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Ryan to IRS Chief: “I don’t Believe You”

“That’s your problem,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) tells IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “Nobody believes you.”

Well, that’s true. But this little bit of grandstanding makes me think maybe Ryan is running for president.

Some nice fireworks here.

31 thoughts on “Ryan to IRS Chief: “I don’t Believe You””

  1. I didn’t consider Mr. Ryan’s response to be grandstanding. He expressed the incredulity and anger I’m feeling. Does any Democrat on this panel have a conscience?

    1. Ryan seemed rather reasonable to me. (At least when compared with Reid, Waxman, Cummings, et al).

      I especially liked him pointing out that the IRS requires us to keep records for seven years — but can’t be bothered to hang on to their own for a fraction of that time. I hope the material is recoverable. (Not so clear on the credibility of the IRS being able to recover.)

      1. The info is saved on a server…not just a hard drive.
        Ryan did not impress with his apparent lack of knowledge of this basic computer info…
        Where is the server? Was it “recycled?” Is there only one server involved?
        Follow the money.

      2. Ryan was very impressive, he always is, trouble is, a lot of people cannot face the reality of the situation, all politics, 24 hours a day, only worried that Ryan isn’t well-liiked? Why? because he speaks the truth about everything. Go Ryan, we all have stop being phony and say whats really going on here, otherwise we are all lost and I think we are all lost already, thanks to the Republicans that do nothing and let these criminals in the White House, etc., keep getting away with all this criminal behavior and that includes Hillary Clinton for turning the Ambassador’s EIGHT REQUESTS FOR HELP IN BENGHAZI AND THEN HE WAS MURDERED. Sorry for the rambling but I am sick and tired of talk, talk, talk and still Obama breaks all these laws, etc. and he gets away with it. He needs to be taught a lesson and his criminal behavior must be stopped, why isn’t it? What happened to America? Because he’s black with big ears? I cannot believe he is allowed to break the laws every day like this.

  2. RE: Koskinen
    While it is more polite/PC to say, ” what you are saying is patiently false ” , there are times when you just gotta say, ” your a f***ing LIAR!

    1. A very smug F***ing Liar who should be forced to resign.
      You don’t lose 6 hard drives unless you have someone destroy them – this guy is lying, Lerner lied, the Prez is setting the example.

  3. Koskinen offered up his opening statement in writing, in part to suggest that e-mail should not be considered an “official record” anyway.

    Sarbanes-Oxley regulations passed more than a decade ago specifically require retention of email data for five years, and makes the kind of destruction claimed by the IRS in this instance a crime punishable by 20 years in prison.

    Koskinen and the Liar’s Club members should be hauled away in cuffs.

  4. my company requires that I keep all my emails in an archived file, received and sent. believe me after 9 years that file is huge but I have every email that has crossed my desk and I do not work for the government. you’d think that since the private sector has to keep everything the government would have to also but again that’s just what I think.
    i’ll vote for ryan if he runs, I voted for him as VP to Romney.

  5. Ryan never asked a question at the 3:04 mark. Who was the d-bag who said “yes, you did”?

    Rep. Ryan held his composer wether well I thought.

    1. The person you refer to, who felt the need to interject himself into Ryan’s questioning in Koskinen’s defense, is Sander Levin, D-MI. The party of government just can’t stand to see its bureaucratic ineptitude on display, apparently.

      1. Mr Levin, is another rep who sees no wrong in this because he hates conservatives. But he misses the picture. When the republicans do this, or someone else does this to someone he likes he won’t be able to stop it.

  6. I am advising all of my political clients here in Wisconsin from this point forward, when asked to produce electronic correspondence as part of any inquiry, investigation, or open records request, to simply explain that the hard drive it was stored on failed, the information was deemed unrecoverable by qualified IT professionals, and the hard drive was recycled or destroyed.

    Let the manufactured crucifixion of Scott Walker serve as an example of what will happen when you’re actually dumb enough to give people who hate you the records they ask for.

  7. Did you ever think that maybe Ryan was just mad about a blatant lie like the rest of us? I would have been calling the man a ‘liar’ instead of sugar coating it. It is time to subpoena the NSA for the emails.

  8. Grandstanding? Really? I guess you are not outraged at what has been a systematic attempt to silence dissent in this country that is now being covered up?
    This whole affair is an outrage and the great mystery is why are these people still walking around and not in a 6X6 cell?

  9. Not grandstanding. Just expressing the outrage that every right thinking American should be feeling about this flagrant abuse of power by the IRS.

    Mr. Koskinen says he has had a long career and that is the first time anyone has said they don’t believe him. Because no one tells him the truth. No one has the balls to tell anyone in this Administration anything but yes.

    And as for the Democrat who said it was more like an Inquisition. Yeah, and there should have been a Rack for Mr. Koskinen too.

  10. I have to agree with the rest of you Kofflerheads. Ryan wasn’t grandstanding, he was just astounded. I wasn’t a big fan when he was running for VP, but I liked him today.

    and in any case, he was right: the IRS is literally unbelievable now, and anyone who knows anything about computers (which is everyone) knows it.

    btw: “Kofflerheads.” that is not really that creative (naturally, having been stolen from Rush). but I do think we whitehousedossier fans need a team name.

    any suggestions? probably not Redskins,tho, huh?

  11. I believe that Paul Ryan’s reaction to John Koskinen’s display of arrogance and lies to represent the feeling of every citizen of this country who knows that we are being handed crap – hook, line and sinker. How in the world can anyone believe that years of emails were lost, emails that belonged to ALL of the most important individuals involved in this IRS mess? Of course we all know that they continue to stall and lie. Unless the press and the Justice Dept do their jobs, nothing is going to happen. To me, it looks like a pile of people should be sitting shoulder to shoulder in jail cells for obvious reasons.

  12. the enquiry into the IRS scandal is in effect a legal investigation. At it she art the panel have asked formally and informally for over a year for access to data and docs. Its akin to discovery in a legal case. The crux of all this for me is that the party/dept/groups/people being asked obviously fear no consequence of stonewalling and dragging out this process. WHY? Kicking the can down the road buys the President and WH staff time, time and more time. Its the boxing equivalent of leaning, hugging and suffocating. Any decent defence lawyer knows that discovery is in of itself an art form, and the IRS and co are drowning the senate panel in process and simple stonewalling. Ryan made a great analogy today, if any of us tried adopting the same tactics and with the same zeal towards the IRS in an audit or deco request never mind a subpoena backed request, we would simply end up in jail, no debate no questions no sympathy. JAIL. yet here we have the IRS saying its okay to not tell the panel that the core docs and emails are likely out of their reach. It always worried me that Lerner would take such a brazen stance and plead the 5th, I assumed at th time she’d be caught out by her trail of communications, but here we have no trail, hence the ability and nuts to take the 5th. She and her lawyers and her career guidance mentors knew all had been hidden away prior and long ago. Heads have to roll and consequence returned to stonewalling congress by anyone at these hearings.

  13. Some Democrat strategist hack was on O’Reilly this evening (Eric Bolling sitting in) saying it was actually normal to get rid of hard drives and not keep emails, blah blah blah. So typical of this administration and its minions…they live in the Bizarro World.

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