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RNC Jumps on Hillary’s “Dead Broke” Claim

The Republican National Committee has put up a pretty effective ad skewering Hillary for her claim that she and Bill were “Dead broke” upon leaving the White House and had to struggle like a coupla kids out of college.

The RNC has started targeting Clinton more heavily, putting out a couple of videos and ads in recent days while raising money off the prospect of her candidacy.

Have a look.

8 Responses to RNC Jumps on Hillary’s “Dead Broke” Claim

  1. HRC @ CNN Townhall:

    This is just laughable! Three huge campaign events today for Hag Hillary…and the ‘mastermind’ of Benghazi was captured two hours ago.

    ” I am so pleased….as President Obama said in his statement today …the US has an unwavering commitment to bring to justice those who are responsible for attacks on American soil- no matter where they are and NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES. As you know, it took 10 years to bring OBL to justice it’s taken more than two years to bring this perpetrator to justice….”

    • She just sounds do darn reasonable with all the answers, no uhs, you knows, no surprises.
      It’s almost as if she knows what the questions will be………….
      Then the audience applauds her answers to pat questions, they really like her.
      What a farce.

  2. Think that’s bad? Kust read a story where the mooch said in an interview that basically with two degrees from Ivy League schools, she had no idea how to feed her children properly.

    Liberals….I swear!