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Do Iraq’s Islamist Rebels Have Our Stinger Missiles?

While President Obama returns from his latest California weekend of golf today, maybe he will contemplate the utter catastrophe that is brewing in Iraq under his watch.

Veteran CBS News foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan Sunday offered up an alarming summary of the types of weapons the Islamist ISIS group  – which is literally rampaging through Iraq – may now be in possession of, including American fighting vehicles and, far worse, stinger missiles.

She even raised the possibility that terrorists could be in possession of F-16s and Apache helicopters, or may soon be. All of it of course American stuff abandoned on military bases and in the field by fleeing Iraqi soldiers.

Other equipment I’ve seen mentioned as in the hands if ISIS are Black Hawk helicopters, U.S. Howitzer cannons, and sophisticated radio equipment that could allow them to encrypt battlefield communications.

So President Obama left a bunch of sophisticated weapons in the hands of the Iraqi government and didn’t leave a military presence in the country to watch over them and scoop them up and take them home if necessary. Particularly the Stingers.

Said Logan:

The U.S. has maintained dominance because of their dominance of the skies. If  you now remove your dominance of the skies . . . You’ve taken away significant advantage that the U.S. has, and you’ve significant changed the dynamics of what we face . . .

We don’t know exactly how much these guys have taken.

Reporting from Baghdad, Martha Raddatz said ISIS would attack the United States right away if it could.

Those Stingers could bring down a civilian aircraft without any trouble at all.

But of course it may take ISIS a couple of years to get organized enough for to launch a major attack on the United States. It may be something for the next president to deal with.

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  1. Reminds me of the movie High Plains Drifter. Clint Eastwood rides into town and trains the town how to fight the bad guys. And right before the fight he rides out of town leaving them to fend for themselves.

    And the same result.

    It appears Obama is our High Plains Drifter.

  2. I doubt, after what happened in Benghazi, that the Obama administration views our foreign embassies as part of American soil. They are so ignorant of American history, law, and custom. Raddatz was weighing what could happen in Baghdad now, but Logan seemed to be thinking more long term.

  3. What a disaster, a total mess. The longer this man stays in office, the mess gets bigger. I hate to think what things will be like before he leaves office.

    1. I was just wondering while I was washing my hair if the threat to Baghdad is not meant to put the Benghazi investigation in the shade. After all, the Bergdahl swap was meant to distract from the VA scandal. It succeeded in taking the Veterans Administration off the front page but at what cost? If something happens to Americans in Iraq, it will succeed in making Benghazi chump change but at what cost?

      1. You forgot the Lois Lerner missing e-mails.
        The cracks in the armor of this administration are massive.
        You can drive a truck through them, however, all the truck drivers in congress get are roadblocks.

        1. Well, it just seems to me, AFVet, that they get themselves in a jam and then create another, bigger one to try and distract from the original. I’ve been seeing the names Cloward-Piven a lot lately.

          1. Yes Julie, and they are still smiling as they do it.
            They cannot break the spirit of the Patriots in this Country, at least not the ones that are paying attention.
            The willfully ignorant are another thing altogether.

        1. Boeing and the engine maker General Electric said on Friday they had received licenses from the Treasury Department to export certain spare parts for commercial aircraft to Iran under a temporary sanctions relief deal that began in January.
          APRIL 4, 2014

          1. That was then, this is now.
            Commercial aircraft are different from military aircraft.
            Military aircraft have systems on them that need to be fine tuned in order to remain functional.

          2. I just got back in. This morning ISIS was 30 miles or so outside of Baghdad. What is your best guess, what they are up to? In other words they were stampeding towards Baghdad, O says he’s going on a trip and things slowed down.

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  5. If not, they can grab some unlucky souls who can fly & maintain then hold their families hostage in return. (still probably kill them all anyway) ABC news aired WH talking head Donillin on Sun. He shamelessly blamed it all on the president of iraq for this mess….. how convenient !
    As usual, nothing but lies, lies & more lies coming from the WH.

  6. “It might take ISIS a couple of years to get organized enough to launch a major attack on the US.”

