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Live Stream || Oversight Hearing On IRS Emails

White House attorney Jennifer O’Connor testifies.

34 thoughts on “Live Stream || Oversight Hearing On IRS Emails”

    1. Absolutely! OMG, Julie! The federal prison system will need more buildings to house everyone that should be put behind bars if Trey becomes the AG! I loved how he wiped Kos’s butt across the floor last night. It was priceless.

  1. Even the MoJoe crowd was mocking this one today. Steve Rattner interrupted, let me say President Obama is not doing that badly…and everyone including him laughed. He was mocking himself!

  2. During the Watergate hearings, the investigators worked their way up to Nixon from the bottom fish, and I don’t see that happening now. You have this Democratic hack at the top, as Charles K. calls him, who can afford the top lawyers to aid him. (He has donated over $100,000 over the past four decades including $7,000 to Obama.) Now you will be getting this woman from the WH who also will be legally represented up to her eyeballs. Start with the two guys in Cincinnati. Who gave you those orders? Then go to that person. Who gave you those orders? All the way up the food chain. I love Trey Gowdy, but I wonder about Darryl Issa. He supposedly has a lot of baggage himself.

      1. I agree Sadie.
        This administration’s stonewalling and diversionary tactics are historic.
        You have to give the committees credit for trying to get the info, but there comes a time when you have to quit lobbing softballs.
        The arrogance of the regime is beyond the pale.

    1. Issa tried to get that info out of K yesterday.
      K said that he couldn’t remember.
      Issa at one point said I’m done and shut off his mic.
      Jordan of Ohio also grilled him incessantly.
      Then the libs patted K on the head and essentially told him that it’s alright, we got your back,….or your butt.

  3. It seems these congressional hearings have exposed the major problem with our federal government; no one knows anything, doesn’t want to know anything, and spend their workdays playing Angry Bird or just daydreaming of their cushy retirement. .

    1. 2 1/2 years to go.
      The head of the snake needs to be removed.
      The people that are responsible for all of this need to be jailed, not fired.

    2. Omitted from the list – bonuses. Lawsuits against the VA in the last ten years have hit the $1 Billion with a “B” mark. One day in the not too distant future expect similar congressional hearings, outrage, nominal to no coverage from the msm on obamacare and the IRS with ready-to-go excuse that emails went down with Flt. 370.

  4. “White House attorney Jennifer O’Connor testifies.” Substitute the word “testifies” with the word(s) “lies” or “commits perjury”. These communists in the White House are incapable of telling the truth even if it benefited them. Truth is an alien concept to these evil doers.

  5. Mod jail from the last thread – will try this one now.

    First of all, Issa is worthless. Secondly, we need a Special Prosecutor….and that will never happen. Maybe we can indict and prosecute everyone from Obama on down – posthumously!

    1. Issa is being advised by some of the best attorneys.
      He is making damn sure every t is crossed and every i is dotted to avoid a “technicality” the pigressives can latch on to.

      He is doing thing by the book and what in government does not take long?

    2. I would rather have Issa in charge than Cummings.
      Issa can’t belittle the ignorant fools on the panel, but I do admire his attitude when they try to override his position.
      His restraint in the face of obvious ridicule of the repubs is commendable.

  6. I loved to part last night when Kosinen said the reason they violated the law was because of lack of funding. $1.2 BILLION in IT budget was just not enough to follow the law.

    I will remember that excuse.

    1. Sure, Sanchez – but they had the funds to pay out bonuses even to people who owed income taxes. Such hypocrites and snakes, all of them.

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