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Obama Heads Out to Play

It’s another Saturday golf outing, this time at Fort Belvoir. Obama is with a typical group of mid-level White House aides – Marvin Nicholson, Sam Kass and Joe Paulsen.

It’s the 21st time he had played this year and the 178th of his presidency.

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  1. its unreal that as a sitting President, there is nothing he could be doing to help the country or prepare for upcoming events other than go golfing with WH underlings. I cannot believe it isa fact, i just can’t. I can’t believe he gets away with it. It is on paper one of the most serious, demanding and significant jobs on the planet, yet time to go golfing 21 times this year alone and we ar eonyl half way done, thats close to once a week in 2014. I love golf but have golfed not once this year due to weather and demands at work and home. I can’t justify it in my head to spend that time until such times as i get some of the issues on my plate , off it. Yet here we have the world at odds almost everywhere we look and within the US the constitution being skirted at will, but time for one more round. Its the lack of willingness to accept that its not on that stuns me, no wonder he reads about every screw up in the media, thats because he is so ill prepared, aware and read on all manner of subjects. This and the emails being lost make me accept that due process is lost, the office is a joke now, a path or stepping stone to personal wealth and not a goal in and of itself.

    1. Sure, the president is entitled to some down time. But golf EVERY weekend? It’s not like these are slow weeks in DC.

      Half of his time is spent on “down time” activities: golfing, going to basketball games, entertaining sports teams at the White House…the list goes on and on.

      Sure, it’s terrible “optics”, as they say, but the bottom line is: he just doesn’t care what Americans (i.e. his subjects) think.

      Isn’t it very similar to Michelle and her lavish spending?

      1. I’d be okay with him playing everyday if he took members of Congress with him to get to know them better on a personal level. It would also be the only time he’d meet with them :)

        I think he smokes like a chimney out there with his inner circle of lackeys.

    2. Mike, my mind went to the math of all these golf outings too. It is once a week & we are not half way through 2014. I’m sure he will roll over the 200th time during his ‘reign’ this year. It astounds me that he is so far out of touch that he does not see how these excursions look to the hard working populace. I’m sure all the snow birds in AZ didn’t get this much time on the course as this ‘president’ does. And they are legitimately retired after a life of hard work.

    3. Right on Mike….great rant.
      And DeniseVB…yep.. He is definitely lacking being able to pull off some habit he has in our White House.

  2. Okay, now the question becomes:

    Does he get to 200 before the end of the year? He needs 22.

    Figure he’s got all of July, August, and September, and probably most of October, for his weekly game. So that’s probably 15, 16 right there.

    He’s also got Martha’s Vineyard coming up, and his Christmas junket to Hawaii. I can see that getting him the last six or seven rounds to put him up to the double century mark.

    Anyone think he WON’T roll over the odometer this year?

  3. Oh, by the way, the ever-more depressing numbers:

    Current pace to 1/20/2017: 263 rounds. (Yes, technically it’s 262.95, but there’s no WAY that number would trend down during the summer, so what the heck, let’s give it to him.) Note that this does include a major slowdown in 2012, so that number will almost certainly go up.

    Approximate number of hours played (5 hours est. per round): 890
    Man-days Obama has golfed: 37.08333…
    40-hour full-time work week equivalent: 22.25 work weeks
    30-hour “Obamacare time” work week equivalent: 29.667 work weeks

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  5. Speaking of down time, do the royal Obamas still have theme parties once a week, or do we just not hear about them anymore?

  6. Pathetic. Obama has no real friends — just a bunch of lackeys who probably place the ball on the tee, retrieve it out of the rough, pitch it out of the sand, hold the flag and toe it in when required.

    No doubt Michelson fixes the scorecards.

    This is a sad man. And if he gave a damn about this country, the men and women he sends overseas to defend us, or the working people upon whose backs his miserable pack of entitlement whores cling I would pity him. Instead, contempt. Utter contempt.

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  8. What is amazing is that he has satellite like ears attached to his head yet he is beyond tone deaf! He just does not give a crap how anything looks and why should he? Insulated from criticism and hero worshipped. If I were him, I would never put myself on a golf course with so much going on from our southern border to the middle east etc. but the liberal solution to everyone problem is to throw more tax payer money at it. Now we are paying Honduras, el Salvador and Guatemala for what I don’t know, because they are still sending their kids up there…what kind of people are they to send their children on this dangerous trek? Pray, people, pray.

  9. O’s White House Aides aka Golfing Goons carry O’s “Bags & Balls” while they ‘Stroke’ his Ego…………

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  11. People are dying, losing their homes, seeing their futures become a thing of the past — why shouldn’t our Boy Prez still have his fun?

    1. Nahh…. his profane buddy “jay z” keeps him in line with multiple texts/images daily via his crackberry… nothing like good quality thugs to cheer you up when you’re in need…

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  13. These are POTUS’ most frequent golf partners. These are the people the “smartest guy in any room” CHOOSES, over and over again, to surround himself with. Ask yourself why Barack Obama feels most comfortable spending hundreds of his taxpayer-funded hours with the same group of mid-level lightweights:

    Marvin Nicholson — A former bartender and golf caddy, Canadian native, earned a degree in Geography from the University of Western Ontario. (NYT) An employee of a golf club which he frequented, Mr. Nicholson became the gopher, driver, and later “special assistant” to John Kerry. Listed as “Special Assistant to the President and Traveling Aide,” Mr. Nicholson was paid $130,000.00 by the Obama White House in 2012. (L.A. Times.) Once aspired to be an on-air personality at the Weather Channel.

    Joe Paulsen — A Minnesota native, the young (30) Mr. Paulsen is the son of Minnesota state senator Teri Bonoff. Joined the Obama campaign in Iowa in 2008 at the ripe old age of 24, has been with the Obama administration ever since. A 2006 graduate of UW-Madison, Mr. Paulsen has served in various staffing capacities for POTUS / FLOTUS / VP over the past 7 years, including being part of the Obama/Biden transition team in 2009. Described as “Special
    Assistant to the President and Traveling Aide,” Paulsen was paid $60,000.00 by the Obama White House in 2012.

    Sam Kass – Best known as the Obama Family’s personal chef, Kass has been with Team Obama since 2007. Kass earned a degree in History from the University of Chicago. (2004) Attended U-C Lab School, where his father (Robert) was a teacher, and maintained close relationships with Valerie Jarrett and Karen Duncan, wife of Arne Duncan. Karen Duncan was originally teamed with Kass to develop Ms. Obama’s “healthy school lunch” initiatives. A former line cook who worked in kitchens in Vienna and Chicago, Mr. Kass has “no formal culinary training,” and has never managed a restaurant. (NYT) Mr. Kass is reportedly engaged to MSNBC reporter Alex Wagner.

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