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White House Plays the Cuckoo Card

Excuse me, do you actually believe the White House had anything to do with the IRS targeting of OBAMA’S OPPONENTS?

Well, you’re cuckoo.

That was the message Friday, as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest laid down the new administration line that people who talk of possible White House involvement in the IRS scandal or suggest some kind of plot to target the Tea Party are engaging in CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

Uhh, I don’t know. With respect to this crime, we have the gun – the IRS – and we certainly have the motive. We do not yet have conclusive evidence, some of which may have been melted down in a kiln after Lois Lerner’s dog tried to eat her hard drive.

Here’s Earnest’s response to a question about whether an “independent person” of some sort should be appointed to probe the IRS scandal.

EARNEST: The thing that is also true is that there have been a large number of claims and conspiracy theories that have been floated about this process by Republicans that just have not panned out, frankly.  And we’ve demonstrated our willingness to collaborate with them with legitimate oversight.  We’ll continue to cooperate, and that’s why you’ve — that’s why there’s been the testimony that you’ve seen today because there are senior Obama administration officials that are going up there and answering all of these questions; again, some of which are rooted in the kinds of conspiracy theories that don’t have any truth to them.

Q    So wouldn’t it help just having an independent person come in and look at it?  I mean if you’re saying that what they’re doing is political, wouldn’t it help to have an independent person look at it?

EARNEST:  No, because I think even the politically motivated investigation has not turned up any facts that support the conspiracy theories that they’ve propounded.

Very disappointing. I really think Earnest could have been more original with his first nasty White House-driven smear campaign. I mean, conspiracy theories? Been there, done that.

32 thoughts on “White House Plays the Cuckoo Card”

  1. If there was a photo of the American public it would resemble the ones we’ve seen of survivors of a massive natural tragedy.
    Everywhere we look there is a lawless action by our elected officials, our local police look like futuristic alien armies, we’re being invaded by human parasites and no one is raising an alarm. There is no Red Cross to the rescue, no mysterious Drifter to enforce the law of the land, and no heroes for us to beg for help.

    There won’t be a special prosecutor appointed to bring justice to those wronged by the IRS because all of DC, Dems and Repubs, think the tea party types are a danger to what they think is the best way to govern the US. Those certain Dem Senators who encouraged the IRS to investigate the tea party organizations did so with the quiet backing of their Repub cohorts.
    The usual suspects in the IRS who once operated in anonymous concert considered it their civic duty to destroy those who would eliminate their jobs, their way of life, starve poor children, and condemn the entire country to make their own way in life without the help of the government.
    MrEarnest’s remarks are exactly how the entrenched pols feel about this scandal, and except for a vocal few, it’s a universal feeling from the lowliest janitor to the most senior US Senator.

    It’s now the US Government vs The People, and it’s going to get a lot worse before something breaks this lawlessness and tyranny. Yes, it’s tyranny when your own government claims you can’t say this, can’t live here, must go there, and your children must eat what we say they must.
    Perhaps the People don’t know what to do yet, perhaps they’re still digesting and appraising the tyranny of government, or so many have become users of government service they, too, don’t want anything to change.

    1. With the exception of a very few good men//women.everyone who goes to Washington today is only trying to fulfill their champagne wishes and caviar dreams. The right is just as corrupt as the left, and those in between are getting crushed.

      Obama has committed so many treasonous acts, it’s impossible to keep up with them all. He gets does it because he can. He has accomplished the impossible – de facto amnesty for tens of millions of illiterate, poverty stricken parasites who will be the downfall of this country. They won’t stop coming, no matter what.
      Obamacare is repealable (I hope), but de facto amnesty is FOREVER! Whoever is elected in two years will never be able to put this country back on track. Too many warring factions.

      1. Kudos to you srdem65. Well put. And my read is the same.

        Funny — how people who are not listening don’t pay attention to the silence. They think all is in hand. All is well — they think they’ve got this. Because those do not heed history do not know about the kulaks.

  2. At least Josh could have answered in song……..

    There’s a sad sort of clanging
    From the clock in the hall
    And the bells in the steeple, too
    And up in the nursery
    An absurd little bird
    Is popping out to say coo-coo
    (Coo-coo, coo-coo)

    Then Jay Carney could have touchingly sing his part……….

    coo-coo Regretfully they tell us
    coo-coo But firmly they compel us
    coo-coo To say goodbye
    To you

  3. First of all, if the IRS were to audit any of us, they would not buy the “my hard drive crashed” excuse.

    Secondly, isn’t it a tad bit interesting to learn that the IRS contracts with Sonasoft, to archive their emails. So did all the servers and hard drives at Sonasoft crash too? I find it extremely insulting that they think the American public can be fooled this easily. The more they try to cover this up, the more they expose their own follies and lies.

    1. Well said.
      Is everyone in government and media involved in this massive cover-up?
      I have not heard one mention of “server” by the MSM.

  4. If there was nothing to hide, why did Lois Lerner originally plead the 5th? Why not cooperate and get it over with? Do they really think we’re that stupid? And for them saying that all of these scandals have been investigated and they haven’t found anything is because the weasels haven’t given the committees any information! They’ve done nothing but stonewall and then try to tell us it’s been investigated? GRRRRR!

  5. More from one that the Obama Administration identifies as a “right wing conspirator” — I guess that would be me. Anyway, if you look around appears that the WH is targeting Republican governors– with the help of the ever ready MSM brigade and now illegals — AZ and TX with refugees and now Scott Walker with AP and others on an old charge that has been twice dismissed in the courts. Elsewhere on the web is Walker’s response — which calls out the media.

    No quite the stuff of Terry McAuliffe.

    1. Two judges have already said that Walker is not involved. It’s almost like double indemnity, triple indemnity, to keep bringing his name up.

  6. The computer crash?Come on, anybody that deals with computers knows the emails dont reside on the computer, they reside on a server, and are backed up daily, if not hourly. What a crock, this is government telling the people, “you dont run this show, we do”. Impeach this monster now.
    If I ever get audited by the IRS, I guess I will just tell them ” oh my computer crashed and i threw out the hard drive, so sorry”.

  7. I really don’t understand the relationship between the Director of the FBI and the Attorney General. Does Comey take direction from Holder and is he answerable to him? I ask because Comey is supposed to be a Republican and I would like to know if he can instigate an investigation on his own, that is, if he is independent of Eric Holder.

    1. I don’t really think any of the Directors or Secretarys in this Administration are independent of Eric Holder, regardless of party affiliation. IMO Eric Holder is key to this Administration’s lawlessness and corruption. Get rid of Holder and many links are weakened, not only in the WH but at the EPA and DHS and HHS as well.

      Holder is in contempt and the Republicans refuse to pull the rug out from under Obama by getting rid of the AG.

  8. I see that Josh “Jokester” Earnest has slipped easily and seamlessly into Clown Carney’s position as chief Propaganda Minister and Liar for the Dictator Obama regime. Where do these twisted little gnomes come from? The democrats must have a clone factory somewhere that churns out this creatures.

    Is there not a single democrat senator or representative who will put right over wrong and loyalty to their country ahead of their blind allegiance to the democrat communist party’s totalitarian agenda.

    Just one single true patriot who is a democrat. Just one. That’s all we ask.

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