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Obamas Staying with Gay Couple in California

President and Mrs. Obama are spending a three-day Father’s Day weekend at the Palm Springs, California vacation home of  White House decorator Michael Smith and his partner, U.S. Ambassador to Spain James Costos, according to the Associated Press.

Smith is also a personal friend of the Obamas and is reportedly close to Mrs. Obama. He oversaw the redecorating of the Oval Office.

Smith and Costos were also major fundraisers for the president’s reelection campaign. Costos was subsequently appointed ambassador to Spain, where the couple live.

That the Obamas would stay at the home of a gay couple suggests the president has shed all political concerns about his relationship with the gay community. Obama publicly announced his support for gay marriage only two years ago, just as his reelection campaign was ramping up, and only after Vice President Biden announced his support first.

It’s unclear, however, if he would have spent a weekend at the home of a gay couple before being safely reelected.

Obama will start his mini-vacation with some work, however, flying out to Laguna Beach Saturday morning for a DNC fundraiser at a private residence. Afterwards he will deliver the commencement address at the University of California, Irvine before flying back to Palm Springs.

The Obamas will return to Washington Monday.

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  1. The rumors of house hunting ? Hahahahahahaha. Unless they’re going to buy several a la Clintons, they need to keep their Chicago residence (MO Senate rumors) and find somewhere in DC (MO staying til Sasha graduates h.s.) And Hawaii, what about Hawaii ?

  2. Seems intended to be a spit in the eye of traditional heterosexual marriage to spend Father’s Day with a gay couple who, like Missouri mules, cannot procreate. The world is crashing around him, but this, not Obamacare, will be his one and only “legacy”.

    1. Come on–even I have to say this isn’t a spit in anyone’s eye–and we don’t have to pay for some resort.

      Since we are on the subj of gayness, I think Rick Perry screwed the pooch with his comments–like telling a depressed person to cheer up? Just say no to being gay? Now THAT was ridic.

        1. I am sure you know “gay” people who have other aspects to them besides inborn sexual preference. There was another comment someplace on here that Michelle “likes the gays.” Nobody likes all of any “group.” The pt is that is not a group–it’s one facet of some individuals. Oh, well–you suit yourself, scorning or singling out some people.

          1. I’ve had it with you. My comment was about the Obamas and and their “in your face all the time” about traditional life. It’s Fathers Day tomorrow in case you haven’t noticed. Furthermore, you know nothing about me, you bitchy broad. I shared an office with a lesbian one time, and my husband also worked with gays. This was in San Francisco.

          2. Haha, this is the most ridiculous comment I have read. “I shared an office with a lesbian one time, and my husband also worked with gays.” What the hell is that supposed to show? It’s that typical comment along the lines of, “some of my friends are African American.” Such ties in themselves do not suggest that you do anything to combat discrimination.

  3. Father’s Day Weekend? Where are the daughters?
    Maybe daughters do not fit in with gay couples.
    These people just blow my mind….beyond comprehension.
    What a sad state the world is in with the assistance of these people.

  4. What a surprise – the “self-absorbed” Obama spending Father’s Day Weekend fundraising and playing golf while Iraq falls and our 200 American contractors fight to survive long enough to be flown out to safety should the Air Force’s stand down orders be rescinded.

    Look out…the next two years will be an all out assault on the the American way of life by Obama. He despises America and the principles on which this country has been founded and is doing everything in his power to destroy the American family. And Congress won’t unite to protect the people of this country from Obama’s destructive Rule.

    BTW Congress: Our Children are the future of this great nation, not the thousands of illegal immigrants being transported here by Obama.

    1. “Our children” don’t vote democrat en masse, those illegals will. There is no compassion on the part of the libs demanding all these be let in. Notice they’re all being dumped out at bus stations and not taken to all the mansions and brownstones in California, DC, Chicago and New York.

      1. One of those ‘children’ will be in Kalifornia soon – the nephew of my long-time (legal) Honduran gardener, lol. Had a conversation yesterday and he told me that 99% of those kids have relatives here and it’s just a matter of getting them to their respective locations. His sister lives here in SoCal and has already received a phone call from authorities in Texas as to her son’s location. She is already on her way to pick him up.
        This is just another Obama scam.

  5. Lynn Lieu, “The Desert Sun” newspaper, yesterday

    She hints that the Obamas might be interested in buying the Costo’s home in Coachella Valley.
    She writes:
    The estate, named Ichpa Mayapan — the Mayan term for “exclusive estate” — was designed in 1970 by modernist and local architect Howard Lapham, who also is responsible for many other homes in the Thunderbird Heights area. The Mayan-themed house, at one time known as the Cook House, was originally built for socialite-sp­ortswoman Maxine Cook and formerly owned by Stan Jolley, a TV producer-director and one of the original Disneyland designers.

