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Obama Schedule || June 17, 2014

Three fundraisers in New York today. No golf though.

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:50 am || Departs White House
Noon || Arrives Pittsburgh
1:25 pm || Tours TechShop Pittsburgh
1:45 pm || Delivers remarks and answers questions; TechShop Pittsburgh
3:25 pm || Departs Pittsburgh
4:35 pm || Arrives New York City
5:25 pm || Attends a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; Intercontinental Hotel, New York
8:05 pm || Deliver remarks at a DNC LGBT fundraiser; Gotham Hall, New York City
9:00 pm || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, New York City
10:40 pm || Departs New York
11:50 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || June 17, 2014”

  1. Really? At this point, what effin’ difference does it make.

    The people at these fundraisers. They are as responsible as Barack Obama in this fundamental transformation of Amerika.

      1. I swear he gets pleasure out of the pain and suffering he continually dumps on the American people. The more humiliation
        and absolute f—you I only came to play and eat and golf the happier he is and that goes double for the ‘little woman’!

          1. grace, thanks for the link. I particularly liked a comment, because I think it speaks for that writer and the reader:

            “He’s going to overload you all with bad news until your neural circuits blow!”

            Me – I would prefer that the RINOS get “Cantored” in November.

  2. Keith: I know you do a golf count, but is anyone keeping a fundraising list?
    2013: Did or was scheduled to do 38 fundraisers.
    2014: I saw one article that noted 18.

  3. You’re kidding right? The U.S. and the world are in crisis, so the President of the United States goes golfing in California, takes Monday off traveling home, and then goes to New York for TWO….fundraisers?

    It appears that the one “major” thing that he did was to sign an executive order banning discrimination against gays by government employers.

    Remember Benghazi where, the morning after the attacks, the president flew to Vegas for a fundraiser?

    Talk about a bizarro world where everything is upside down!

  4. SERIOUSLY?! He just got back from California. The world is on fire and he is speechifying and grubbing for money. What the hell…..

      1. I came back to WHD to read everyone’s comments and opinion’s from the early threads. Yet again to be smacked with another WASTE OF TIME (for citizens) schedule that he has lined up. I was thinking maybe…..he had a busy day lined up to review EVERYTHING that is going on.
        We all read history and wonder why didn’t anyone put a stop to a successful Community/ Country/ place going down the tubes.
        Now we get to watch live day by day.

  5. Every wasted trip to a fundraiser is always prefaced with a stop for a speach. This time at TechShop in Pittsburgh. How convenient… Making it an official trip the fuel for AF1 is charged to us the taxpayers and not to the DNC. When will this madness be stopped? Will the Moocher be along for a shopping trip in NYC?

    1. I’m assuming she didn’t travel with mom and dad either. And where the heck was the youngest daughter? Home with grandma or was she out traipsing around the country with SS babysitters too? One of the comments at the link above called the Obama’s the political Kardashians. LOL

    2. It was a one-day gig on Friday in L.A. . Malia has already declared she wants to be a filmmaker so Daddy’s Hollywood pals, Spielberg and CBS, are helping to pave the way. Of course, it just happened to be on a Halle Berry series (cough-cough).

      Mooch is using our military to write off all of her personal expenses. Did it ever occur to her to have her daughters participate in volunteer work as Candy Stripers, for example, in VA hospitals?

      When our children were growing up I joined a mother/daughter organization dedicated to volunteering so that my 4 daughters would develop a sense of ‘giving’ from the heart. From 6th grade until the last year of HS, they volunteered on weekends at senior citizen’s organizations, nursing homes, schools for handicapped children, summer camps for the handicapped, etc. etc. Today, they are outstanding human beings. I am so proud!

      Didn’t mean to go astray, but these Obama’s are a disgrace!

  6. Three fundraisers in one day–while the Middle East is blowing up, the Chinese are taking over the South China Sea and Putin is looking for more countries to swallow. Just plain unbelievable.

  7. Presidents used to be war heroes, captains of industry, intellectuals. This man we know as Barack Obama is a useless twit. I am saddened and ashamed for my country that its people saw this lazy man-child fit for its presidency not once, but twice. I truly believe his damage is irreversible.

  8. Once again I feel compelled to point out that every penny donated directly to Barack Obama is his to keep when he leaves office. This haul isn’t going to be spent electing Dems in November. It’s going to be banked to feather Obastard’s nest in 2017.

    1. This is what I have been saying for 6 years. As long as the funds are not used for ‘oersonal’ expenses, he is free to spend every dime of his slush fund. This is true of every politician but in Obama’s case, it is a full-time occupation – dialing for dollars.
      He belongs in Federal prison.

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