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Here We Go Again

Let me say something simple about the upcoming airstrikes in Iraq, the 300 military “advisors” we’re dispatching there, and 250 combat troops who are being brought in to defend the embassy. Something plain that no doubt the geniuses around Washington will regard as primitive and ill-conceived:

Either we get in Iraq to win, or we don’t get in at all. If we are going to start bombing and sending military “advisors” and a paltry number of combat troops, then send many more combat troops and establish enough of a presence to blow the Jihadists straight upstairs to the virgins who await them in Heaven.

Because, as we have so often done in the past, the United States is putting a toe in roiling waters, dispatching just enough people to make us part of the fight without sending in enough to ensure success. And that will get people killed. Our people.

“Military advisor,” for example, is a technical term for “sitting duck.”

Do we have a national security interest in what happens in Iraq or not? If we do, then we need to take care of business.

Mark my word. Americans will die in Iraq because we are getting into the fight without the ability to protect our people. We never do learn that a failure to use overwhelming force has grave consequence. Vietnam. Beirut. Mogadishu. Even Afghanistan, where we took our eye off the ball, and Iraq, where we went in with a limited force and invited a civil war, until Bush finally got serious with the surge.

Obama did a really stupid thing, with predictable consequences, by not heeding the advice of his commanders and leaving 10-15,000 troops in Iraq. They would have kept a lid on this, kept Iran out of it, and influenced Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki not to alienate his population. Now the whole place is on fire, a conflagration that will eventually burn us here at home.

President Obama’s faith in government is grounded in the faith that he can rationally ascertain needs and that the force of his logic can determine outcomes. But he can’t. Nobody can.

The American solider is the best fighter, and the best equipped fighter, in the history of the world. Please, Mr. President, if you are going to send him in harm’s way, make sure he has the tools and the support to protect himself and do whatever mission you have in mind. Otherwise, keep him home and let the barbarians settle it themselves.

Who knows? Maybe the good barbarians will still win.

Here’s Charles Krauthammer invoking a little history to illustrate the folly of what Obama is doing. Obama thinks he can avoid mission creep. But soon he will be faced with a choice between that or an ignominious retreat that will further prove for our enemies – Obama has done some much already to convince them – that the United States is helpless and can be attacked with impunity.

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  1. Mark my word. Americans will die in Iraq because we are getting into the fight without the ability to protect our people.

    And this applies now and will even more so in Afghanistan when Obama surrenders.

      1. We may have, AFVet, but in my life time I have never seen it happen. (Of course I was born during WWII, but I don’t actually remember those times.) It’s because the leaders of the country will not do it. They’d rather leave our people in there to die a death of a thousand paper cuts. And that goes for the “collateral damage” victims too. I agree with Keith: either do it or stay (get) the hell out.

  2. IMO:
    No. No, and No. No advisors, no training officers, no one, nothing.
    Get all Americans out of the country, close the Embassy (burn it down if we have to), and let that be the end of it in Iraq.

      1. I do think the argument that we can’t give them a “base” is sort of weak–all THEY need is a pen, phone, and money, not a rambunctious country to try to run.

    1. Has anyone here…?
      ~OR~the Obama regime/White House/National Security Council..?.
      ~OR~ the Dept. of Defense (Im looking at you coward 4 star Generals & Admirals on the Joint-Chiefs of Staff)…?
      ~OR~ anyone; Kerry or the red-head & blonde bimbo, in the US State Dept…?

      EVER READ A HISTORY BOOK ABOUT “THE CRUSADES”? (11th-15th Century AD)…???!!!

  3. Obama seriously needs to listen to some Ozzy Osbourne:

    Let me hear you scream like you want it!
    Let me hear you yell like you mean it!
    If you’re gonna go down:
    Go loud!
    Go strong!
    Go proud!
    Go on!
    Go hard or go home!

    (Bookmark this thread, people: this may be the only time I will ever quote Ozzy Osbourne without irony.)

    1. Darkangel,

      Im trying to think of some good-hard-loud music to play as (We, the USA) should play as we air-strike & carpet bomb Iraq…

      -kinda like “Ride of Valkyries” from Apocalypse Now

        1. HA!
          I would luv to hear “Rock the Casbah” as AC-130 gunships do their thing on ISIS…

          ( US helicopters EVACUATE the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq…)

  4. “Military advisor,” for example, is a technical term for “sitting duck.”

    In a nutshell, Keith. Sitting ducks!

