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Carney Exits

After more than three years, White House Press Secretary Carney’s term as press secretary ends COB today. How you rate him as press secretary depends on your perspective.

If you are a partisan Obama supporter, then Carney did a pretty good job. He made few mistakes, aggressively and eloquently promoted the president’s agenda, and largely kept a lid on serious investigative reporting with respect to the Obama administration.

Carney 6-2014The extent of his contribution to this latter achievement is unclear. The press corps is naturally in Obama’s pocket, and with journalism stretched thin and people who might have been doing investigative reports forced to throw any junk they can find onto websites and otherwise multimedia themselves to exhaustion, the press itself holds probably the lion’s share of the fault.

Carney’s contribution was to run an operation that routinely bullied reporters with the angriest, foulest language you can imagine in an effort to squash honest journalism that might be even mildly critical of the president. Reporters like to pretend this tactic doesn’t affect them, but I think it works. For many of them, it’s easier not to deal with the nastiness.

Which brings us to Carney’s failures – surprising and disappointing in someone who devoted most of his professional career to supposedly serving the cause of free speech.

By attacking reporters, Carney acted to suppress speech. He did this in service of what he believes is a greater cause – Obama and Obama’s leftist ideology, which Carney sincerely subscribes to.

The evil twin of Carney’s attacks on free inquiry was the failure under his stewardship of the administration to provide the public with the openness Obama had promised. Rather, there was less “transparency” under this White House than any other. Much of this was not Carney’s doing, though he at the very least either abetted or acquiesced in it.

Carney 6-2014 2Under this White House, Freedom of Information requests were stymied, whistle blowers and leakers were assailed like perhaps never before, and journalists were targeted as part of criminal investigations.

Information that should have been revealed – for example, data on Obamacare registrations – was withheld from the public. Presidential press conferences were far too rare. The White House used its own photographer to “cover” the president. And worst of all, the American public was repeatedly and egregiously lied to.

Carney’s own specialty was to cling unfailingly to his limited talking points during briefings while sounding like he was doling out much more information than he was.

But unless he is the most cynical man in Washington – wouldn’t rule it out – I have to say that I am impressed that Carney is at least a true believer in what he is doing. If he was fooling us, he wouldn’t have spent so long as press secretary. It’s a grinding job and the temptation to leave and make a lot of money – not to mention see your children – is great.

Reporters tend to be, even more than they are liberals, skeptics and even cynics, and Carney obviously during his time as reporter hid a passion for liberalism. I like it when people stand for something, even if they stand for something I disagree with. So I’ll give him that.

Relations with the press are not good, though, and Obama at this point, while not subject to the probing he deserves, is getting coverage that is worse than it might be. Incoming White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is temperamentally different than Carney and has always had good relations with many reporters. We’ll see if NutraSweet works better than Saccharin.

Carney arrived at the Colbert Report Thursday night to begin promoting Jay Carney, The Former Press Secretary, Inc. I think he could have waited until after he was off the taxpayers dime to do that, but, whatever.


26 thoughts on “Carney Exits”

  1. Mike McCurry gets my vote for best press secretary. (I was too young to understand media and the role during President Reagan’s tenure.)

    Jay Carney was laughable most days. Mr. McCurry not only held the line on the message, but presented a compelling argument. I also felt that he respected all Americans, regardless of their religion or politics.

    Dana Perino was also outstanding at her job. I think it’s because I felt that she respected her entire audience, regardless of religion or politics.

  2. Excellent commentary, Keith. Public trust in the MSM is almost as low as its trust in Congress, 18 % and 13% respectively. God help us all. The press coverage of the IRS scandal, which itself is x number of times worse than Watergate, is non-existent according to Brent Bozell.

  3. It’s too bad Carney didn’t leave right after that dramatic, awkward, hugged-by-the-president announcement a while back. It’s like, finally he’s really gone now! No big whoop, I’m sure he’ll do well in his new adventures as most former PressSecs do.

