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Sunday Open Thread – June 22, 2014

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    • Thanks, MarjoJimbo. I have a hard time believing in Edward Klein. Where does he get all that private information unless from Bill Clinton directly? Anonymous, undisclosed source forsooth! Klein has to be in “Hildebeest’s” corner. Oh well, it would be nice if the Clintons and the Obamas devoured each other.

      • I read the Post story and was amazed at the level of detail (Obama playing with his Blackberry under the table, comments from the Obamas after the Clintons leave the WH soiree). It seems borderline unbelievable that either the Clintons or the Obamas would reveal this level of detail to Klein or anyone else. Just seems odd. The only source would be the WH staff –wait staff, etc. But who knows?

  1. You just gotta love the guy on a Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. A Democratic strategist blaming a low level REPUBLICAN in the IRS scandal. He said it not once, but twice.

    • Saw that, too. The problem isn’t with the political affiliation of the IRS agents, but what they did. Saying or claiming that it was started by two low-level Repubs is insulting; this mess started at the top and it’s still going on – at the top.

  2. Judy Woodruff, liberal journo person, said on FN Sunday that she has known IRS John Hoskinen (sp) for 30 years and the character of the man does not suggest corruption. And moreover, this is WDC and there are always investigations and scandals. So, in the end, no biggie.

    I paraphrase. But then Juan Williams jumped in with his spirited and idiotic of the WH. And I “left the room”.

    These people do a disservice to the American people in this whitewash of the IRS misdoings.

    • We have no evidence to suppose that this man is corrupt or involved in this IRS attack on private citizens. No one suggests that he directed this action, in fact, he probably would have objected if anyone has proposed such things as illegal and wrong.

      But, he can’t protect these underlings who took it upon themselves with the blessings of the powerful elites to use the powers and might of the IRS to silence voices they didn’t like.

    • Even if he personally had nothing to do with the cover-up, he’s still in between a rock and a hard place. He cannot possibly believe those people!

  3. Republican Congressman and his Wife Caught in Scandal | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat

    “Her departure was not announced and her association with the firm has been scrubbed from its website.”

    Perhaps even more troubling is the timing of her resignation from the company she worked for prior to Manatt – Aegis Defense Services:

    In 2011, Ms. Rogers was named vice chairman of the company’s board of directors. In December 2012, she left Aegis and joined the law firm Manatt as a managing director for federal government affairs.

    As it relates to the Benghazi timeline, her departure was roughly three months after four Americans were murdered in the Libyan city on 9/11/12.

    Question: Did Aegis have any business in Libya?

    • Answer: Possibly, probably and we’ll never know. There were many CIA operatives in Benghazi the night of September 11. Many were severely wounded, but do those facts preclude an attempt from rescuing as many as possible.

    • Founders/Pilgrims..ah..what’s the difference to the stupidest FLOTUS in modern history.
      They were all old White rich guys who tromped on the little people of color and the end result was that our MO was forced to live in a tiny apartment in the ghetto where she was kept from the secret doors that White girls knew about until she ended up in the WhiteHouse where the curator gave her a map and the keys to the most fun and excitement she believes she is entitled to enjoy.

  4. Anybody catch Judge Jeanine’s comments? She makes the ISIS sound very dangerous and well equipped and not a rag-tag bunch of terrorists.

  5. WTH is going on here? Just turned on FOX news and they’re talking about flying 300 ‘refugees’ (mothers and children) from TX to ‘processing centers in SoCal. Two flights per day – every 3 days for an unknown length of time!

    They should be flying them straight back to Central America! These kids are with their mothers, for the most part. They will NEVER EVER RETURN for their immigration hearings in 90 days. If I heard correctly, there are 90,000 already here or expected to be here. This is most likely an under-estimate.

    And to make matters worse, FOX has that racist liberal, Arthelle Neville, anchoring today. Yikes! I’m going back to weeding the garden. I can’t believe Obama is still in office! Someone MUST have advised him that there was an invasion in progress – it takes those people 15 days to get here! (Rant over, for now).

