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Live Stream || Obama Comments on Iraq

UPDATE 3: The event has concluded. I have a report here on Obama’s appearance.

UPDATE 2: It’s now 1:30 pm. Still no Obama. It’s as if they are trying to make a point about the incompetence of this administration.

UPDATE: Sorry, he’s late as usual. Now it’s at 1:15 pm ET. I feel like I invited everyone to a party and forgot to pick up the chips.


President Obama is currently meeting with his national security team. Afterwards, at 12:30 pm ET, he plans to appear in the briefing room at the White House. I will live stream it here.

He may turn this into a mini-press conference, because the regular White House briefing has been cancelled.

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  1. Before he comes on, I’d like to note that Saudi Arabia has told the US and the UK not to meddle in Iraq’s current problems. SA says to let Iraq settle its own problems. Ha ha, as if SA is not funding and supplying ISIS!

      • Follow the dots. SA is Sunni, ISIS is Sunni, SA hates Iran, ISIS hates Iran, SA wants Assad in Syria toppled, ISIS wants Syria toppled. When Obama erased the “red line” the Saudi’s were furious but that didn’t stop them from continuing to support the rebels in Syria. Rebels that now own a helluva lot of Iraqi real estate thanks to the vacuum Obama created in his rush to pull out of Iraq for political rather than long term strategic interests.

        Frankly if it were up to me I’d open up the federal lands and put this nation on full energy independence, then I’d fuel up a few B-52’s and turn the entire Iraq/Iran/Saudi sandbox into one giant paper weight.

        • mmmmmmm…. one thing you forget.. the funding is not from SA officially. It’s from members of the family. That is a big difference. ISIS might be Sunni, but they want a similar to Iran regime with an Iman running the show.. not a secular royal family. .. That would topple ;the Saud family. Your dots don’t exactly connect there Geoff C.

          Geoff… and the benefits of that is? Apparently you are too uneducated to know that the US does not depend on ME oil… look further westard.. Venezuela, Meixo, Canada, the US itself… sigh… The EU otoh, does rely on ME oil. In your scenariio, you hurt our allies. Typical American short thinking and self interest. You have no sense of the larger playing field or how it affects other nations.. after all you are an American, the ONLY country that matters is the US and hang everyone else. That kind of thinking is pretty much WHY most of Central/South American and many other nations dislike or outright hate the US.

          • Ahh…a special snowflake has arrived here. And I am sure you are more than qualified to explain the difference between the official Saudi government as opposed to the House of Saud.

            p.s. Where you raised by wolves? You sure do howl a lot.

          • Oh, so the fact that it’s the “family” money makes it OK? Last time I checked it was that “family” that ruled Saudi Arabia. Tell me again how many of the 911 hijackers were from the Kingdom?

            And as for my “un” education. I won’t even bother going into the oil situation and why American energy independence would be the biggest boom to the economy since the end of WWII or how opening up our own energy would not just help us but allow us to export to those allies instead of petrol dollars financing terrorists. Sure, oil is a worldwide commodity so the ME could just sell to China but then we could have a true competition on energy pricing. Keep our energy prices lower here, manufacturing returns, economy grows, unemployment falls, a blue collar existence is once again a liveable existence and on and on with all that free market stuff the left just hates but the facts show has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in history.
            As for America being the ONLY country that matters? Well yep, pretty much. I could care less what Central/South American “think” about us. There problem is not the U.S., there problem is they don’t want to think for themselves and make their own countries successful. The United States has paid a very high price to be the nation she is and her freedoms free. I have absolutely no respect for people of nations not willing to fight for the same in their own countries. They can hate us all they want. But until they look themselves in the mirror and fix their own mess instead of blaming America nothing will change.
            Oh and btw, wasn’t it little Barry that was going to have all the world loving us again after that evil warmonger Bush? Yet more countries disrespect us now than ever. Yep, I’ll take my “uneducated” views any day.

    • Obama could be just plain incompetent or devilishly clever, with the intent to do as he said in his original campaign, ‘Transform America.” More than that, he seems to be intent on GLOBAL transformation, joining other nations by ignoring their atrocities and overflowing our borders from the south. Perhaps he has global leadership aspirations.

  2. Let me guess what he is going to say. ” After consulting with my National Security Team I’ve decided to wait alittle longer to decide what action to take, if any”. I’m guessing we won’t hear anything new at all.

        • He is such a buffoon and his staff is no better. CNN is speculating that the delay was because the meeting was more contentious than expected. This is the staff’s fault.

          if I worked for Obama, I would take any time he gave me for a public appearance and add 1 hr.

        • I don’t often repost comments but this from AOSHQ made me laugh:

          “Speech now rescheduled for 1:15. ”

          Guess Reggie got all knotted up.

          Throw a bucket of water on ’em.

          Works for the dogs.

    • CNN knows the drill by now, they had an empty podium with a generic headline “SOON: Obama Gives Statement On Iraq”. Then they had to do a picture in picture as the hosts passed the time discussing what he might say.

      Here’s a fun game, let’s count the amount the national debt increases in the time it takes for a press conference to actually begin. YIKES!!