    1. I love the story of the man who went up to her to get the book autographed and asked her to sign it for Christopher Stevens.

  4. That is a way too nice description of the relationship between the press and the Obama administration.
    No reporter worth his pen cares if a pol operative calls him bad names, rather they should consider they have hit a sore spot that means real news.
    What does intimidate the press is the ruthless use of government agencies against all citizens, the power of the administration when the President sets the PC bar to his liking, and having the cozy relationship with the reporter’s bosses so that a word or complaint could mean termination or being sent to cover the news at Michelle’s Magic Garden.
    MrCarney sneered, insulted, ridiculed, ignored, or just bullied sitting members of the press if he didn’t like them or their positions. He lost the guidebook that explained he was the “press secretary” so that he believed he was the “campaign press secretary” and as such, he served MrObama, not the public.
    When he claimed he didn’t “lie”, it was the same as denying he ate all the cookies because there is one left in the bag.

  5. Not since Baghdad Bob has there been such a babbling boob with a disdain for the truth and a disrespect for his audience as the one, the only, the absolutely most lying, most arrogant, most pathetic excuse for a “press” secretary as one James “Jay” Carney.
    That said though, Ernst will show that he can be even worse. While Carney at least had some time as a so called “reporter”, Ernst is just spoiled little rich kid who went to private prep school and made his bones in Dem politics. Even serving as an aide to Marion Berry for crying out loud. He’s a political hack’s hack and I predict it won’t be long that we’ll be looking back at Carney as a truth teller compared to Ernst.

  6. Breitbart has an article on the lies of Jay Carney beginning with the ‘whopper’ that he just told to the PC that he has ‘never lied to them’! jb

    1. Keith, There are hacks in N. Korea who religiously follow their
      dear leader. Does this mean you are to admire them as well?
      I just cant see how you can spread so much love for a snotty little hired liar who probably throws a baseball much the same as his idol.

  7. Your praising Carney for having true belief in the evil policies of Dictator Obama and the democrat communist party? By that standard of measure I guess we can praise the islamic terrorists for having true belief in killing innocent people in the name of their religion.

    Carney is and was a dispicable and diabolical creature who is now racing around like a rat in heat setting the stage to rake in millions because of his service to a totalitarian ideology. He should be condemned for his actions as Dictator Obama’s minister of propaganda at every turn and not praised.

  8. Carney was no doubt the worse Press Secretary. Following him are the Dumb and Dumber Twins currently at the State Department.

    The three of them represent the country to world. Carney believed he was witty in his responses and the other two giggle during the reporter questions. This is serious business and they help erode the confidence of the world in the United States.

    The fact of the matter they are doing the job the President and Chief of Staff want. If not, they would be told to stop or change and that has not happened.

    Keith, you are correct. It is the Press’ fault to allow this to type of relationship occur. They are concerned of losing access or status if they write a bad or critical article. They take the abuse by the Press Office because of the previous reasons. I find it interesting that this administration acts as if it is protecting so many on a Macro level but on a micro level they are so abusive.

    The reporters could go to their editors or publishers for help but in this administration that person has a relative in the administration, no help there. Perhaps, the WH Correspondence Association should address this type of nepotism or conflicts of interests. Maybe, if you have a relative in the administration you can’t cover the White House. Maybe, there needs to be a disclosure under the byline of the reporter on a story covering the news. Such as……..Claire Shipman, ABC News. (Wife of Press Secretary Jay Carney).

    I believe Tony Snow was the Best Press Secretary. It was fun to watch him argue back and win so many times!

    1. I so agree with you about the Spokesgrrlz in the State Department and their hashtag diplomacy. but please let’s not forget Tommy “Dude that was like 2 years ago” Vietor: no immature, self-important, incompetent administration would be complete without him!

  9. Jay Carney,
    GO TO H#LL.
    I mean that from my heart, because you have been nothing but an Obnoxious, Arrogant & Sycophant for this Obama regime.

    Jay Carney, there is a SPECIAL PLACE IN H#LL FOR YOU.


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