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Video || Christie and Fallon Do Dad Dancing

I don’t know what to make of this. I saw it before I had my coffee. You guys tell me.

I guess it’s cute. Christie’s pretty good at being a ham (no double entendre intended). But we knew that already. And he must be working out, because he bounces around pretty good.

13 thoughts on “Video || Christie and Fallon Do Dad Dancing”

  1. Couldn’t watch all the way through, but I am reassured that America has the funnest politicians.

    I hope it might be more effective in world crises than the empty laid-back cool dancing with Ellen Degeneres that our current admin offers.

  2. If you watch this and get the unsettled sense that something isn’t right, then you get it: White males are dweebs, can’t dance, say stupid things, and it’s OK to ridicule fat people.
    Ha. Ha.

  3. Other than Jimmy looking like a 70’s porn star, I thought it was cute how Christie had fun with it. Guess I just needed an “anything but Obama” break this morning. Sigh. :)

  4. It did what it was supposed to do–it made me laugh. He’s my governor and I’m no longer so fond of him as I once was, but he’s got a good sense of humor…and decent dance moves!

  5. Fox news just stated: Awaiting to hear from O regarding Iraq.
    They had a picture of the White House when that was stated.
    Isn’t he still in ND, or already in CA.
    I do not think he cancelled his golf game to fly back to the WH to make this statement on Iraq.

    1. Thought it was Palm Springs, the golf capital of California, where he is supposed to be. Ya know, tomorrow is Saturday and he wont miss his golf game.

  6. Why do politicians need to act like peforming seals? I get it – he’s showing us he is fit and trim enough to be POTUS. But that was not appetizing.

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