign, doesn’t even know how to get a cup of coffee from an automated dispenser. And last I heard she doesn’t drive.

    • let’s talk about Feminism, Julie.
      Haven’t you noticed that every time Hillary says something “off the trail” or something that someone else may take as “odd”, that her husband always comes to her rescue.
      Every time.

      He always has to come in and straight things out or come to her side to defend her honor.

      I thought the whole purpose of having her run is to elect the first woman president, not a woman who has to keep checking with her husband to make a decision.

  2. Its all good. The more they keep talking, the deeper the hole they are digging for themselves. If their self-serving, arrogant thirst for power weren’t so pathetically apparent, it could actually be amusing. Make for a good tv sitcom.
    “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.”

      • I cannot remember where I first read that. But it is apropos whenever someone tries to remove the foot they have inserted into their mouth. Particularly Hillary, in this case.
        Maybe that is what Gowdy was trying to do with Koskinen. But he is one cagey and arrogant little s.o.b. isn’t he?

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m sorry, but I’m going to need witnesses. They can pull a Michelle-shopping-at-Target and coincidentally have a camera person along.

    • Probably not. But maybe someone gave them directions to the grocery store and they got lost, the GPS in the limo was prolly broke and they didn’t have the money to fix it. See?
      In the alternate universe in which Bill and Hillary live, asking for directions is the same as actually going to the grocery store. They “intended” to go. And that is what counts.

  3. I am reminded of another elected official who had a negative net worth when she was compelled by unrelenting, frivolous ethics complaints to leave office. She utilized a series of lucrative book deals (out selling Hillary’s new book 5:1), speaking fees, production of television programs, and her salary from being a FOX News contributor to pay off her massive legal bills, pay off the mortgage on her dream home which she almost lost, then amass a considerable fortune that rivals the Clinton’s. Unlike the Clinton’s, she is constantly reinvesting in real estate and other business ventures that will sustain her family as upper middle class rather than relying on a croni capitalist slush fund to cling to a billionaire life style.

  4. OK Keith and fellow sleuthers here. I’m buried with the bill paying job today but here’s something to follow up on:

    Chappaqua’s only grocery store recently closed down, so getting groceries has become a challenge for local residents. They either drive to nearby Pleasantville or Mrs. Green’s or A & P in Mount Kisco — “I always see people I know at that A & P,” jokes one Chappaqua mom. Some residents head down the Saw Mill Parkway and shop at Stew Leonards in Yonkers.

    The above is from a web post from 2013 on “What it’s like to live in Chappaqua”.

    Here’s another link to a Chappaqua Village Market:
    but it’s certainly not the grocery store average Americans could afford to frequent.

    Here’s the link to the area Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page:

    And last but not least the Chappaqua Daily Voice:

    There you go people. Somebody publish a nice little expose on how Bill still just can’t seem to find a lie he can’t resist telling. If he and Hillary are going down to the grocery store like the rest of us I don’t see how it’s possible given just a preliminary surface pass of the facts.

    Looking forward to what anyone else can find.

    Have a great one all, Happy Hunting! (And remember, the info you find could poke yet another hole in yet another Clinton fabrication, furthering the cause of freedom and liberty across the nation.) lol


  5. Hey all,
    I’m caught in awaiting moderation but hopefully won’t be too long before it breaks free. (I have several links in it so I’m figuring the spam filter got it.)
    Long story short, the preliminary research I found is that the last grocery store in Chappaqua CLOSED in 2013 so it looks like ol Bill is fabricating again. I found a butcher shop but it’s so high end that none of us poor “average” Americans could frequent it.

    • If you mean the Village Market (butcher shop) – much has been made that Clinton is vegan only these days, so that may be out, although they also sell fresh produce etc (very high end, as you say, but only for those who define “dead broke” differently as do these two). Or maybe they go to Susan Lawrence Gourmet Foods which has very little shelf space, but lots to purchase ready made and take home (again, not for us “dead broke” folks!!)

  6. Well, aw shucks, Bill. I’m shocked too that people still want to pay you millions to come give talks.

    You have certainly done some good with some of your efforts like the Clinton Global Initiative, but you are still a disgrace to the high office that you held. And compared to the current holder of the office, people are marveling at what a great president you were.

  7. Bubba isn’t known for being so careless with his words, must be the old age thing again.
    A mental picture of the two elderly Clintons in the local grocery store:
    he or she (maybe both) firing up the handy handicap cart, rolling down the dairy aisle for some lo-fat milk, the Mr sneaking a box of Ho-Ho’s into his basket, and the two of them loading up at the spirits aisle.
    Later, we see the Mrs standing at the stove, stirring a pot of her famous beef stew while the Mr stirs up some spirited cocktails.
    While he waits for the beef stew, the Mr folds the plastic grocery bags neatly and puts them in the recycling bin, all the while sipping on a spirited drink.

