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Michelle Indicates She Won’t Run for Senate

In an interview Monday with resident Obama courtier Robin Roberts, who supposedly is a journalist for ABC, First Lady Michelle Obama said she would not be pursuing any political role after leaving the White House.

Michelle spoke with Roberts at a White House event. I assume the question may well have been planted so Mrs. Obama could scuttle talk of a Michelle political foray generated by my article for Reuters ,which speculated she might make a run for the Illinois Senate seat in 2016.

The piece, which didn’t predict she would run, said she might be considering it and offered up reasons why it could be a good idea for her and why she may come under pressure to seize the seat for Democrats. Mrs. Obama at the time did not respond to my request for comment.

But now she’s commenting.

MS. ROBERTS: Sasha will be in high school. There are many people that are wondering what’s your next act? Will it be political?


MS. ROBERTS: Yes, you.

MRS. OBAMA: No, it will not be political. (Laughter.)


MRS. OBAMA: Yes, no, it definitely will not be. It will be mission-based, it will be service-focused. (Applause.)

Well, we’ll see. But certainly a decision by Michelle not to run would be welcome news to Republicans. Sitting GOP Sen. Mark Kirk who will have a tough, but not at all impossible, race defending his incumbency, an effort that would be made easier without Michelle’s name recognition and fundraiser capabilities.

27 thoughts on “Michelle Indicates She Won’t Run for Senate”

  1. On one hand, she’s had a taste of power and don’t know how easily she’ll give that up. She can find a place to carpet bag and there won’t be a qualified opponent who can touch her. Any criticism will be racist or misogynist or both so she’s a lock.
    BUT, on the other hand, even being a Senator is probably more work than she’s ever done her entire life so as long as Barry keeps her in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to she may just keep on living the royal life she’s used to.
    Clear as mud eh? lol

  2. Allow me to clear this up: a foundation similar to the Clinton’$ will be formed where million$ of dollar$ will be collected and distributed to …..uh……….help boys of color or $omething. Mr & Mr$ O will head the foundation, make fee-paid speeche$ to guilty corporations and service groups.

    1. My first thought too, a big ole’ Bubba like money laundering operation. Them thar’s where the big bucks are.

      Wonder how they’re doing raising money for their Library? I think they need to raise a minimum of 500 million just to break ground.

      Will be wondering how many of their high falutin’ and celeb friends will be still hanging around ?

      1. They will fly all around the Country making speeches, on private jets like the Clintons do.
        That is unless Barry is in jail.

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  4. I try to avoid these people at all costs, but somehow they found their way into my leisurely reading of the Sunday newspaper when they were on the cover of Parade Magazine. I took the plunge and read the poor me article about how hard they struggled in life.

    Interesting to me was when they were asked about their daughters working in low paying jobs. The interview was apparently from May, but in light of the recent news about Malia working for Steven Spielberg, this was pretty funny.
    Q: Do you want your daughters to work in the types of character-building minimum-wage jobs you had?

    MO: Oh, yeah. I think every kid needs to get a taste of what it’s like to do that real hard work.

    PO: We are looking for opportunities for them to feel as if going to work and getting a pay­check is not always fun, not always stimulating, not always fair. But that’s what most folks go through every single day.

    MO: That ’s what life is.

    That is just laugh out loud funny. And I have been wondering how the first daughter got to California for her job. Did the taxpayers fly her on a private plan? Did she fly coach? Did Spielberg fly her out? I know kids are off limits, but don’t try to sell their hard life to me. And the president sounds like he is describing his own job!

    1. “Barack Hussein Obama’s” life/background, etc. & Micelle’s “life/background, etc.” & these kids life/background are Off Limits…

  5. Like I would believe Michelle Antoinette — I suspect the Oprah route is more to her liking in that it provides more personal adulation by the masses. She’d love to out-Oprah the original Ope.

  6. The Mooch didn’t even want a second term in her ‘prison cell’ at the WH. She told Barbara Walters that ‘Barack owes me big-time’ after the campaign was over and he was re-elected. In other words, he couldn’t have done it without her, and he was going to keep his mouth shut while she went her own separate way for the remaining four years. And it looks like that is exactly what happened.

    No way is Michelle Obama going into politics. She hates politics and politicians. She is going to spend the rest of her life with her new celebrity friends…and spend gazillions of $$$ from the Foundations.

  7. Thank God, who needs her? Who needs more hostility, more race, race, race? Why is it that so many minority people have such an inferiority complex? Oh, I forgot, its our fault that they are born the way they are. Sick and tired of talk of racism, so boring and so annoying by Michelle Obama, Holder and Obama, its not their job to promote the lies they promote. Supposed to be for all the people, all colors, but they are not, they are freaking crazy! And stupid too!

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