As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Meets Robotic Giraffe

President Obama today met with and petted a robotic giraffe.

Meanwhile, Iraq’s Islamist, terrorist insurgents took over most of the country’s largest oilfield and trekked within 30 miles go Baghdad.

23 Responses to Obama Meets Robotic Giraffe

  1. Sheeez!! Can it get more obvious that this guy has no clue. He only wants to do photo ops, hollywood schmoozing, golfing and selfies. How embarrassing for our country (or what is left of it).

    • I had a weird drunk dream last week…
      ~When the Republicans secure the US House and re-take the US Senate in Nov. 4, 2014… a few days later ‘Pres.’ Barack Hussein Obama being the weak-willed, clue-less leader that he is just RESIGNS a few days later… Obama will plead he can no longer represent or lead the ‘US people’ because the Republicans are now in charge of Congress and will do everything against Obama…

      • A sobering thought, LS. The guy is such a petulant little coward – he probably WOULD his toys (giraffes and all) and go home. Hopefully to Africa – they have lots of giraffes, I think.
        Never thought of that scenario – but I like it!

  2. Well, that was………..something. uh, yeah.

    Here I was wasting my time listening to adults who care about things talk about the crisis in the Middle East and how we might help or not help.
    I’m going to go look for some new Kardashion TV show now.

  3. This has all the importance of Obama meeting with Congress. He is so in the tank. Now when things gets worse, he can blame it on Congress.

    Congress never learns. They are the fall guys, the scapegoat, the whipping boy.

  4. “…terrorist insurgents…took over…country’s largest oil field…within 30 miles of Baghdad.”
    “…Obama meets/pets robotic giraffe…”
    From the streets of Chicago, circa 1960’s,
    ” The whole world’s watching, the whole world’s watching. ”
    Tehran, Beijing, Moscow, NorKor, watch with great interest.

    • He had one, last week. They said his alcoholism is consistent with that of the average American. No mention of his narcissitic delusional disorder.

  5. I’ve always loved these video clips of Dear Leader providing his coveted “on the spot guidance” to the Great Unwashed. He loves us so much, and only wants what is best for us. I must go and dust his picture now.