    The estate is one of Lapham’s largest residential projects boasting three bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, an eight-car garage, tennis court, helipad, mini horse corral, clubhouse, game room and a two-bedroom, two-bathroom guest house.

    note: “helipad”

    1. How will they ever afford it? Won’t they be broke like the Clinton’s. They will have to scrape up some cash to pay for the girl’s education.

      1. Thanks for that NYer ! Tracked the address on Zillow and it’s not for sale, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for the right price :) According to the local news, it’s a vacation home for Costo and Smith, so they have others.

  6. Why, when I post, do I get a screen that says “this website not available” and then a click for more information?
    It always posts, but what is that about?

      1. I’ve just received ‘you are typing too fast’ then it lets me resubmit. Sometimes it appears, other times it’s lost in the netosphere.

  7. On the bright side, they are not luxuriating at the Annenberg Estate, Sunnylands. On the flip side, why are we paying for a house-hunting trip for the grifters?
    Last year Obama mysteriously left Sunnylands, where he was staying with the Choom gang, and spent the evening at an undisclosed location. Turned out he was visiting Michael Smith at his home. But why the secrecy?
    Everything this guy does is suspect.
    This trip could easily have been cancelled in light of the current Iraq crisis. Just goes to show Obama REALLY does not give a damn about anything but his pursuit of his own craven, self-indulgent desires.
    Oh, yeah – it’s Father’s Day to boot. Where are his adoring daughters? Never mind.

    1. I agree the trip should have been cancelled.
      I do not know what advisor was able to talk him making a half *&% comment about Iraq.
      Question: What do you think the advisor said, to get o to postpone his trip by a couple of mins?

      1. Lol. Obama’s advisors probably told him he couldn’t say that he just read about Iraq in the newspapers….that he needed to say something a little more intelligent if he wanted to have a peaceful 3 day vacay in CA.

    2. The grifters so obviously do not give a F*{<.
      I keep wondering when he will stand by his statement " you've made enough money"…
      Butt silly me- he is the great & wonderful 0(z)…pay no attn to the man behind the curtain.

    1. Don’t you love that “girly five-finger” wave? It goes so well with the nose-in-the-air crap and the half-assed salute he gives the Marine who got the shitty job of having to atand at attention when he de-planes.

  8. Happy Flag Day!

    Is the WH flying the rainbow flag? The US Embassy in Israel did — reason for the WH not to. Or perhaps the flags of Guatemala and Honduras and Mexico so that “the children” will feel welcome in their new country.

    Nothing against the gays but our petty tyrant delights in celebrating Father’s Day without his children and in the company of a gay couple whose contributions to Obama have been repaid with decorating of the WH and an ambassadorship.

    Barack and Michelle Obama never miss an opportunity to be in your face America.

    1. I was going to comment about Flag Day without the l, but feared I ‘d get thrown out. I think the Rainbow F*ag set me off.

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        1. Goodwill is nothing but a business, it’s not a charity. If you are going to support something like that make it the Salvation Army.

    1. Was this staged? Why wear a dress when you know that the turbulence from the plane would whip up a full dress like that. Noticed that she changed into pants later. Ridiculous

    1. This was terrible. It will get worse. Prayers for the Ukrainians. They are losing their country.

      We are beginning to know how that feels.

      1. Blame it on intellectual curiosity? Strange trip, Michelle’s first to that area with BO, Father’s Day weekend w/o daughters, playing golf on a lush private course in a state with severe water restrictions, carefully selected commencement speech to coincide with a local fundraiser, oh and the world and our southern borders are going to hell ?

        Yeah, this inquiring mind wants to know, ‘sup with that?

        Bad optics too. His handlers are failing miserably.

        1. I agree that not hanging with the offspring is weird–and the water shortage. For once, they stayed with friends not some five-star resort and 200 rooms. Just another day in paradise, I guess–as Iraq burns.

        2. Denise, this is why I think they are seriously house-hunting. Michelle wants to try out the Smith place for a three day stay to see if it conforms to her royal standards. They either have to add more bedrooms, or leave it as a bachelor pad for Barry. Palm Springs is also a playground for gays – just sayin’.

          1. There’s a video tour of the home upthread. Quite charming. Only worth 3 mil now, used to be 7 mil, so it could be a good investment for them when he gets OUT of OFFICE. Ha.

  10. Just decided these guys (Obama hosts) are well connected in Hollywood and throw amazing fundraisers, soooooooo is it time to start fundraising for the Presidential Library?

    Michael could decorate it for them if they can raise x-amount ? Just a thought…..

    1. From the looks of the job Smith did on the Oval Office (rose-colored drapes, icky coffee table, beige couches), I would be looking for a new decorator. Then again, it all reflects Michelle’s horrible taste.

