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The Obama Morning News || June 19, 2014

Lerner emails likely gone forever . . . Politico
Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s crashed hard drive has been recycled, making it likely the lost emails of the lightening rod in the tea party targeting controversy will never be found.

WH: No emails between us and Lerner . . . CNS News
The Obama White House says it found “zero emails” between Lois Lerner and the president’s office.

Obama: I can act without Congress . . . Bloomberg
President Obama told top lawmakers that he won’t need additional congressional approval for the options he’s considering in response to the sectarian violence in Iraq.

White House wants Maliki out . . . Wall Street Journal
The Obama administration is signaling that it wants a new government in Iraq without Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, convinced the Shiite leader is unable to reconcile with the nation’s Sunni minority and stabilize a volatile political landscape.

Hayden: The state of Iraq is gone . . . Newsmax
The country of Iraq is, for all intents and purposes, dead and has been replaced by three successor states, former CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden told Newsmax TV Wednesday.

WH drove Obamacare website launch . . . Examiner
Under pressure from the White House, was launched despite a wave of previously unknown warnings from consultants that the Obamacare website was insecure, untested, and prone to crashing.

Limbaugh: Redskins decision “tyranny” . . . Newsmax
Conservatives ripped the decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to strip the Washington Redskins of its trademark — blasting it as the ultimate power play by the Obama administration to plunder free-speech rights.

Todd: Poll says Obama presidency “over” . . . Newsmax
A new poll that shows President Obama’s approval ratings “cratering” reflects a public essentially telling its commander-in-chief, “your presidency is over,” NBC News correspondent Chuck Todd said Wednesday.

Senate to Biden: We want Hillary . . . Politico
After nearly four decades in the Senate, countless fundraisers for his party and endless ego-massaging of his colleagues, not a single Democratic senator, including the two from his home state, are publicly urging him to run for president.

Obama-Clinton alliance strained . . . Politico
Some Obama campaign veterans quietly pushed back on a claim that they considered downright false: Clinton’s contention that the Obama team had wanted to attack vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin for, essentially, being a woman.

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 19, 2014

  1. She is good. Whatever her true agenda or feelings, she is sending messages to the conservative Repub that she’s not like the rest of the Dems on issues that are important to them.

    Her claim that the Obama camp wanted her to attack MrsPalin for being “a woman’ are ridiculous and most likely an out and out lie. How a woman who made a serious run for the Presidency was going to be credible attacking another woman in the run for the V.P. position boggles the mind. It’s just her sneaky and clumsy way of offering a hand to the far right Palin supporters.
    She gives her position on the illegal aliens amassing in the Southwest as the exact opposite of the Obama open border policy; she says we should “send them back” to their homelands. Another not so subtle message to the conservatives on the border issues from a progressive Dem.
    She’s not sure why she changed her mind on same-sex marriages, doesn’t know now if the obscure notorious video was responsible for the massacre at Benghazi, and is vague about so many other issues.
    She is good, well coached, and sounds ever so reasonable.

    • She’s so good at turning on a dime. She knows the country is becoming more conservative, but as you said yesterday, she’s slicker than the cow path to the barn. BTW, I did not read but saw somewhere that Clinton crony Lanny Davis was praising Jeb Bush as a future President and saying that Bush was right about Common Core and immigration.

  2. I was listening to an IT expert on the morning radio who said the Lerner emails can be found since they’re stored on the server not the hard drive. People are believing the dog ate my homework excuse because they’re dumb enough to believe it. :)

    Since Hillary didn’t make her “Palin defense” public at the time, I doubt she’s being honest about that.

    The Redskins v. Patent office is a repeat from 1999 (under Clinton) and they won that appeal.

    Just some little tidbits I picked up during my morning walkies …..

    • I have heard the same thing regarding the servers. Also the NSA — well, at least my minder, Shirley — says that they “should” have everything.

      BS — the WH has no emails. Well, they probably don’t have them anymore.

      The Redskin thing — expropriation of property in my mind. To say nothing of contracts.

      Barry Gone Wild! Barack Unplugged!

      And yet, this big bad Administration thinks Maliki should be removed from office. Laughable on its face.

  3. One of the comments on Politico said that e-mails are not stored on the hard drive but by the server. Is this true? Mea culpa: I am not a geek.

  4. Well — it looks like the blame game is now squarely on Maliki’s shoulder.

    Gotta give it to Barack. He will walk a mile to make sure that he is responsible for nothing. And looks like the Dems are jumping on the bandwagon — Van Halen is now defending the Administration’s foreign policy is east asia. And having a tough go at it, IMHO.

    If Maliki goes I wonder if Jean Kerree will have some historic saying like Hillary Clinton did with We Came, We Saw, He Died.

    • Good one! It took me a moment to catch Jean Kerree. Maliki is the scapegoat alright. If he was so bad, why didn’t the US try to correct the situation earlier?

      • Not only that, but we left him high and dry and now in order for us to “come back” he has to go. Absurd. Plus we suck at regime change. That said, Obama’s out will be and has been — well we tried on SOFA but Maliki — tch tch so uncooperative. It’s endless with these guys.

        Yes, good ole Jean Kerree. Not sure how to tackle that one —