    Yes, the Clintons at Home would make some fabulous realtiy TV.

    • There’s a good funny article on NRO about Princess Chelsea. I think the senior, and I mean senior in more ways than one, Clintons put her out there because they still view her as the little girl in the WH who is off limits to the press.

  8. Here’s the fun thing about this. No one really cares (do they?) whether a politician has lots of money in a big bank account, per se. They mostly all do, so there you go. Sometimes it’s interesting or odd how they got all that dough (phony autobiographies and million dollar “speaking fees”? Well, alrighty.). What gives us all belly laughs is when these greedy and power mad rich-by-any-means politicians try to gain our sympathy when they pretend they are one of us ordinary folks. Now that there is funny.

  9. They served two terms, she went on to a nice public service career. And they make a bundle making speeches and books. Good for them.

    Now go home and stop boring us with your tales of being everyman.


  10. Here’s my jaded New Yorker viewpoint:

    Bubba calls David Gregory and says, hey, how about I do a Meet The Press with you, an exclusive even, and in return you ask me the lame-o question if Hillary is out of touch so I can tell you how wonderful she is, how much she is one of the people, and how we shop at local grocery stores. I am laughing out loud.

    Chappaqua is just two towns away from me. Locals used to tell me Bill would frequent a coffee shop but never ever seen in a grocery store, and never ever Hillary. I can’t imagine Hillary even knows how to push a grocery cart. Give me a break. The woman is a 1%er. Tell it like it is.

      • I suspect Hillary is in Chappaqua mostly now, as the Clinton Foundation office is in Harlem and their daughter is in the city too. NO ONE I know who lives in Chappaqua, not a living soul, ever sees Hillary on the street or in the shops. She spoke at the Chappaqua library a long time ago and she walked in the towns Memorial Day parade. Whoop-de-doo. That doesn’t make her a local.

    • Billy Clinton has the sad task of “resetting” Mzzzz Hillary” after each of her interviews or speeches. It must be like cleaning up your puppy’s mess all day long.

  11. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with people making scads of money in the private sector, even if they flaunt it. If you’re making a ton of money without government help, and you’re doing it the honest way, then hey, more power to ya.

    Where I have my qualms–and I think most people on Main Street or Elm Street in Anytown, USA, would concur–is if you spend most of your career getting paid by the taxpayers, and then “retire” to charge four times the median household income of the entire country for the “privilege” of listening to you run your mouth for an hour.

    And I have a SERIOUS problem if you then insult my intelligence by trying to make a plain-folks appeal after all of that.

  12. Actually, I have read comments from Chappaqua locals that Bubba is often spotted roaming around the village and gabbing with his neighbors. Doesn’t sound too far-fetched. He’s pretty low key….unlike the wife.

  13. The man obviously does not know squat about US history, or even gives a damn about it.

    The POOREST president in total net worth was Harry Truman. He was broke when he entered the WH, broke when he left, and was pretty much broke when he died. Truman was an actual man of the people, and not some fraud that came upon the scene with a narcissistic mentality, wanting to laud over others how he was part of the “everyman.” Truman was the everyman. While I might not have agreed with all of his policies, he did not make himself bigger than his office. Something today’s Democrats seem to always do.

    • I agree. Didn’t he take walks outside the White House grounds when he was President? Just went out the gate and strolled around enjoying the night air and chatted with whomever wanted to talk to him.

    • Clinton has a lot of faults, but being uninformed is not one of them. he’s actually pretty brilliant. “not knowing squat” is not the case: “doesn’t give a damn” is.

  14. Hillary Clinton will be paid $225000 in STUDENT funds to speak at the UNLV for 30 minutes of lies and prevarications.

    The US Median income is $51000 a year.

    Clinton will be paid in 30 minutes 4.4 times the US Median income for an entire year.

    I feel for that poor family.

  15. what’s amazing to me is the ham-handedness of it all. where is the charismatic Bill Clinton who could charm crowds with his smile? where is the brilliant political strategic thinker who won two elections? it’s like the Clintons are determined to say the VERY WORST THING possible at the moment and, as creeper notes above, to further dig themselves.

    Bill is the most popular politician in the country right now, I think. at first I thought Bill was cringeing at his wife’s and daughter’s gaffes. but now that he’s decided to join in, well…I just don’t get it.

  16. It’s all relative . . . with a mortgage and college loans for a couple of kids, I’m several thousands of dollars in debt. But I don’t make millions of dollars each year.

    Key is “several in debt”. Balance that against income and net worth. I don’t feel sorry for Clinton family money challenges – there are no money challenges for them.