      1. They like to keep their bundlers well rewarded. Wonder if the taxpayers paid for his design expertise? Like his partner was rewarded with Amb to Spain, one of the prime locations.

    1. So typical…Iraq is falling apart, and 0 (that’s a zero, not the letter) goes off to Cali to play golf, fundraise and talk about climate change in a commencement address. Sheesh…

  11. Iraq is going up in flames…Christians are being beheaded and he’s out politicking with his fans or playing golf. He will surpass Carter as being the worst president in American history.

    And where are the RINOs? And they want our vote in November for doing nothing?

  12. This is sad. It occurs to me that this, perhaps more than most of the Obamas in your face actions, might be one of saddest and most hypocritical.

    Barack and Michelle are all “about the children” — their diet, their education, opportunity for the “disadvantaged” — blah blah blah. One of the single most damaging factors in the black community is the failure of the families — characterized by absent fathers and a series of unmarried baby mamas and welfare children who turn to gangs and violence if they cannot find a good role model or organization to pull them up.

    On a day to honor fathers — to herald the family and speak about the importance of fathers to their children and to the family unit (and these can be gay fathers as well) — the Obamas choose to be with two men sans children in a pricey exclusive part of the United States, living in luxury. This is a choice.

    It is oddly telling that Obama regularly touts sports figures as role models for American youth and for black men in particular. He had no father to speak of, he offers no hope that father’s might be special in a young person’s life. But a sports hero — that’s the ticket.

    No doubt this hollow man will speak some hollow words on Father’s Day. But as any good father, parent, surrogate or role model will tell you — actions speak louder than words.

    The moral vacuity of Barack Obama is sad, sad, sad. He and Michelle believe that mere proximity of fame, and power, and wealth instantly endows them with the same. One does not become presidential by election. He is indeed an emperor with no clothes. It is unspeakably sad.

    1. Are we sure that the o had a father/sperm donor? I still wonder if he was hatched on a beach somewhere and pecked his way out of an egg.

    2. That’s no female he is married to, s-he is a transvestite, so they will be enjoying a 4 some this weekend, God help this nation for this couple is an abomination.

    3. It’s all making sense now – ‘the children’.

      Last week Obama talked about his postprez and the fact that he and Michelle were going to spend their time working with kids – creating mentorships and apprenticeships.
      Translation: F O U N D A T I O N S

      What better way to maximize his personal wealth? The children ! Who can resist donating to the causes of unprivileged c h i l d r e n ? Why, he might even be able to snare some Republicans into his trap.

      The ‘children’ have been used as human shields’ by the Obamas to advance their agenda for the last six years: Let’s Move, Amnesty/Dreamers, Food Stamps, Welfare, Student Loans, ObamaCare, ‘refugees’ from Central America….all designed to steal elections by preying on the most vulnerable.

      And now the big payoff – $$$ for the ‘children’ will flow into Obama’s own pockets ad infinitum.

  13. Well, at least he is excelling at the only three things that he enjoys; golf (which he may or may not be good at), fundraising (because he gets a lot of sympathy when he is complaining about us “extreme” right wing conservatives who are now more dangerous that the Taliban) and graduation speeches (he has a creepy obsession with “yang” people, maybe because their heads are full of mush and the only things that matter to them is social media, hooking up and of course hipstering). Have a good weekend everyone…don’t be surprised if they miss the boat in Baghdad and 15,000 embassy personnel end up stranded behind enemy lines.

  14. Ah, yes, UC Irvine.

    Would that be the same UC Irvine whose Muslim Student Union tried to shout down the Israeli ambassador back in 2010?

  15. Go Mooschelle, your a transvestite and you’ll have a 4 some this weekend, noticed no daughters around your wicket acts of abomination, as you open up the floodgates on America’s border to come on in and terrorize the American People. Your going to get yours Obama, you little maggot from hell, for Satan will have his way with you BOY !

  16. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from. All that matters is that it goes to Obama.

    Obama would take contributions from Satan if he could get away with it.

  17. The freak wrote how important it is to be a father, yet he and his sow are not home with their two spawn on Father’s Day. Everything that sick freak does is political.

    1. I know this is the greatest leader to have ever lived. The fact that he would be so open minded as to do this proves it. This on top of the fact he visited the Native Americans on Father’s Day seals the deal on the greatest President FOR SURE!!!!

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  19. Of course he has to give a speech as President, how else does he write off the trip? If he didn’t, he’d be as poor as the Clintons when they left office.

  20. What is the saying….Rome burns while Nero plays the fiddle. Should say, USA burns while Obama just plays. The ones who voted for this moron are the real “IDIOTS”.

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