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Biden: I’m Poor Too!

Since it seems to be working so well for her, Vice President Biden jumped onto Hillary Clinton’s I’m-in-the-poorhouse bandwagon today, claiming he’s the “poorest member of Congress” and that he doesn’t own any securities.

From remarks this morning at the White House Working Families Summit in Washington.

He’s vice president of the United States of American. Not withstanding he’s the poorest member of Congress, he still makes a lot of money . . . Don’t hold it against me that I don’t own a single stock or bond,” he said. “Don’t hold it — I have no savings account. But I got a great pension and I get a good salary. For real. For real.

The vice president, as president of the Senate, is technically a member of Congress, I guess.

Actually, as Zeke Miller of Time pointed out, Biden does have a savings account. And Biden is damn sure right about his salary – he and his wife had an adjusted gross income of $407,009 last year.

I wonder if the guys at Biden’s new country club in Wilmington are gonna rib him about this?

What’s wrong with these people? Do Democrats really have to pretend to be poor in order to appease their voters? Did John F. Kennedy ever suggest he wasn’t filthy rich? Did FDR ever claim not to be a member of the patrician class?


And could they at least start telling the truth once in awhile?

22 thoughts on “Biden: I’m Poor Too!”

  1. They can’t keep railing against the rich as evil destroyers of humanity if they themselves are rich, too.
    MrBiden’s claim of poverty (ha ha) is mostly true if he’s comparing himself to most of Congress who all seem to be multi-millionaires.
    Of course, his lack of real wealth probably speaks to his stupidity at not taking advantage of all the insider information that his brethern used to make themselves rich.

    1. It would be irritating if being irritated didn’t take so much energy. I save soda straws for 2-3 uses. Boo hoo, Joe. And Hillary was at it again saying she was not “truly” rich. I don’t want to help the pathetic woman, but why not wait until someone accused her of being a fat kitty and then say, “I try to do my best at everything, including security for myself and my family.” Period (as they say).

  2. The poor mouthing is silly isn’t it, but the faithful will eat it up.

    Doesn’t Biden rent out his guest house to his security people ? Which I’m sure is reimbursed by the taxpayers and well as paying their salaries.

  3. Is Biden is so poor that he can’t even “pay” attention. If he runs for preezy, will his tagline be “Brother, can you spare a dime” or “Less Hope – More “change” I am Poor”.

    Biden made several one night stops in Europe last year that included trips to London and Paris. His one-night stay in Paris cost at least $585,000 according to documents published on a government website. A London hotel stay by the vice-president over $459,338,65. Limo service? Another $321,665.

  4. Our hard earned taxpayer money pays his salary (we are not getting value for the buck in my opinion).
    Our hard earned taxpayer money pays for his platinum health insurance plan.
    Our hard earned taxpayer money will pay for his government pension.
    Our hard earned taxpayer money pays for VP Biden’s weekly travel home each and every weekend.
    Our hard earned taxpayer money pays the rent for his security detail as Biden rents a cottage to his security detail – he now enjoys rental income courtesy of the taxpayer.
    Biden also benefits from a low interest mortgage loan for his no-so-modest home.

    He’s lives well and has few expenses, as do most politicians, courtesy of the taxpayer. Most politicians enter office a pauper and leave a millionaire.

    Those of us who are self employed must save for our own retirement (no pension) and must pay all healthcare expenses….these politicians don’t have a clue about real life.

  5. Lol you know what I find hilarious? A man as stupid and slow as Biden is able to make that kind of money (only in America!) and yet the libs conplain about income inequality. If Biden can make more than minimum wage with his IQ. Everyone and anyone has the opportunity if they apply themselves!

  6. Has there ever been a bigger buffoon than Amtrak Joe? He is so ‘tight’ – his shoes squeak. He probably has the first dollar he ever ‘earned’.
    BTW, haven’t heard Obama refer to himself as ‘part of the 1%’ lately. He never used to let a day go by without reminding us. Funny, how declasse the ‘nouveau riche’ can be. He didn’t have a nickel to his name before he started working for the govt.

  7. In this game of pre-primary campaigning I’m wondering how soon Joe B will reveal that Dr. Jill had her own Monica and that he too was cheated on. Dr Jill will step forward first, ‘I did not have sex with that young under graduate student.’ Only later to relent to public pressure and a threat by Ken Starr to investigate the good Dr’s proclivity at hiring young twenty year old grad assistants, she’ll state with a straight face, ‘…Joe is the only man I’ve gone all the way with…’ Joe B will turn to an aide and be over-heard to ask, ‘…what is all the way?’

  8. Biden makes more than 20% of all Americans simply by renting a building on his property to the Secret Service detail.

    Hillary is “dead broke” when they get down to their last $50,000,000.

  9. Joe’s son-in-law was already a member of Wilmington CC so Joe played there often as a guest. It was only a matter of time that Joe ponied up the money for his own membership. I am surprised he didn’t join earlier since he lives very near by. I think once over a certain age, the initiation fee is lowered and I suspect Joe gets some special dues rate (I don’t know that for a fact though).

    My friends who are members there say he plays a decent game of golf, better than Obama, and actually keeps score.

  10. So, Joe took the advice of the man who calls himself “Obama”. To wit: At some point, you’ve made enough money. Apparently, Her Thighness hasn’t heeded that edict.

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