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Biden Plans to Live Off of You and His Wife

Have we thought through the ramifications of Vice President Biden’s assertion this week that he has no savings account and no stocks or bonds?


Don't worry, Joe, it's on me.
Don't worry, Joe, it's on me.

“I have a great pension and a great salary,” Biden said as part of his effort to join Hillary in a race to the bottom of the income ladder, which is where they think Democratic voters prefer their presidential candidates.

With meager savings and paltry investments, Biden is primed to live off taxpayers with his six-figure pension while perhaps appropriating some of whatever retirement plan his wife may have.

Biden will start by accessing a $5 million “transition” fund he and President Obama will receive to get them started on the right foot after they leave the White House, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

And that’s a gift from you too.

Since when did not being thrifty become a bragging right for a candidate? It’s not like Biden’s money went to charity, to which he hardly contributes.

Actually, in Obama’s America, thriftiness is for suckers. Because Obama, and his legacy of debt-laden big government, will always be there to take care of you.

Good call, Joe!

We are, increasingly, a nation of government dependents. Why shouldn’t the vice president be leading the way?

14 thoughts on “Biden Plans to Live Off of You and His Wife”

    1. Good link, Denise. He has enough “savings’ from his US Senate pension would choke a horse. They’re all on this kick: Elizabeth Warren said the other day that members of Congress shouldn’t have stock portfolios, but she owns one worth over $8 million.

  1. What a goon…..It still befuddles me how this man rose through the ranks. What a black mark on our history . Obama and Biden policies are finally coming home to roost. Economy shrinking, world burning up in conflict, our military is shrinking, food stamps are increasing, no decernable borders, and laws are just a mere suggestion. What have we done?

    1. What have we done? We’ve allowed attorneys to govern. We’ve elected the same corruptocrat class over and over again with the singular qualification for office being that we recognize their name. We’ve allowed a media filled with do-nothing milquetoasts who’ve never run a damn thing nor produced an organic profit dollar to pick the winners and the losers for us. We’ve allowed the minority in every protected class to shape policy in the interest of “fairness.” We’ve allowed our “leaders” to shape policy for the lowest common denominator. And we’ve allowed being proud of one’s country to become a thought and speech crime, punishable by ridicule and retraining.

  2. When at the present time most of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck trying to fill their cars and children’s stomach… this is the kind of trickery we get… from all of them that have been living at the top 1 percent of this country. There isn’t a bottom for the feeders… they are gross and can go straight to hell.

  3. Speaking as a thousandaire who lives off the confiscated funds of hard working Americans (thank you very much), there’s something unseemly about these senior citizen pols who seem to be desperate to amass as much money as possible.
    Why DO the Clintons need more millions? At their age, a retirement in an exclusive up-scale estate would seem to be all they need. Seniors don’t usually want to buy exotic speedsters, or massive boats, diamonds by the pound or even buy their own jet with all the expenses and bother.
    With one child already married and settled, there’s hardly a dynasty waiting to be exposed and financed.
    Supposing that MrsClinton did run for the WhiteHouse and win (yak), what good would umpty-millions of personal wealth be then if every physical need, every transportation, everything is provided courtesy of the taxpayer?
    Maybe they’re just greedy.

  4. Someone referred to this the other day as the “Moocher” culture or society, and it goes all the way down from the “public servants” (har, har) like the Obamas, the Clintons, Biden, and numberless members of the Congress and bureaucracy to the lowest denominator who gets anything free from the government. We’ve come a long, long way from the Greatest Generation and Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You.

  5. In the name of fairness, and income equality, I propose that the Congress pass, and the president sign into law the following.

    No member of the House of Representatives, Senate, or Supreme Court, nor the President of the United States may have a net worth of over $250,000, or their approved government salary, which ever is higher. This net worth also includes any benefits, perks, or other monetary or non-monetary gains, while they are holding any office. Any monies collected, earned, garnered, gained, or in any other fashion that come into, or under the control of such member, whether that money is from the member themselves, or their spouse, or child(ren) shall be surrendered to the US Department of Treasury for the common use of the Government.

    Upon leaving any office held by any member, said member, in the name of economic fairness, and for the common good, shall not have a net worth greater than one million dollars ($1,000,000). All monies collected, earned, garnered, gained, or in any other fashion that come into, or under the control of such former member, whether that money is from the former member themselves, or their spouse, or child(ren) shall be surrendered to the US Department of Treasury for the common use of the Government.

    This law is NOT subject to Judicial review, nor is this law able to be circumvented via Presidential Executive Order. It will be incumbent upon the US Department of Treasury to enforce this law, and the Congress shall appropriate $2,000,000 to begin auditing all member’s, current and former, personal finances effective upon passage and signing of this law by the President of the United States. The Department of Treasury will then fund the audit process, after an initial audit, with the monies collected from the various members that this law impacts.

  6. Saving is for suckers since the Fed has been decreeing that we get essentially no interest. But if you took out a mortgage or a student loan that you can’t afford to pay off: Congratulations! Those savers who aren’t earning interest will help you pay!

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