    Keith, that $500M they stole from the Bank of Mosul will probably expedite their operations here in the US. They can do more ‘hiring’ now. The going rate is $30K for the Chinese to be smuggled over the border by the Mexican cartels – no problemo for ISIS.

    Recently, the fellow who produced the two documentaries on the open borders was on FOX describing how he himself smuggled an AK47 and other weapons over the border and no one caught it.

    It’s no longer a question of ‘if’…only ‘when’.

    1. The country, the elected representives and the people, refuse to act to correct this man’s course. This is a big mess. Two and a half more years and this whole country will be one big golf course with a traveling foursome. Day in and Day out.

    2. I suppose with ISIS now in control of some $2 billion dollars, the liberals will stop whining about poverty causing jihad?

        1. On another note, this column in the Hyde Park Herald is probably the only published piece of writing on record for Obama, lol. It should be auctioned off at Sotheby’s.

  7. Wonderful, just pea-pickin’ wonderful. The best part; it’s all our fault.

    Instead of state-of-the-art war weapons and some military training, we should have sent millions of X-boxes and games, top of the line cell phones, and subscriptions to porn magazines to Iraq. They would by now be so hooked, so immensed into their digital world and porn that they wouldn’t have the time or inclination to kill off their neighbors.
    We would be safer, rainbows would appear around the world, and children would ride unicorns.

    1. Along those lines, we should have sent Obama a supply of Tinker Toys to keep him occupied for the last six years. He might have put his phone and pen away.

  8. But of course it may take ISIS a couple of years to get organized enough for to launch a major attack on the United States. It may be something for the next president to deal with.

    As long as Obama is President we will be here — sitting ducks — on the border and to ISIS or whoever has a hair up his butt to come and get us.

  9. The probably dug up all the ammo we left, the missles, the boxcars of hundred dollar bills…voila, fighting force! Cool, huh? I don’t mean to diss our exit and the effort of our military, hasn’t this been known for a year that this was massing? Why do we have to sit here and push forth our half-informed ideas–we hired THESE people to protect us and do their best–if they don’t want to or it’s too boring, we need someone else!

    1. Speaking of left behind, we better destroy that Embassy in Baghdad to ashes before we leave or they take it whichever comes first. Veritable treasure chest for ISIS.

      1. Largest embassy in the world, 140 acres+. Bigger than Vatican City. Lots of buildings, lots of electronics, they would need to cluster bomb it.

  10. Dare I say…
    I cant wait to see this ISIS group use US made: ‘Stinger MANPADS, Humvees, Tanks, etc.’ against the US Embassy in Baghdad.
    The MOST EXPENSIVE US Embassy in US history is attacked & taken over by ISIS… (the images of Helos/Ospreys circling the US Embassy the Joe Biden always bragged about…)

    WHAT THE H#LL WILL ‘Pres.’ Obama & ‘Sec.State’ Kerry, etc. say on the Sunday shows??? as the US Embassy Baghdad is LOST to an army of heavily armed, medieval, Islamic barbarians…

    1. The image of the last helicopter lifting off the top of the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam came to mind last night.
      Another repeat.?
      What will Obama and Kerry say.?
      Obama will continue to golf and fundraising.
      Kerry will talk about real serious s**t, you know, global warming.

      1. I just saw that article on Drudge: Kerry hosted a conference on the World’s real vital security issue: CLIMATE
        Just in: AP: Iraqi Army chopper shot down.
        Back to your point of the last helicopter lifting off of the US Embassy in Iran. I as well thought of that and Benghazi.
        We as America should have weeks of intelligence that this was coming about. However O last week, rambled something of how this is the safest time in history.

        1. Yes he did. something like “peace broke out around the world” and love is everywhere, …oh, those are lyrics to an old song.
          The song we should be hearing is “what’s that sound, anybody know what’s going on….?”.

  11. Hate to find out that Isis not only has our stinger missiles but also has Flight 370. How to end this problem. Obama negotiates American help with Iraq. Iraq paying with oil and also paying last war with oil, period. We help by blowing up any city controlled by Isis with no one left behind. Protect Iraq government. This will help with war on terror. Then Obama puts National Guard on our Southern Border with orders to shoot. Round up all illegals and bus them back to the Southern border. Two problems solved and we regain respect Worldwide.

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