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The Obama Morning News || June 16,2014

U.S. nears talks with Iran on Iraq . . . Reuters
The United States is contemplating talks with its arch enemy Iran to support the Iraqi government in its battle with Sunni Islamist insurgents who routed Baghdad’s army and seized the north of the country in the past week.

Critics: Obama indecision hurting . . . Associated Press
Less than three weeks after his May 27 announcement, there is a sudden burst of uncertainty surrounding the way Obama has moved to bring the two conflicts he inherited to a close.

Obama ignored plea to keep troops . . . Washington Times
“The Iraqis went from a significant amount of intelligence on what was taking place, and the screen just went blank,” said Retired Army Gen. John M. Keane.

Rogers: Battle will come to America . . . Newsmax
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers warned Sunday that if the militants taking control of a vast swath of Syria and Iraq are not stopped, they will bring the battle to America and Europe.

U.S. begins evacuating embassy . . . New York Times
The American Embassy in Baghdad plans to evacuate a substantial number of its personnel this week

GOP blasts IRS lost emails excuse . . . Examiner
Rep. Dave Camp, Michigan Republican and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, said it shouldn’t have taken a year for the IRS to tell Congress that it didn’t have all of Ms. Lerner’s emails.

Claim undermined by testimony . . .  Sharyl Attkisson
What IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified about the emails at a hearing in March appears to be at odds with his agency’s newer reported claims that the emails are irretrievable.

IRS Scandal grows Nixonian . . . Joseph Curl
The there was an 18½-minute gap — this time, a 26-month gap.

WH immigration story falls apart . . . Byron York
Whether or not many people noticed, this was the week in which the Obama administration’s attempts to deflect blame for the border crisis fell apart.

Is Obama done with Washington? . . . The Hill
The 44th president has never been the capital’s biggest fan, but his frustration with life in D.C. is bubbling to the surface in ways both casual and substantive.

Bill Clinton most admired recent prez . . . NBC News
Forty-two percent of respondents picked Clinton as the president they admired the most of the presidents from the last 25 years.

Romney: Hillary is clueless . . . Yahoo News
Her tenure as secretary of state was ‘a monumental bust,’ former GOP nominee says

Dems not enthusiastic about Hillary . . .  CNN
Most Democrats say they’d support Hillary Clinton if she wins their party’s nomination, but a new national survey indicates only a minority are excited about that prospect.

26 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 16,2014”

  1. Our foreign policy is so feckless that we rely on China to help out with Russia. It’s so feckless we rely on Russia to help with Iran. And now we are relying on Iran to help with Iraq.
    Can’t wait till we rely on Cuba to help out on North Korea.

    1. Don’t forget we have to hitchhike a ride to the ISS with the Russians as well since Obama destroyed NASA and turned it into a Climate Change Propaganda machine!

    2. Lindsey Graham won his election. Lindsey Graham now thinks working with Iran against ISIS is a fine idea. Well, at least we don’t have to listen to Ms. Lindsey drone on and on about Iran, nuclear capability and sanctions anymore.

  2. Bill Clinton most admired serial molester and perjurer?
    Liberals have lowered the bar so low they could elect Obama 2 times and hold Billy the Perjuring Molester is high regard!

    Heaven help this nation!

  3. Bill Clinton Most Admired Prez
    The ONLY reason Shrillary has a ghost of a chance for 2016 is b/c of her hubby’s popularity. She was intensely disliked by insiders, as well as the public during his presidency. Much like Michelle, she spent most of her time traveling the globe with Chelsea.
    Hillary Rodham couldn’t be elected dog catcher…and she knows it.

  4. O stated on the 10th, that the World safer now, than before.
    He needs to come out today, and state, yes I put my foot in my mouth.
    Maybe feet would be better.

      1. I am so curious who is steering this whole show. It seems to me all he does is read tela-promters. Most kids read before kindegarden.

  5. How clever of NBC to limit the favorite President to the last 25 years and exclude Ronald Reagan. Once again Clinton wins by a plurality not a majority, and NBC just happens to mention in the first sentence or second sentence that Bill Clinton’s wife might run in 2016. She is running now but “unofficially”. If she runs into trouble, she technically say that she has decided not to run.

    1. Thanks Julie Brueckheimer for telling us about their complete insult to President Reagan.
      At the same time they owed the American viewer to discuss having him doing ‘that’ again in the Oval Office.
      At the same time they owed the American viewer to discuss her
      yelling: “What difference does it make”

  6. In continuation of your hilarious post over the weekend about ISIS making a pause in operations out of respect for Obama’s
    vacation in California, I’m sure ISIS is still waiting it out while the WH contemplates (!) opening (!) talks with Iran.

  7. IRS ‘loses’ 2.5 yrs of e-mails? Nixon lost 18 minutes off of a tape and resigned under the threat of impeachment. WTF is wrong with us(this country ) to allow this supreme grifter to continue?

    1. I appreciate you bringing Nixon up as well. Most of the people standing behind him still, don’t know what Watergate is.
      On top of that they more than likely don’t know who Nixon is as well.
      Everyone is furious with O. The other people in office have a lot to answer for as well.

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