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White House: No Military Coordination with Iran

The White House dashed speculation today that it would coordinate militarily with Iran against marauding Islamist rebels in Iraq, but officials are not ruling out other forms of cooperation with the Iranians.

Briefing reporters aboard Air Force One as President Obama traveled home from California, Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said U.S. officials might speak to their Iranian counterparts about Iraq “on the sidelines” of talks in Vienna centering on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Obama will meet with his national security team to discuss Iraq this evening.

30 thoughts on “White House: No Military Coordination with Iran”

    1. Or a squadron of Warthogs going right up that line of miscreants getting ready to enter Baghdad. That should get their attention.

    1. Also I believe nothing this Administration says. When Josh E. says they might talk on the “sidelines” Katy bar the door — because that means every slimy thing is on the table and doable.

      1. I look forward to the attractive, but OH SO DUMB & OBNOXIOUS, red-head and blonde bimbo “State Dept. spokes-people” to explain everything that is going in Iraq… as the US Embassy Baghdad burns…

  1. So we abandon Israel militarily and politically and are considering aligning with Iran militarily, therefore politically.
    Another Obama stab in the back.

  2. I appreciate everyone everyone’s comments. The just do not stop!
    It’s like they are driving and keep making a wrong turn. Now understand they are doing that while someone is pointing where to go!

  3. OT I heard on Brett Baier and read on the screen Josh E’s response on the missing IRS emails. It was absolutely insulting. As a matter of fact Charles Krauthammer just said it was contempt of congress — if he had been in such a position.

    This is a rogue and criminal Administration.

    1. It takes a special kind of chutzpah. It’s an in-your-face-up-yours-we don’t give a rat’s ass-what you think comment.

      Earnest said speculation questioning whether the e-mails were actually lost “is indicative of the kinds of conspiracies that are propagated around this story.”

    2. Grace, even this morning as I watched Jack “I’m a Liberal” King and his panel talk about how unbelievable the “disappearing email” situation is. No one believes it. With all of the internal and external back ups, those emails are somewhere. The person who erased them should be held in contempt and put in prison for obstructing justice.

  4. Iran. Sure, let’s hold hands with our friends in Iran to stem the tide of Islamic radicals in Iraq. And while we’re doing that, let’s team up with Assad and crush those Islamic radicals there, too.
    Heck, let’s join the Russians in trampling over the Ukrainians for being so stubborn.
    After that we can focus on SouthAmerican dictators who can’t keep toilet tissue and drinking water available. We can offer to send some humanitarian shiploads of Charmin, while we drop thousand gallon vats of water into the cities there.

    Why this administration is the most progressive, leaning forward, pay it forward, hands across the ocean, love in in the air, we are one, and of course, who loves ya, baby bunch of fools ever to walk into the WhiteHouse.
    Are they nuts?
    Where’s that tea trolley?

        1. Video by Lloyd Marcus and lyrics are what those that have chosen to make us “the enemy” don’t understand.
          We are AMERICANS.

    1. He should have done something days………ago.
      Diplomaticly. Something!
      In my opinion someone saw this coming. They have more spying being done here on the Free citizens in America.
      Everyone still thinks he is just Dandy. Blind sheep.

  5. We can all sleep well tonight, knowing that Dude! Tommy Vietor is going to be in the Situation Room tonight. [Gd save us.]

  6. If the Obama administration denies any military coordination with the Iranians, then we know with metaphysical certainty that we are indeed coordinating militarily with the Iranians.

  7. I know how busy I get at work and how much each day and week I put off to make sure I meet the requirements of my job, as do the vast majority of people in the U.S. I can’t imagine how the president has the time and mental space to build golf into his schedule. i’m not talking a few practice putts in the oval office, I’m talking careful planning of a 2 round trip to Palm Springs. If he has the capacity to include that and mental capacity to tell himself that its okay to do that there has to be a problem. At this rate the president may play less golf after office than during. Take a moment and imagine he were a CEO of a large multi national, the business model was in flux, operations globally were faltering and facing serious issues and yet he found himself taking golf trips. Shareholders and staff would be right in saying time for a new CEO, but in politics its all about getting elected and then holding on till the book tour and speaking engagements. Currently the President of the US has his plate as full as it could be, no question, non debate, its a handful. Yet where is the energy being applied? Fundraising and golf. Focus on the peripheral and irrelevant and simple inactivity and/or uncertainty as to the larger picture. For example: IRAQ, Pres O campaign don getting out of there and did so, he withdrew not thinking of the aftermath. Syria’s red line came and went, Putin came and went. Iran came and went, engagement with NATO has came and gone and now we have the product of his preference to spend less energy on bigger macro longer term issues and a withdrawal from the world for no good reason other than getting involved is hard and may cause election issues in front of all our eyes. The Pres puts political goals, fundraising just ahead of golf. Almost every other issue is frozen out, a complete absence elf leadership and a hissy fit because the GOP don’t agree with him. Being President in the US is not being president in China, your elected to bind together not forge apart. I’d cut him slack if his focus and efforts were well meaning but they ar enot, they lack advocacy and smell of running the clock down, they are selfish, amateur and we are now seeing even serious Dems moving away form him in all manner of topics. Despite all that he is not, the issues remain solid, difficult and growing, perhaps next time we elect a PRES no matter , red, blue green pink, orange or whatever we will require basic competence and character as an essential component. IF we don’t; then we will end up with another Pres in love with the trappings and the opportunity to get rich whilst creating a larger pile than then the pile inherited when elected. This is not an issue of red or blue , dem or GOP its simply the guy we have right now and his advisors are not up to it , they can’t however be told or even have the decency to consider they are doing a bad job, if you disagree then you are wrong for disagreeing not what you say. Thats the problem. A great country is missing the chance to match its potential.

  8. Re Lerner emails, the line at present is her PC crashed and the E-mails are gone. Like all firms the IRS collects E-mails on a server not just her actual desktop, are we saying her emails have gone form the server as have all the emails of the recipients and senders of those emails? If this were JP Morgan telling the DOJ, we dont have the E-mails of the rogue trader, her pc got coffee spilt on it, can you imagine the reaction? The E-mails are there, the fact this line of
    ‘lost” is being floated tells me they are way more damaging than any of us can contemplate. In a legal case discovery is a serious process and emails don’t just get lost anymore, servers record and back up everything the desktop is of secondary importance to the mainframe collection.

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