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WH Admits Perceptions of Policy Driving Flow of Illegals

The White House today acknowledged that a perception in Central America that President Obama’s policies will allow people who cross the border to stay is helping drive the massive flow of illegal immigrants into the country.

The administration had previously emphasized that dire economic conditions were causing an exodus from south of the border.

But officials of course blamed not themselves and their lax enforcement – and the end-runs they have been making around Congress to allow more people to stay – but “misinformation” being spread by criminals.

According to White House Domestic Policy Director Cecelia Munoz, who spoke in a conference call with reporters.:

We’re doing everything possible both to support countries in stemming the tide of this migration, but also to deal with the misinformation that is being deliberately planted by criminal organizations, by smuggling networks, about what people can expect if they come to the United States.  That is misinformation that is being promulgated and put forward in a very deliberate way.

And part of what the Vice President’s effort as well as the administration effort overall is to make sure that people have accurate information and that we push back on the misinformation that is being spread and which is contributing to this problem.

Vice President Biden has been traveling in Latin America.

National Security Council Western Hemisphere director Ricardo Zuniga said Latin American leaders are being urged to combat the false understanding of American policies:

Our embassies in those countries are also undertaking public messaging and the governments themselves are making clear to their own publics that people who travel — that minors who travel under this current migration are not going to be eligible for deferred action, nor will they be benefiting from any comprehensive immigration reform.

In a phone call with Mexican President Nieto Thursday, Obama emphasized that children who cross the border from Central America would likely be sent back, indicating that the misperception extends even to Latin American leaders.

The White House announced several steps to try to address the problem, including dispatching additional immigration judges and other officials to help process detainees, creating additional space for those who are here, and providing funds to Latin American countries to assist with repatriation.

26 thoughts on “WH Admits Perceptions of Policy Driving Flow of Illegals”

    1. My first thought after I read this was “What? They’re going to send them back?”
      I don’t believe it.

      The only reason they would even propose such actions is that they miscalculated public opinion on illegal aliens. This sounds like an administration running scared.

      1. I read earlier in the day that 138 toddlers under the age of two, without a guardian or sibling have been under the care of whatever agency would/can care for a child, who probably doesn’t know their family name nor their home village or country.

        It’s probably this statistic that has heads spinning like a dreidle on steroids.

          1. Someone who is hopeless that their country will be able to provide any opportunity for that child.

            Which is exactly the direction that our country is headed.

          2. And someone who understands that an anchor baby by any means is going to bring the rest of the family to the U.S. and amnesty eventually.

            How can we allow those toddlers to be wihout their primary family members, etc.?

  1. – but “misinformation” being spread by criminals.

    And if anyone would know something about misinformation from criminals….

  2. Once again this administration is reacting to an issue after it blows up instead of addressing it proactively.

    Take a look at the RFI the DHS issued on 1/29 titled “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” ( The RFI states the DHS were expecting 65k unaccompanied minors to cross the border.

    Why wasn’t the President calling Nieto six months ago? Why wasn’t the Vice President talking to Central American presidents six months ago? Why wasn’t the administration clearly communicating that these children would not qualify for the DACA?

    Yet another example that we don’t have a qualified leader in the White House.

  3. It would be less expensive to fly ALL of them home.
    This situation should not be our (taxpayer’s) problem. Harsh? Yes. Living in So AZ I am sick of the mess.

    1. Me too. Why do these illegals need immigration judges if they’re going to be sent back? And why are American taxpayers “providing funds to Latin American countries to assist with repatriation”? Unbelievable.

      1. They get a day in court to make the case that they should be allowed to stay — it’s not automatic return of any illegals.

        And once they get that day in court on the calendar they can use the time before to slip into the jet stream of illegal immigrants moving around established “roads” and disappear into our population

        To resurface later as someone who claims that their five years or so of illegal residence qualifies them to stay forever.

      2. Does anyone in their right mind think those funds are going to be spent on repatriation? Why not use that money to build a real fence on our southern border?

  4. I am so tired of Obama’s rat pack Munoz here and Elibiary at DHS for starters. And now Mr. La Raza at HUD. And President Jarrett plotting amnesty with Murdoch.

    They do nothing but undermine the security and sovereignty of this country.

  5. The illegals are smarter than we are. They know from friends and relatives in the U.S. that it’s easier than ever to get in and stay in — that getting in supplies a sort of moral right to remain here.

    As if it’s our fault that they come, so we must let them stay.

    They’ll keep coming until every one is escorted from the border directly to an airplane that flies them directly to the farthermost possible airport in their nation.

  6. When situations he planned or caused blow up in his face, he will pretend for a while that he is contrite and will correct the situation, but as soon as the cooperating media drop the story, in actuality he will revert. BTW, as a guest on Megan Kelly said, he has been settling non-American citizens all over the country piecemeal for years. It was his pilot project. The rest of America doesn’t know what is happening across the country unless it is in your own town. I know because I live in a small Central Oregon town and we have seen people who are not African-American but either Africans or Haitians settling here. Obama thought, erroneously, people wouldn’t notice if he started doing this large scale.

  7. ” … that minors who travel under this current migration are not going to be eligible for deferred action, nor will they be benefiting from any comprehensive immigration reform.”

    However, it is my understanding that these kids (some of whom are teenagers) are being sent all over the nation into the “custody” of their relatives. How many will ever leave the U.S.?

    How many of the teen will pop themselves an anchor?

  8. It’s interesting that most of the illegals are being housed in “Red States” because those in the “Blue States” are saying “NO”. One of the bluest cities in the country, Baltimore, aka Charm City, has absolutely refused to house any of the illegals, according to the two beyond-liberal senators. Virginia is gradually turning blue, and so far, they are refusing to allow any of this new crop of illegals to move there.

  9. Speaking of children–I think another Obama gush-a-thon about their parenting is coming Sun in Parade. I don’t get Parade anymore–whew. I would observe, however, that they have “help.”

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