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Obama Schedule || Monday, June 16, 2014

10:00 am PT || Departs Palm Springs
5:30 pm ET || Arrives White House

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  1. 5:30 pm ET || Arrives White House

    Why? And why bother? He’s got a pen and a phone and can continue to destroy the world from [ fill in any of a dozen vacation destinations here].

  2. That trip is going to take a long……..time.
    Maybe he is just flying in circles, while he reads all the newspapers to see what is going on in the World.

    1. Actually, no. I don’t like Obama all that much, but we have to be fair here.

      Don’t forget that three of those hours are because of the time zone difference: he’s going from Pacific to Eastern, which is a three-hour difference. So when he goes wheels-up at 10 AM in California, it’s already 1 PM here in Washington. So, that’s actually a pretty swift 4 hours 30 minutes. You can look up flights from nearby LAX to any of the DC airports–DCA, IAD, BWI–and you’ll find that nonstop flights from SoCal to the District tend to clock in at 4 and a half, five hours, give or take.

      So no, he’s not dilly-dallying on the flight time.

        1. Here’s a thought… about he gets his ass out of bed at 5am and flies back to Washington at 6am PT. Is that too much to ask? He is such a slacker.

          1. It doesn’t matter what time he leaves since time is relative. He may not leave California till 10 am but he may be up at 4 am PT since his normal wake up time is supposedly 7 ET. And everything he does or doesn’t do can be handled on Air Force one.

            The issue is that he doesn’t do anything or make any decisions. He’s great at lecturing.

    1. It would take less time and cost less money if he stayed in Washington and worked on some of the US’ problems.

      If needs a break, how about Camp David? He rarely goes there, preferring to spend millions to go to California and Hawaii.

      1. Yes..this is ridiculous. The wife sits inside the house doing WHAT while her husband golfs and preaches about global warming as he flies around Orange County? So stupid!!

          1. A couple of local new broadcasts in my town erroneously reported the girls were with them in Palm Springs…no mention of the gay couple, of course. Not sure if it was just shoddy reporting or once again the media trying to fool the low-info folks into thinking they’re some sort of model family.

        1. Mchelle spends her time ‘dialing for celebrities’….a pastime she developed years ago. She discovered all she has to do is pick up the phone and call any movie star, rapper, sports figure – invite them for lunch at the WH…and they are BFF’s forever.

          Jennifer Lopez remarked 5 years ago that she couldn’t understand why she and Mark Anthony were invited to watch the Super Bowl in the private quarters of the WH when they didn’t even know the Obamas.

          Wish one of the upstairs maids would write a tell-all book: “Michelle Obama’s Play Days at the WH”.

        2. Island Girl, maybe moochie is indulging in Mimosa’s or Bloody Mary’s. Always a nice Sunday treat, especially with expensive, fattening snacks.

          1. Zephyr Dmm and Sadie
            I’m sure you are correct:) she could have at least dropped some cash on some local businesses and enjoyed the desert/ocean view with her “beloved”.

    2. If he flew commercial, the passengers would be peeing in their seats, because the Secret Service wouldn’t let anyone stand up.

      And that schedule is not “All times Eastern.” See the PT and ET? That means three of those hours are because DC is three hours ahead of California. So, it’s actually 4 and a half hours of travel time,

      4 and a half hours from wheels-up in California to all the way back at the White House is actually fairly quick.

      1. I wonder if they picked up Biden for the ride home. He was also in Ca. (Santa Rosa) grad. speech. Nah, what I am thinking, between the two of them fueled up both AF1 and 2.

        1. I’m not 100% certain of this, but I wouldn’t think Biden would be allowed on Air Force One, for security’s sake. No plane, not even Air Force One, is one hundred percent guaranteed certifiably mishap-proof, if you get what I’m saying.

          1. I understand, doesn’t he fly AF2? That was my point.
            No matter, the WH is sending Joe to Central America this week. Sure would be nice if he returned with the American Marine….

    1. I thought this Comm. C. was going to in schools up to 12th grade. I noticed it stated it was going to be in College Entrance Exam as well. I pulled up a grammer school math problem mths ago from Comm. C., terrible,,,,

    1. 35,000 illegals a month entering Texas, whooping cough reaching epidemic levels in California along with liquid Meth.
      Illegals with gang tattoos not denied entry into U.S.
      Ah, the fruits of “dreamer’s”.

    1. I read USA article on Drudge that the US Sunday, said it was evacutating some staff from its Embassy & beefing up security.

      As of a few moments ago on Fox news, they stated that:
      Kerry may, use Drone strikes & additional forces to evacuate people from the Embassy.

  3. Another brutal day for Dear Leader. Doesn’t have time for a national security briefing. Just going to get on OUR AF1 and either take a nap or watch TV on the ride back to 1600 Chicago Way.

  4. Another week of the same old, same old, (another kids’ fair at the WH?!), except he took Monday off and the rest of the week’s schedule seems even lighter than normal:

    Schedule for the Week of June 16, 2014

    On Monday, the President and First Lady will return to Washington, DC from Palm Springs, California.

    On Tuesday, President Obama will travel to TechShop Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to deliver remarks on the economy. Following this, he will travel to New York City to attend the DNC LGBT Gala and take part in another DNC Event.

    On Wednesday, the President will host the first ever White House Maker Faire and meet with students, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens who are using new tools and techniques to launch new businesses, learn vital skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and fuel the renaissance in American manufacturing.

    On Thursday, the President will award Corporal William “Kyle” Carpenter, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry.

    On Friday, the President will meet with Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand to highlight our increasingly close relationship with New Zealand and our collaboration on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, climate change, and military-to-military cooperation. The President looks forward to consulting with Prime Minister Key on these and other issues, including the U.S. rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region, regional maritime security issues, and global security issues.

    1. He pulled the same stunt last week–June 11. He flew to Worcester MA to give a commencement speech at Worcester Technical High School, and then slithered over to Weston (lotsa $ there) MA for another fund raiser.

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