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Uhh, Where’s Kerry?

Why isn’t Secretary of State John Kerry in Baghdad today?

The Obama administration loves to talk about how it wants to rely on diplomacy, unlike the knee-jerk start-a-war Bush folks.


One fish two fish, red fish blue fish.
One fish two fish, red fish blue fish.

The Secretary of State today is hanging out and giving various remarks at the “Our Ocean” Conference at the Department of State. I don’t know what this is but I assume it isn’t an effort to help the fishing industry.

Friday, he was in London attending the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Thursday he huddled with the prime minister of Australia, who was in Washington for a visit, met with Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa, and attended a reception for the Global Equality Fund at the Department of State.

Over the weekend I don’t know what he was doing. His boss was playing golf.

Meanwhile, Iraq is falling apart.

In his usual dismissive manner, President Obama demanded that Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki conciliate with the Shiites and the Kurds before getting any serious help repulsing the terrorists rampaging through the country. So I gather now we’re just sitting here with our arms folded waiting until Maliki perceives that defying the Will of Obama leads to no good.

Maliki so far is ignoring the president, according to the New York Times, hoping to defeat the ISIS terrorist rebels with the help of Iran and knowing that in the end Obama never makes good on his red lines and will probably come to his aid in some fashion whether he makes nice with the other Iraqis or not.

But if we’re serious about changing the dynamic in Iraq, which is the proper goal, Kerry should be in Baghdad knocking heads together and forming some kind of unified front to show Iraqis that the mistreatment of the Sunnis will change. If we really want Maliki to do something we should be ripping him a new . . . page of history and making sure he bends to our will, not waiting and pouting.

How much time over the past year, one wonders, has Kerry wasted trying to pick up a Nobel Peace Prize by dragging the Israelis and the Palestinians into a deal neither of them wants right now, when instead he should have been tending to America’s real national interests?

But you know how President Obama views Iraq. In his typical self-referential manner, he thinks it’s not his deal, it’s Bush’s and it doesn’t concern him.

But he forgets, he’s president of the United States. (How often he seems to forget.) He must deal with the world and the perils to America as they are, not as how Barack Obama thinks they should be. This is a problem for the United States, and so it’s a problem for the country’s president.

Soon we’ll see if Obama and Kerry would prefer an al Qaeda or a Iran-dominated Iraq over admitting they were wrong to abandon the country.

Even Obama must recognize we can’t have al Qaeda running Iraq, right?


Here’s the former ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, demanding in his low-key style that Kerry get on a plane to Baghdad yesterday, if not sooner.

33 Responses to Uhh, Where’s Kerry?

  1. Word is the Preezy is going to declare great parts of the Pacific Ocean sanctuaries that forbids fishing, drilling, or I don’t know- swimming maybe.
    I can’t help it, I think this is the stupidest move ever- claiming jurisidiction over the ocean.
    MrO is spending way too much time with the goofy-greenies in California who want to preserve (read keep the little people away) from all the good things they enjoy.

    It’s as if the whole of the Obama WhiteHouse is suffering from a lack of oxygen as they stumble and fumble new ways to look ridiculous and dangerously clueless.
    MrKerry is worried about global warming while the Middle East is on fire as if his main concern is the meltoff from icebergs flooding the dock where his jillion-dollar yaught is waiting.
    MrsObama is busy insulting everyone who didn’t go to Harvard and Princeton as dummy parents unable to give their children nutritious food until she tells them what to do.
    The dog ate the e-mails……aaarrgghhh! What!? Permit me to twirl my H.Poirot mustache as I call that a clue indicating there is a crime involved here.
    merci, mon ami – the little gray cells are humming.

    Iraq. Another civil war between two iraqi tribes. Neither tribe is or will ever be a friend to the USA. Let Allah sort it out.

    • I may be watching to may detective show. They all seem to be able to drag out the info from the computer.
      On top of that doesn’t anyone make copies of this History in the making. If one computer blew up, burn, fried, disappeared, etc. There must be another computer on a different (set up), just in case.
      On top of that this stampede (attack) in Iraq, and the stampede of illegals here in America had to be on somebodies radar.
      We see this MESS, what is terrifying is all the enemies of the world can see this as well. They can see that someone, some people are not paying attention, and to me that gives bad guys the green light.

  2. Obama and Kerry are practicing Sesame Street diplomacy. They either have no understanding of the brutal mindset of these terrorists or they do not care – for their own poltical reasons.
    The radical Muslims do not respect us precisely b/c of the decisions and policies of the feckless Obama administration. They only understand and respect brute force.

  3. I think they’re just tossing in the towel on Iraq.

    Something which disturbs me was that when I went to read the FOX story on the capture of a Benghazi suspect, there was a poll which showed Obama at 51% approval. I just cannot fathom this, and all I can think of is that people just don’t care about the country, period, as Obama likes to put it.

  4. Kerry was reading MayaAngelou poetry somewhere in addition to being all vexed and such about climate change. He will be seen battling raindrops next or perhaps collecting it in barrels. Worthless POS.

    Obama could care less about Iraq or defending this country against terrorists.

    Ryan Crocker is and always has been one of the good guys. Almost guaranteed his hands will be tied if called upon to serve and his word will go unheeded.

    I do not believe that Obama is concerned at all about Iraq. Which further endangers every single life he sends over there.

    • Oh yeah — the Benghazi guy — CNN and NYT fingered him years ago. Smokescreen. And further BS. I no longer take the Obama regime seriously. They are disassembling.