    • Oh, no. Did you get arrested? Don’t forget, keep silent and ask for an attorney.
      Does the family of the injured know it was you?

  3. “President Obama is currently meeting with his national security team.”

    That means Dictator Obama and is posse are all sitting around a circle on the floor with their legs crossed passing a choom stick around and asking a Ouija Board what to do about Iraq.

    Make sure you check out Dictator Obama’s eyes to see if he is stoned.

    We are in deep, deep trouble fellow citizesn.

  4. 1) I am in constant consultation with my “team”
    2) In the coming days, I, Biden, Hagel, and Kerry will be holding substantive conversations with world leaders
    3) We are looking at a whole range of options and everything is on the table
    4) Michelle said to tell ISIS to bring our Humvees back safely

  5. imho
    Step 1) Please educate oneself on the three regions that existed during the Ottoman Empire, before Britain/France drew the current day boundaries around the three religious warring tribes of Iraq.
    Step 2) Remove Prime Minister Maliki from office. He is only in the way of any possible reconciliation.
    Step 3) Return Iraq to three independent countries, one for the Sunnis, Kurds, and Shi-ites,
    Step 4) Please go back and read step 1 if this does not make sense.

    • Given your invitation to go forth and be educated, you might go to the front of the line. Your conclusion is as inane as it is puerile.

        • Throw Syria into the mix as it is also a country of warring tribes similar to Iraq constrcted around the same time. Whatever we do, lets not arm Sunnis on one side of the border and fight those very same people on the other.

  6. Keith, Obama is probably enjoying his taxpayer funded lunch while all of you in the press corps are suffering hunger pains. Order pizza delivery – send the bill to the WH.

  7. Iraq is having the same problem as the US. They have an incompetent moron who doesn’t give a bleep about anyone but the Shiites, and we have one who doesn’t give a crap about anyone but the lo-info parasites. What a mess!

  8. He understands the severity of the situation and the importance of it — so he is late, as usual. So disrespectful. Especially since he is throwing away and trashing the blood and treasure left behind in Iraq.

    Except Obama thinks that just by showing up we should be grateful. What a POS. Well, at least it’s during the day,not naptime, and although I haven’t checked the schedule of the weekend’s planned recreation I do not think Vegas is listed.

  9. He has absolutely no interest whatsoever in what he is reading. He is racing through the words as though he is late for a golf game. He doesn’t even pause between commas and periods. It all runs together. What an azzhat!

    • Totally agree. Just made the same comment above. He could care less about Iraq, the polls, this country, or we the people.

      He just doesn’t care. Check out his eyes.

      • Looks like the ice-packs aren’t working! But, in all fairness, it’s only 1:45 EST – he just rolled out of bed an hour or so ago.

    • remember.. he is NEVER late for anything.. including tee time! The world revolves around him, and he never fails to remind us of that. Although, that is how it works in his mind.

  10. Todays Mid-East =
    All I want are the ‘Launch Keys’ to a USN Ohio class SSBN…
    and WE can FINALLY settle all this crap that has been going on since the “First Crusade” in 1099 AD.

    -The Muslims want to meet & praise ALLAH.. then I have a few Trident D5s, with W-88s that will ‘Open Up the Gates to Paradise with Allah & those 71 virgins’ :-)

  11. I saw this comment and borrowed it without license.

    In all seriousness, this is a time for deep prayer for those men who are being sent into a damned warzone for no reason other than to cover the ass of a man who is not worthy to run a lemonade stand, let alone order men into battle.

    The families of those going must be beside themselves in fury.

  12. He just admitted the Iraq govt. doesn’t give a rat’s azz about Sunnis or Kurds. Does he even realize he is describing himself with regard to the Repubs?

  13. omg… I clicked here to see if he ever showed up… only to hear the President of the United States actually say…
    “Rather than play Whack-A-Mole….”

    PLEASE PLEASE can we get an adult in this position in the future???

    • Hypothetical Reporter: Mr President, what is your foreign policy?

      POTUS: Well, we don’t want to play Whack-a-Mole.

      Hypothetical Reporter: There are those who say we need to take action.

      POTUS: Well, now, we don’t want to get all wee-wee’d up.

      [Note to lawyers, this is not a real conversation, but those ARE terms the POTUS has used.]

  14. Unrelated, but for whatever it’s worth:

    On the IRS developments, I went over to and put in the following query: “Is destruction of evidence an admission of guilt?”

    The first page of results consisted entirely of articles related to–get this–Haliburton.

    Very well., you are officially dead to me.

  15. Obama could be just plain incompetent or devilishly clever, with the intent to do as he said in his original campaign, ‘Transform America.” More than that, he seems to be intent on GLOBAL transformation, joining other nations by ignoring their atrocities and overflowing our borders from the south. Perhaps he has global leadership aspirations.

  16. The real monster in this whole sad scenario is the monster who created the monster and that would be Maliki. Some say it would be Bush but the unfortunate people who were the recipients of his brutality would disagree. Maliki has betrayed his country and his people, his government is a dismal failure, archaic and destructive, he had the opportunity to shine and ended up as an incompetent buffoon entrenched in the dark ages.