    One of the pundits on MoJo this morning remarked that things are drastically changed in Iraq as far as the pecking order concerned. The US does not wield nearly as much power after being absent for nearly 3 years. Iran is the new kid on the block, and our ‘military advisors’ would have to sit at the same table with our erstwhile enemy.

    Sadaam was a crazed mass murderer, along with his two sons, and it’s a good thing they are no longer walking this earth. However, he did accomplish one thing: he kept the shiites out of Iraq and held Iran at bay.

    I hate to say it, but maybe Biden was right. Partitioning could be the solution. Save the Kurds…and let the rest of Iraq blow themselves up. But then…there’s the OIL. Isn’t that why we went there in the first place?
    A lot of good that did./sarc/

    1. Today in Afghanistan….
      NATO did not identify the three service members killed in the bombing on Friday, but a U.S. defense official in Washington said they were Americans.

      The Hokey Pokey Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine! In a nutshell, we’ve got more than a dozen half-ass policies being run by a total ass!

      1. Funny, CBS et al never show the caskets arriving from Afghanistan like they did with Bush. Not that Obama would lose any sleep over it…

      2. Our troops in Afghanistan are truly sitting ducks. Does the US still have the strategy of scattering them about in hinterlands to “pacify” them?

  5. No ground troops whatsoever.
    Phone call to Iraq, we are removing all Americans from your country because we are going to bomb the hell out of you.
    We are tired of the barbarism against your innocent civilians.
    We are tired of the threats against the infidels.
    We are tired of the lies that you use to continue our assistance to prop up your economy.
    If you want to live in the past, we can help you out, and it will take no time at all.
    Caution,… could run out of virgins.
    The influx of valiant warriors for Allah will possibly overwhelm your system to supply them on as ‘as needed basis’.
    72 is a big number, perhaps maybe 30.

    No problem, we will give you adequate notice before we level your precious monuments.

    Pay no attention to the noise above you, it is nothing.
    Pay attention to the explosions around you and question the fact that your religious ideology is the basis of this attack.

    Christians do not seek out Muslims to kill them, but, we will defend ourselves.

    1. I’m just hoping I’ll live long enough to see some US president with enough stones drop a city-buster during the pilgrimage season. If they still have to go there afterwards, then it’ll be a permanent reminder that they picked the wrong civilization to pick a fight with.

    2. AFVet,
      I luv it :-)
      -The USA should have gone CRUSADE in the mid-east on Sept. 12, 2001.
      1. ‘you are with us, or against us’…
      2. ‘tactical nuke strikes, and let Allah sort them out…’

  6. Those are chilling words ‘advisors’ ask Veterans from Vietnam and Korea
    I’ll bey they’ve got a colorful definition.

    1. Yes, I remember that “military advisors” were the first step in our involvement in Vietnam back in the early 1960s. . .

        1. President Kennedy wanted to reduce our ‘limited’ presence under his watch. The French withdrew and declared that fighting against the North Vietnam communist heavily armed and determined forces was ‘mission impossible’!

          Kennedy listened, but before he could implement an effective USA withdrawal, he was assassinated. Then, President Johnson began increasing our presence in Vietnam, and within months thousands upon thousands of American military personnel were deployed.

          There was NO plan to WIN! No ‘Endgame Plan’, so the horrifying ‘daily death count’ and disturbing films of combat filled the newspapers, radio, and TV. What ‘real-life nightmares’ Americans suffered!

          As Keith has pointed out, our soldiers are the best equipped and trained in the World, and begs the question: WHAT the #$%# IS THE MISSION? jb

          1. I watched a special on the battle at Chosin and those guys were fighting with poor equipment outdated weapons and
            still they kept fighting. There’s never a fault with our guys just those who send them into battle ill prepared and with
            murky goals. These guys had to retreat 78 miles to safety
            and they would not leave a man behind dead or wounded.

          2. So true! Our Vietnam soldiers were courageous under the worst conditions! Today, ROE handicap American forces and make them ‘easy targets’!

            It is heartbreaking!

            bho has spent his term from the beginning ‘gutting’ the Military personnel and removed far too many commanders and expert strategists from every branch. He had Mid-East military cultural trainers for preparing our troops for their deployment removed, because CAIR lodged complaints day after day! jb

  7. Excellent Keith.

    What I also hate just hate is the fact that this Administration in particular (and others in the past) insists on broadcasting our every move and intent.

    I don’t remember Putin doing that in the Ukraine. Wake up one day and boom they are there.

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