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The Real Meaning of the Khattala Capture

With tears of gratitude for manna brought from heaven via U.S. special forces, the White House is embracing  with all its might a rare piece of good news and an unusual Mission Accomplished Moment, the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala, mastermind of the Benghazi attack.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, because it’s his job, hyped the capture as a “milestone.” And Obama said Tuesday that other bad guys need to be very afraid:

It’s important for us to send a message to the world that when Americans are attacked, no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice. And that’s a message I sent the day after it happened. And regardless of how long it takes — we will find you.

But Khattala’s denouement, which will feature a trial in criminal court with all the protections of the U.S. justice system, including an expert legal defense, will neither scare anyone who means to do us harm nor benefit Obama politically.

Because the context of the capture says everything to the world about Obama.

We picked up one particularly bad guy at almost the same time we released FIVE of them, hardened Taliban killers, for a soldier who deserted the U.S. Army. The world must see a very soft U.S. leadership indeed.

What’s more, Obama’s braggadocio, that we’ll take whatever time’s needed to settle scores, ironically highlights that WE NEEDED A LOT OF TIME to settle this one.

What does it say about the focus on the administration that it took more than two and a half years to grab Khatala, who reportedly was living fairly openly in the vicinity of the scene of the crime and even took expresso with journalists?

The White House thinks this as a bullseye. The rest of the world is more likely to view it as a lucky shot.

Here’s James Rosen of Fox News trying to get State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki to explain why it took so long to pick up Khattala. She can’t.

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  1. Yes, and no matter how distressed it might make you terrorists that one of your own was captured, Praise Allah and let not your hearts be troubled, they will soon be released by me, back into your murdering arms.

    1. ~Did Great & Bret on FNC (have the GUTS-BALLS) last night to ever ask:

      Where “Sec. of State” Hillary Clinton was the night of Sept. 11, 2012…?

  2. The first question has to be, why in the world would a foreign national who attacked us on foreign soil be given anything other than a war criminal’s hearing before a military tribunal? The man is not a citizen and does not deserve a trial in US civilian court. All that will produce is an open forum in the US press for his venom.

    1. I keep thinking back to Vietnam and how our POW’s were treated by Jane Fonda’s Groupies, the Viet Cong. None of them ever had a trial and they certainly were not coddled like the terrorists are in Gitmo. Put this little schnook in Gitmo and try him for killing Americans. Then feed him to the sharks.
      Every time I think the name Obama, my mind gets twisted into a knot trying to equate the office of the President of the United States with him. It is an equation that always comes up with the wrong answer.

      1. You have expressed my feeling so well in you last paragraph. When I see his face or hear his voice I get cold chills….it is hard to accept that he really is president.
        My stomach is in a permanent knot.

  3. The poor guy is probably exhausted from waiting over two years to be ‘captured’. Thank Allah – Obama was desperate for a squirrel to keep himself and Hillary from going down with the Benghazi fiasco.

    Never mind the hundreds of $$$ millions it’s going to cost taxpayers for this dog and pony show.

    1. Funny–can’t you imagine him thinking, can’t get a girlfriend, can’t get a job, can’t travel–I am getting nailed any minute–it’s hard to plan.

  4. ” And regardless how long it takes – we will find you ”
    ” Then after a while, when it serves my political interest ONLY, I’ll let you go.”
    Obama’s statement is the biggest load of b.s. I’ve ever heard in his entire presidency, even topping, “…if you like your doctor…”
    The enemy is laughing their ass’s off at this crock.

    1. LOL – so right!!

      To be fair, though, Obama may have ‘given the order’ to (finally) bring this guy in, in order to diffuse the backlash for releasing Los Cinco Jefes!! [Reminds me of Los Tres Amigos!’]

  5. This trial can never happen in a civilian court in the US.
    There are no credible witnesses to call to the stand, no forensics to study, no one in the State Dept can be called to testify why AmbStevens was in that building, and no current political person will agree to testify why the did or didn’t do anything.
    The CIA will never allow any testimony to explain why they had operatives in Benghazi, the DOD will claim national security and refuse to produce evidence.
    This is a farce worthy of nothing, there’s no humor, no ending that could satisfy or answer anything, and a desperate attempt by the Obama minions to defuse the scandals that have piled up at their doorstep with a capture of someone with an Arab name.

    1. By the time this trial comes about, Obama minions will have trained this guy to say that, yes, it was all the fault of that video.

    2. Yup, its all political theater.
      Once again, Obama and his despicable posse of aides looking for anything to get the glare of the spotlight off his miserable designs to destroy America. They are like rats desperately seeking a way out of a maze. One they have made for themselves I might add.

    3. Exactly. This coffee-shop character will be gagged and thrown into the dungeon just like that other “shadowy character” who made that video. Then on Obama’s last day in office, he will be quietly released.

      Obama is unwittingly transparent all right. The world can see right through him.

