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Video || Lerner Punches Hole in Computer

The Daily Caller has uncovered damning video of former IRS official Lois Lerner that explains once and for all what happened to her lost emails: She destroyed her hard drive by punching a hole in her computer.

Below is video – apparently made by the IRS employee who sat in the cubicle next to her – that caught Lerner in the act.

Nevertheless, Lerner’s emails were backed up on the computer of her supervisor. But these were lost too when his computer also bit the dust.

White House Dossier applauds the investigative work of its colleagues at the Daily Caller, which has several more videos related the Lerner case here.

12 thoughts on “Video || Lerner Punches Hole in Computer”

  1. The Lerner camp could punch a hole in the hard drive, set the whole thing on fire, run over the remains with a humvee, then send the squished ashes to be buried in a cemetery, but the e-mails are still out there, alive in the same way zombies live.
    NSA has them, they exist on other servers, they float in the cloud, and of course the spooks and spy programs at NSA have them.

    What’s amazing and eye-opening about this computer crash issue isn’t that the claim is preposterous, but that MsLerner and those she e-mailed were so sure, so confident that whatever they wrote would never be seen by the public or any Repub Congresscritter.
    They believed they were protected from outside scrutiny, they were secure in their belief they could use the IRS in any way they chose with impunity, and now, with public outrage building, they panic and hide the evidence like common criminals who hide the smoking gun under their mattress.

      1. I hope he keeps digging as well as Gowdy digging up the facts on Beghazi. It “blows the mind” that these people can get away with all this!

  2. The honorable thing to have done is admit they purposely destroyed evidence and it would be over since no one has the balls to do anything about the dictator committing the highest crime a President can commit, using the IRS against his enemies.

  3. Well Keith, you are on a roll this morning. I understand, years of accumulated political hash, & it’s better to laugh than cry…

  4. Unless it is IRS policy to permanently delete emails, they should all be stored on the server of the Internet Sevice Provider that the IRS has contracted with.

    1. I guess it took these two past years to also find any e-mail that Lerner sent to anyone else in the IRS and destroy them too. This is one of those cases where lack of evidence is guilt. What happened to these storage devices is not possible.

  5. One thing Jay Sekulow points out on his FOX piece is that catastrophic computer wipe-outs do not cherry-pick which e-mails to destroy and which ones to let stand. I would think he wouldn’t make such a statement if he knows that other of Lerner’s e-mails in this time period still are on record.

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