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Quote of the Day || June 20, 2014

“No, don’t secure the border just yet. NASA is telling me Arizona and Texas are beginning to look blue.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

15 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || June 20, 2014”

  1. Isnt that the real goal of all this ‘amnesty’ b#llshit… To create MILLIONS of new Democrat “voters” and destroy the Republican party…?

  2. If we lived in a world where the ISIS killers promised to vote Democrat in our elections, Obama himself would open the gates to Baghdad for them. And dat’s a fact.

  3. I remember when blue meant Republican. Reagan’s “sea of blue”, and all that. Am I the only one who still gets confused about this?

    The way I understand it, the media (finger-pointing at Tim Russert) didn’t want the Democrats to be associated with commie red any more. So they switched red and blue on the political maps.

  4. Arizona might look blue right now, but it’s not because we have more Dems. The blue hue is from anger so intense that we can hardly catch our collective breaths.
    MrO couldn’t have done anything more to unite all Arizonans than dumping thousands of illegal, illiterate, infectious, criminal, and minor aliens in our laps. Our native Hispanics are outraged as well as every Anglo at this patently anti-Arizona crisis.

    The big mistake of this horrendous invasion is that American Hispanics would be thrilled to have hundreds of thousands of abandoned children dumped in our laps. They are ashamed of the parents who sent their children to an unknown fate, they are wary of being mistaken for illegals themselves, and know that whatever gains were made in legalizing their relatives are now lost.

  5. Let’s call a spade a spade. Open borders (excluding Canada) to America is just a de facto EU-style of travel.

    Just a matter of time until the sign reads: Welcome to the EUSA.

  6. Obama is so crazy — is letting all these people and kids in so the country will be black and brown, he hates white people, he doesn’t fool me for a minute, this President is like Hitler — He will succeed if he isn’t stopped and it doesn’t seem like he will be stopped with the Republicans being in cahoots with him, letting this criminal racist behavior continue on and on. Who will protect the American people from him? Every day the situation gets worse and more dire and Obama likes it this way. Nobody really does anything to stop this disgusting so-called President, just talk and talk and talk about him, no action whatsoever.

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