  6. I just read on FOX that Hillary Clinton claims that she was operating in “the fog of war” during the Benghazi attack. So why is Obama going to try al Khattala in a NY civilian court?

      1. Brett Baier should have followed up on that answer. Everyone knows that Obama had a pre-scheduled appt with Panetta and Dempsey at 5:00 p.m that afternoon. Panetta testified that he and Dempsey met with Obama at the scheduled time and NEVER saw or talked to him again. Obama told Panetta to ‘do whatever it takes to keep out people safe’….and then he disappeared, presumably upstairs.

        Brett Baier was a big disappointment!!!

          1. I totally agree Girly,,,Brett Baier was a disappointment to me also!
            However Greta didn’t surprise me, she is one of Hitlarys friend and she is also a democrat!

          2. Greta was almost invisible last night. I never watch her but I did read not to long ago that she begged CNN to take her back. They refused.

    1. Too bad Greta & Bret on FNC
      NEVER had the BALLS to ask Hillary where she was the night of Sept. 11, 2012 as the US Statre Dept post in Benghazi was under attack and burning for over 8 hours…

    1. Amen!

      This guy was known to be hanging out in Libya and did a media interview. Obama chose to not apprehend him because doing so would have exposed the fact that “the mission” in Benghazi was recruiting, paying and arming Jihadists to fight Assad in Syria. The attack on the mission that killed four Americans was an example of Jihadists mercenaries robbing their pay masters. Even more alarming for Obama is the fact that the same Jihadists that the US was supporting are now busy overthrowing the US backed government in Iraq.

    2. A shipboard lobotomy is probably being performed on Mr. Khattala as we speak. Most of us speculated on the real story behind Benghazi, but this article ties it all up with a big red ribbon.

  7. I thought the new “story” was that we were waiting for Libya to self-destruct before going on sovereign territory and grabbing someone there. The theme changes hourly. Did this bum really say he got spun up by the video? Come on, if so. I will say on the “shows,” no one seems to be buying this or hanging signs of victory.

  8. O/T: I posted this also on MOTUS this a.m.
    “I am struck by the adminstration’s “trick” of inviting all those “children” to illegally cross the border into the US. Is this not the same technique as “Fast and Furious”: flood the market illegally to force action the people don’t want?”
    Is anyone discussing this disgusting immoral administrative move?

    1. Another OT: I just read that the US Patent Office will not renew the patent of the Washington, DC football team’s name as they find it “disparaging”.

    2. Remember ‘credible fear’ for Mexican refugees a few months ago? Now it’s ‘credible fear’ for Central America! Plus, this kids have all been rehearsed as to what to say,

      This is de facto amnesty and Obama should be tried for treason.
      These ‘children’ either have relatives here in the States, or they are trailblazing for their relatives in Centrai America. NONE of them are orphans or homeless waifs,

      Now the ‘bennies’ can start! The kids are here!

  9. Ok guys it doesn’t really matter. We are the few in America that know about this.

    Got my haircut today — my hairdresser was unaware of the refugee children at the border and being relocated through the US and she was equally unaware that the IRS had lost Lois Lerner’s emails. And as she said, she doesn’t know why she doesn’t know this, because she watches the local news.

    1. No wonder the likes of this regime is still in power.
      Chilling isn’t it Grace ?
      Next time you get your haircut,..ask her if they vote.

    2. I hate to pick on them as a class, but my experience with them is that they are the lowest of the LIVs around. A few years ago our school district had to go to a four day week because of budgetary concerns, and my hairdresser told me that her kids were doing better than when they had a five day week. I’m sure she was led down the primrose path by the teachers who, btw, must have fed her that line of crap.

      1. So all hairdressers are nitwits? They run a small business, rent space, must get trained, certified, must support families, pay their own taxes, etc. I know collegd-ed suburban “moms” who could not tell you what Benghazi is–or maybe it’s a who? We just chat with these people more than with the average neighbor.

  10. I keep hearing after 2 1/2 years…. we caught him. Bengazi was less than 2 yrs ago(still alot). Anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks

  11. The word “Diabolical” can be used to describe Dictator Obama’s regime which is poopulated by a myraid of souless gargolyes like this Psaki creature.

    The definition of diabolical by the way in the Webster Merriam dictionary is “extremely evil “

    1. I just think they are not very bright and they bought all in on Obama. In return for their “gofer” duties someone put them in front of a camera and they believe their own BS. They have no experience.

    1. I agree. And at least he has the good manners not to put Jen Psaki in her place. These state department “spokespeople” are so junior in experience, and they treat people who have covered other more “professional” presidencies and even wars with disdain. You can’t even call it the arrogance of youth — for Psaki and that Marie chick it’s just plain arrogance and disrespect.

  12. Jen isn’t even a very good liar. she has a lot to learn from Susan Rice and Obama, who are certified world-class liars.

  13. Two things.
    1) They delayed the capture because they did not want any news on Benghazi.

    2) This guy will be coached to testify that the video did have an influence which we all know is an absolute joke.

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