  6. Just curious,……
    How many of you fine people have removed yourselves from the tentacles of Time Warner cable ?
    My wife and I made the decision yesterday to install Dish Network.
    TW had been systematically removing channels, telling us that if we want them back, we would have to purchase devices for each TV.
    Some of the channels just disappeared, some went to Spanish.
    (We don’t speak Spanish).

    Have you had any problems with Dish Network ?

    • Out here it’s not popular. We duke it out with Dish, DirecTV, Cox, and Century Link’s Prism. I would take DTV over Dish. I am not crazed about Prism, but I get more movies for the same money.

      • That is what I have heard MJ.
        But considering the fact that TW was charging us $82 a month for 60 channels and Dish is giving us 250 for $52 a month for one year, it seemed like a no brainer to us.
        Time will tell perhaps.

        • I don’t remember the details–but there is supposedly something misleading about that. Dish, I think (don’t hold me to it) has fewer channels or fewer good ones? A real issue can be how many shows can you record at once. For us, anyhow. Prism lets you record more at the same time. I was OK with DTV and have heard others like it better than Dish, but this is sheer ignorance so don’t listen to me. Not that anyone does…

          • Prism promised me a $150 gift card–then said it was $100. I wrote to the company–sob sob–They sent the $150 and I also later the $100. Goal! Yes, sometimes DTV’s dish gets torqued around in our monsoons and you have to reset. Why wouldn’t Dish’s?

    • My only experience was vising my mom last summer. She had just gotten Dish. Both nights I was there, there were tornado watches. Both nights when we turned on the TV to check the weather reports, the signal went out… due to weather… I was not impressed. But I’m sure it’s great in good weather.
      (In all fairness, I feel the same about Comcast as you do with TW. And since pretty much all their signals are digital now, I sometimes experience scrambly looking pictures on cable too, so its a toss-up for me at this point.)

      • That’s one of the problems that we had with TW.
        They eliminated the weather channel.
        Also, the signal that they were giving us often broke up to the point where you could not see the picture.
        If the satellite transmission is not there, we can always turn on the radio.

        • In my comedy for kids screenplay, someone steals a satellite dish–no TV! People say no one has dishes anymore–but they do–out here anyhow… My sister is rich and has apple boxes (no clue) and streaming (wha?) but we used to be po dish people until Prism which is DSL (I think–maybe I am tripping, I am so not about this).

    • We liberated from cable, dish et al. We have an antenna on our roof & use Netflix & dvd’s. We get all the local stations which includes ME TV & ION. We refuse to play the cable/dish game.

      • That’s the way I want to go, but hubby still wants his games. Considering we never got cable until 1999, it doesn’t seem that difficult to me.

  7. I see that the Hillary book is off the top 10 best sellers. I just looked at the reviews on Amazon and was amazed at over 500 one star reviews. She doesn’t seem to be well liked by the reviewers much less how poorly written and boring her book was.

  8. If Iran benefits from Middle East chaos, is it wrong to ask if Iranian-born Valerie Jarrret is steering #Obama into decisions that assist them?

  9. what to talk about, what to talk about, in the crumbling world around us? there are so many things. I’ll add one that nobody here has brought up yet:

    one of the three teens kidnapped by (probably) Hamas has dual American citizenship. yet even after almost two weeks, Obama has not thought it important to even mention his name–Naftali Frenkel–much less to ask his captors for his return.

    instead, the Regime put out a lame statement about Israel needing to “show restraint” when searching for Naftali and the other two boys.

    unbelievable–or more accurately, all too believable.

    • rulierose: The kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, which is in violation of the UN convention, I am sure will bring strong “rebuke” … or as I call it “repuke” from the UN. No doubt they’ll end up blaming the Jews for letting their children outside.

      Convention on the Rights of the Child

      Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by UN General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989
      entry into force 2 September 1990, in accordance with article 49

      Relevant articles as stated in the present Convention:

      Article 35- Parties (PA included) shall take all appropriate national, bilateral and multilateral measures to prevent the abduction of, the sale of, or traffic in children for any purpose or in any form.

      Article 37 �No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment �

  10. So sovereignty is being transferred to Obama. The Constitution is trampled and trashed, laws are not enforced or ignored, and our border is unsecured and open. I fully expect coinage with his visage shortly.

    And it will be worth about what the worth of the man is.