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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10:45 am || Meets with HHS Secretary Burwell
11:45 am || With Israeli President Shimon Peres, drops by a meeting with American Jewish leaders; Roosevelt Room
12:20 pm || Lunch with Israeli President Peres
1:25 pm || Meets with Israeli President Peres
2:55 pm || Honors NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson; East Room
5:00 pm || Meets with Senate Democrats; The State Floor
7:10 pm || Delivers remarks to the League of Conservation Voters; Ronald Reagan Building

All times Eastern
Live stream of Josh Earnest briefing at 12:45 pm

20 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 25, 2014”

  1. Conservation Voters? Are we sure they’re not Conversation Voters or Conversion Voters? We know they’re not Conservative Voters.
    Very con fusing.

  2. Drone in, drone out, drop by? (Val, do I really have to spend so much of my time today speaking to President Shimon Peres? He doesn´t even throw hoops or do brackets!)

    preezy has a bizzy day. By the time he gets to the Ronald Reagan Building, he will be absolutely tizzy. God help us.

  3. Looks like something bad is going to happen.

    10:45 qualifies as early morning for Obama. And it is with the memorial closing now HHS Secy Burwell.

    And Israel — really? I thought he had written them off — then again it is Peres — much more to Obama’s liking.

    And what is a day without some sports figure.

    He shouldn’t even be allowed to pass the portal of the RRBuilding.

    Dick, The Dictator.

  4. Looks like Obama will have a chance to bad-mouth Netanyahu while he is visiting with Peres tomorrow. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.
    Haven’t been able to keep up with the news today-did he play a round of golf with Tiger today? They’re probably still partying as we speak.

    1. That’s disturbing.

      Not seeing it myself as I have an ad blocker program (with Firefox)…fortunately it keeps intrusive riff-raff like that off my screen.

    2. I aways think the ads are pretty funny… I currently see two carpet cleaning ads… goes well with the muckety muck this admin is leaving in its wake. At times there is a bulging intestine advertising some gastrointestinal thing… also goes well with the knots my innards are in over the pen and phone administration.

  5. oh my goodness, he’s going to need to take tomorrow off to play golf with the full day he’s got today. just going to wear him to a frazzle!!

  6. does this lazy under achiever ever do any thing but golf and raise money there our now over 11 major scandals following this lame duck idiot and he is the worst yes the worst president ever we our printing up 75 million fliers to send out to all voters to show all of these scandals and the 40 times he has raised taxes on us no good stinking low life bum

  7. Addressing the “League of Conservative Voters”? Is that a joke? What could Obama possibly have to say to coservatives? He is not content to bash us from the bully pulpit and state sponsored press….he now has a scheduled event to rant some more?? What the hell is this??

    1. I believe it’s the League of Conservation Voters You’re right. He would rather meet with Satan, than conservative voters.

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