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The Obama Morning News || June 18, 2014

Key Dems press for action on Iraq . . . The Hill
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Obama should consider military strikes against advancing Islamist forces, and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) went even further.

Iran warns U.S. on Iraq intervention . . . Free Beacon
As Obama touts partnership, Iran warns of repercussions.

WH tries to rebuild trust with Congress . . . Examiner
The Obama administration has been in close communication with key members of Congress this week on both the crisis in Iraq and the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala.

Benghazi suspect won’t go to Gitmo . . . Politico
Will be tried in federal criminal court. Those plans are already drawing fire from some GOP critics.

White House: Capture a “milestone” . . . Associated Press
White House press secretary Jay Carney said the capture makes clear that the U.S. is fulfilling its pledge to bring to justice those responsible.

Poll: Obama can no longer lead . . . MSNBC
A majority of respondents – 54% – believe the term-limited president is no longer able to lead the country and get the job done.

Boehner: Money driving Obama on Keystone . . . Newsmax 
“The obstructionists blocking Keystone have a different kind of green agenda: big campaign donations courtesy of a billionaire super-donor,” write and aide.

House panel subpoenas Lerner’s computer . . . Newsmax
House Oversight Committee Chairman Issa subpoenaed the computer former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner used and other electronic data regarding the agency’s targeting of conservative groups.

GOP: IRS lost even more emails . . . Politico
Republicans on Tuesday charged that the IRS has lost emails of a half dozen of its employees involved in the tea party targeting controversy, including a top aide to the now-fired acting IRS commissioner.

The IRS explanation for the “lost” emails . . . USA Today
It was seven hard drive crashes, the lack of a centralized archive, a practice of erasing and reusing backup tapes every six months, and an IRS policy of allowing employees to decide for themselves which e-mails constitute an official agency record.

Congress tries to move Keystone . . . Washington Times
The movement to bypass Obama and approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline through congressional action has more momentum than ever, with a key Senate committee set to vote.

In interviews, Hillary ducks hard choices . . . Examiner
In most responses Clinton was cautious and politically correct, preferring lighthearted charm to bold stances.

Hillary: Keep investigating the IRS . . . Examiner
Clinton says “the investigation needs to continue” into possible wrongdoing at the IRS — a position that puts her at odds with many fellow Democrats.

Clinton not evolved on marijuana . . . Examiner
Backs medical marijuana but not there yet on recreational use.

8 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 18, 2014”

  1. Glad to see a few of the MSM covering the IRS “computer glitch” in addition to conservatives. I’m surprised at USA Today especially as every time I hit their site, they are so protective of Obama.

  2. Rep Lou Barletta – We probably have enough votes in Congress to impeach Obama. (And then comes all the gibberish about the Senate)

    Just go for it! Best case scenario – Obama resigns or is convicted. Worst case scenario: Obama is indicted (impeached) but not convicted. All of the Articles of Impeachment will be enumerated in every history book, and his legacy will read ‘First Black President Impeached’.

    If Obama was White, he would be long gone. Why is it that we can’t impeach the worst, most corrupt POTUS in American history just b/c he is Black? We know he wouldn’t be convicted and imprisoned – that would be asking too much.
    He needs to pay for his crimes by virtue of his legacy. This would mortify him – and it would also put a huge crimp in his post-prez activities and money-making opportunities.
    He deserves nothing less!

    1. I didn’t see your post when was commenting on Eric Holder.

      It’s a criminal administration and the longer Congress refuses to act they are complicit.

  3. If Congress wants the IRS to cooperate they need to impeach Eric Holder. If we want to secure the borders and stop the flood and relocation of illegals into and within our country then Eric Holder needs to be be impeached and removed. As long as Eric Holder remains in office the abuses of the federal government will continue unabated.

    1. You know, Grace, that Latinos who are here legally or who already are citizens cannot like this either. They came here for a better life–as all immigrants have done–and not to make the US like Mexico or the Central American countries. If Obama keeps flooding the US with illegals, that’s what would happen.

  4. Revealed: The Destroyer of Obama’s Tyranny

    (One of the following will stop the runaway train called “Obama” and will be famous forever! Check everyone listed and guess who will achieve this:)

    A Republican; a Democrat; an Independent; a Chinese dissident; a Muslim jihadist; a talk show host; a teenager on meds; a movie star; a White House policeman; a Black rap artist; Michelle Obama; a Jewish columnist; a 90-year-old jogger; a death row inmate; YOU; a member of a Russian garden club; a Wall Street insider; a perennial lottery loser; a Secret Service agent; a recently discovered superbug; a vengeful pig farmer; a 105-year-old Tea Party member; a mad Army general; a gay alien from the Exonica Galaxy; the world’s first transgendered dog, or one of Obama’s live-in relatives.

    (The correct answer, buried above, is three letters long and in caps. For more on the same tyrant, Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up” and also “WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS starring Obaba Black Sheep…”)

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