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Obama Schedule || Tuesday June 24, 2014

4:20 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel
6:30 pm || Hosts the 2013 Presidents Cup Team; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Josh Earnest briefing at 12:45 pm

37 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday June 24, 2014”

  1. Biden seems to be running around doing things the President could be expected to handle — an attempt to set him up as a rival to HilBill for Prez — or is it possible that Obama has pretty much collapsed and Joe the Joke is suddenly the best person to send on business?

    I wonder, too, if Hil has developing dementia from her fall — if she fell at all. Her comments are too weird. I never know what to believe with HilBill.

    1. I would guess he was watching the IRS hearing, and trying to figure out how he’s going to spin his way out of this one.

      Won’t be easy, however, as Koskinen got absolutely pimp-slapped by the GOP. It was some of the best live television I’ve seen in DC all year.

      1. If you haven’t seen it, this is worth watching. Trey Gowdy is a rock star. He is prepared, knows his stuff, and knows how to cut through the spin.

        He sure did wipe the smirk off of that smug sob Koskinen’s face when Koskinen realized that he had met his match.

        1. I love the IRS Commissioner is now going by the Rule of Common Sense vs. the Rule of Law. He should be fired for this comment.

          I hope Trey Gowdy hires two people for his Benghazi House Committee. I want to see him hire Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brien. In 24 hours it will be straightened out!

      2. I did miss it. I will try to see is I can pull it up.
        As far as the LATE start of O’s day: He is probably thinking of new things that everyone will disagree with. This all may a fun game for him.

          1. I like Mr. Gowdy. He kept on top of the discussion intelligently & Mr. IRS was a stumbling. Someone somewhere needs to drudge up those lost emails. We KNOW there is a way, but that person could just as easily crash & disappear.

  2. no presidential briefing?
    Phew…at least there’s another sporting event on the agenda. That was a close one.
    And at least it’s a sport he really loves, golf. Maybe he’ll go hit a few holes with the fellas.

  3. He’s not a lame duck – he’s a dead duck. The fat lady is warming up off stage. He is so desperate, he even did an interview (taped) with Mika this morning. The bad news is …Mike sounded more intelligent.

    Ed Klein has a juicy new book out – something about Bloodless Feud between the Clintons and Obamas. More bad news for Obama. The concensus of WH insiders, including Bill Clinton, is that Obama is by far the most incompetent person in politics today. And Michelle is a real bona fide b*tch. Well we all knew that anyway.

    Here’s hoping Obama gets the axe for orchestrating the invasion of Central America. He has committed TREASON! Maybe this is why he hired a criminal lawyer a few months ago.

    1. They may as well….they are freaking useless when they are there. The same people ask questions while the rest of them look like they are permanently constipated.

      1. ~Everyone here on “WhiteHouseDossier” can ASK a HUNDRED-THOUSANDS better questions at the ‘Obama Daily Brief’ than any of these Main-Stream Media/Sycophants of the “WH press corps”… and DEMAND ANSWERS…

  4. Meeting with Hagel for a status report on the gutting of our military no doubt.

    Late afternoon start to his day. He must have really hit the sauce and choom real hard last night. The sower of chaos and destruction certainly keeps very strange hours.

  5. He has given up all pretence of giving a crap. It only means that his minions and subjects will have to work that much harder to convince us what a success his administration has been. That means demonizing Bush all that much more and spinning the talking points about the “great recession” harder. No sweat, he will still come out of all of this smelling like roses, because you know, poor Obama…being president is just so hard….

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