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Video || Earnest Gets Roughed Up at His First Briefing

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest got taken to task today by the White House press corps for failing to reveal, until asked about it, a call between President Obama and Russian President Putin.

Earnest was asked at the end of the briefing about a report that the two presidents had spoken about Ukraine. That would be correct, Earnest confirmed. And then the problems began.

Looks like Josh got his feelings hurt a little bit. But at least he has feelings. His superiors in the Obama White House will soon take care of that.

I have to say though, it appears Josh is right on this one, assuming Putin and Obama didn’t talk about Iraq. Earnest had said earlier in the briefing he had no calls to read out about Iraq, and Putin and Obama are said to have discussed Ukraine.

There may be good diplomatic reasons why the White House would not want to proactively reveal the call. So Josh gets a pass on this one.

16 thoughts on “Video || Earnest Gets Roughed Up at His First Briefing”

  1. I cant wait to see what special place in H#LL this new guy/Propaganda Sec. for the Obama regime Josh Earnest will be in :-)

    I say that, because NO ONE in this biased-sycophant “WH press corps”….
    Will ever ASK A REAL QUESTION, ~or~ DEMAND A REAL ANSWER from this Obama “White House”/REGIME…

  2. How to start this, hmm.
    We assume that the Pres, the Sec of State, or some other high official does talk to other foreign leaders about ongoing or upcoming troubles in the world. Sometimes, that conversation is nothing more than keeping the lines of communication open for talks that might make a difference later on.
    We don’t need to know that MrO talked to Putin unless some agreement, some arrangement, or an important something was decided between them.
    I’d give the kid a pass on this one.

  3. I hope there is another special place in H#ll for Josh Earnest since he is the new Obama regime “Propaganda Secretary”…

    -I also have a POX on this current “WH press corps” under Obama since they have NO SMARTS or GUTS to ask the Obama regime a REAL QUESTION & demand a REAL ANSWER…

  4. I would have to say the really big news is that Obama actually took the time from his ‘unofficial’ schedule to speak to someone other than his cronies. Would love to tap his calls to and from Putin.

  5. Hmm…my post vanished, too. Will give it another try.

    The really BIG news is that Obama actually took time out of his ‘unofficial’ daily schedule to speak to someone other than a crony. Would love to tap all of his conversations to and from Putin.

  6. I no longer operate under the illusion that any Press Secretary under this Administration is like previous WH Press Secretaries. Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney set the tone, JE will do the same or worse. This is the Ministry of Propaganda. The Press Corpse occasionally wakes up — but not too often.

    And Obama just never tells the truth.

  7. So we’ve got another liar who isn’t quite as good as the liar he replaced….gotta give ’em time.

    Speaking of liars, did any of you see Marie Harf on the Kelly File last night? Can you imagine making a living day in and day out by lying every time you open your mouth? It’s mind-boggling.

    1. “lying everytime you open your mouth”…
      Sounds like EVERYONE in the Obama regime, or EVERYONE in the US Congress

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