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Jihadists Mock Michelle

This is reportedly the creation of Jihadist Tweeters. Who knows. Anyway, it’s kind of funny.

As you are probably aware, the Islamist rebels in Iraq have taken all kinds of American equipment, some of it sophisticated and deadly, from the Iraqi army.

bring back our humvee

Ah yes, the mocking and disgrace of America under the Obamas continues.

17 thoughts on “Jihadists Mock Michelle”

    1. You are so right. This destruction of the IRS hard drives is no different than Richard Nixon’s eighteen minute tape gap.
      Someone (or several) need to be behind bars for this crime.

  1. Such mockery is disturbing on many levels! Plus, I wonder if MO is still ‘proud of her country’ or was she ever?

    On news, CIC is responding with ‘too little much too late’! jb

    1. Actually I kind of thing he said to Congress I don’t need you to do what I want to do. But if I do, and I get in trouble, I’ll come back and you can take the blame.

  2. Why wouldn’t they mock or ridicule the President’s wife? They have no fear of him, or of America under his pathetic leadership.

    To be honest, quite a few of us have been mocking and ridiculing the President’s wife for six years now. The anointed “fashion icon” who appears in one fashion disaster after another, the “toned arms” that until the MSM discovered them, no one even noticed, and her disaster of a lunch program hated from sea to shining sea made her prime fodder for some of the most snarky and fun comments.
    MrO has given us some great fun too. His lack of athletic expertise, his girly bike and the helmet, the silly skeet shooting photos and a hundred more reasons to ridicule this thin-skinned incompetent.

    Back to the hashtag; she set it up for ridicule, she owns it.

      1. srdem65, I agree with you that both BO & MO have given us plenty to criticize! They have provided plenty of ‘material’ for the writers of late night comedians, for sure! Has made their lives easier – only group, besides themselves and their cronies, to have ‘benefitted’ from out ‘co-leaders-in-chiefs’!

        It is just a shame that she wields so much influence in implementing programs that are costly/wasteful and that make her a ‘distraction’ and the object for such derisiveness and mockery! One ‘good thing’ is that when we laugh, we are definitely NOT laughing alone! HA! jb

    1. Thanks for this link! Comprehensive overview of bho policy failures! Sadly, I do not believe that bho thinks of anything he has done as a ‘failure’ as we citizens assess him.

      As Bret Stephens observes, most likely, bho sees these foreign entanglements as ‘annoying to achieving his achieving the fundamental changes’ of America from a democratic republic to a ‘socialists/progressive mecca’ – the envy of dictatorships and communists countries! jb

  3. It is reported that not only did the IRS “lose” Lois Lerner’s emails they have destroyed the hard drives.

    I do think I am going to be sick.

    1. Well, hang on…this might just provide the legal justification to assume Obama ordered this, unless it can be proven otherwise.

      I mean, if they’re destroying evidence, that’s pretty much a de facto admission of guilt right there, yeah?

      1. I can’t remember or know the specifics but something to the effect that destroying the hard drives would be sop for data missing via crash or otherwise.

        It’s all a lie anyway–you can’t do anything with people who have no conscience and who will like under oath. I assume , being we are in the 21st century as Barack likes to point out, that they are backed up by servers and they will at some point become retrievable in some form.

        The Administration was stupid to say the computers crashed — because if they turn up — somehow there will be ample evidence that this is a lie. More concerning than the lie at this point is the apathy and/or lack of knowledge about this throughout the country and in Congress.

          1. Plus, Prez Clinton’s ‘buddy’ stole/destroyed documents from the National Archives! That is criminal!

            Why do we have a FOI legal process, if LL’s and any other gov’t ’employee’s’ activity is not protected/backed-up/archived as part of our American historical record?

            American Citizens do NOT want any part of the Fed Gov’t operating without accountability. Under bho and corrupt AG Holder, DC is running amok! jb

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