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Obama Weekend Tally: Two Golf Outings

President Obama played golf twice during his mini-vacation weekend in California, both times with White House aides.

Obama played Saturday and again Sunday at the fabulous Porcupine Creek Golf Club in Rancho Mirage, California. According to

With the Santa Rosa Mountains as a backdrop, Porcupine Creek Golf Club is a stunning backyard course owned by developer Tim Blixseth. The course features an actual 19th hole. The extra hole is to break ties. The course has been listed by Golf Digest as a top 15 course in California. 

But the White House was sure to remind everyone that Obamas between holes is avidly staying up with events in Iraq!

From Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

Last night and, once again, this morning, the President received an update from his National Security Adviser Susan Rice on the situation in Iraq. She provided him the latest information about the situation on the ground in Iraq and kept him appraised of the ongoing discussions among the members of his national security team about the range of options available to respond.

Her update included the actions announced by the State Department this afternoon to ensure the security of our diplomats and other American personnel in Iraq. The President asked her to continue to stay in close touch and provide additional information as necessary.

That is, the embassy is being evacuated. So please stay in touch, Susan!

Meanwhile, the president who is all over Iraq will travel to New York City Tuesday for two fundraisers.

After returning from golf, Obama spent the rest of Father’s Day with his wife Michelle and one of their daughters. Obama’s golf totals now stand at 20 trips to the links for the year and 177 during his presidency.

36 thoughts on “Obama Weekend Tally: Two Golf Outings”

  1. Any chance he could take that golf cart and make a detour into Mexico to pick up our Marine who has been sitting in prison for nearly three months? Yeah, didn’t think so, either.

    1. He won’t help the soldier in the Mexican prison because the spoiled brat president doesn’t like guns, remember? and the prisoner had guns in his car because of moving to San Diego or whatever. So stupid Obama won’t help him because he discriminates against people who have different ideas and opinions that he has, which is definitely not what a REAL president of these United States is supposed to do. Obama is like a teenager not a president for all the people. He should be fired and impeached immediately for taking sides, etc., like the immature moron that he is.

  2. I saw they “beefed” up embassy security with 50 Marines. Aren’t there about 10,000 whackadoodles ready to attack them? I just have a bad feeling about this. :(

    1. I’m not sure that during the time of the helicopter evacuation of the US embassy in Saigon technology offered shoulder to air missiles. So, yes, I too have a very bad feeling about all of this. I’ve also read this morning that ISIS is on the verge of capturing a village which would give it the possibility of a three-pronged attack on Baghdad.

  3. I have taken 3 pages of notation just in the last hour, while trying to catch up on the news.
    If you would like I will grab a broom and run outside every couple of mins. to hit a ball. Than I will run back in to check on the news again.
    Than I will run back out and hit a ball. Than I will run back in and check on the news.
    On top of that, if you would like I will go outside in the same duration of a typical fundraiser speech. Than run back in and go though the news again.

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        1. LOL, I was responding to the spam title for a “no experience necessary medical assistant” ;)

          I’m quite sure it came from a foreign spambot since the translation seems to be nonsensical.

  5. Onward and FORE-ward ! When was the last time any president in the history of this country spent the majority of his time with the WH cook and the WH travel agent? It’s Fellini-esque!

  6. “Last night and, once again, this morning, the President received an update from his National Security Adviser Susan Rice on the situation in Iraq”.

    Now, that makes me very confident that everything is under control!

  7. The Congress should ground the AF1 fleet. This fundraising and golf is long past ridiculous. The American people deserve a leader who will work diligently on their problems; we have enough that 24/7 is not enough time to make a dent in even the critical ones.

    1. Let’s hire the Broadway cast of “Chorus Line” to run the Executive Branch. Obama and his gaggle of misfits can then play golf full time and we’d all be safer.

    2. As a Vet,
      I feel so, so, so sorry the Officers & Enlisted of the 89th Airlift Wing USAF who are responsible for “Air Force One”…
      and have to fly ‘Dear Leader’ Obama anyplace he wants, using AF1 as a common taxi-limo… with no respect/understanding of what the USAF 89 AW has to do to accommodate Obama and his ‘fundraising flights’.
      I can only imagine the HORROR it must be for the USAF 89 AW flying Michelle “the wookie” Obama & her followers anytime-anywhere Michelle demands

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  9. If Obama is so concerned about global warming…in between golf and his deep dive into the Iraq crisis…why doesn’t he reduce his giant carbon footprint and Skype a fundraiser or two??

  10. Apparently Malia got a small gig at a CBS sponsored thing with Halle Berry (I am sketchy on details). Pretty much CBS is the Obama WH. In my opinion.

  11. Isn’t it against the law to use Air Fore one the white house or any tax payer money, and property for fund raising? If not it should be!!! He should pay for the use of our airplane to beg for money for the DNC!!!

    While Iraq burns , the VA is killing my fellow vets, the IRS continues to break the law and hides Emails, He continues to give arms to ISIS and what’s he doing, burning tax payer money to play golf and fund raising !! And as for Susan Rice I wonder if she lies to Obama as she does to us Little people?

  12. Just heard some news:
    Guess what? O is going to have a Natl Security Meeting when he gets back today.
    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

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