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Obama: Quiet Please, I’m Still Thinking

As Iraq disintegrates and Iran rushes in to provide its Shiite leadership with support, President Obama announced today at the White House that he’s trying to find his glasses.

That’s right, no decisions yet:

I have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support Iraq security forces and I’ll be reviewing those options in the days ahead.

Well he will. So look out, bad guys.

Obama sounded like he’s considering military aid – though not boots on the ground – and made clear whatever he comes up with is contingent on “a serious and sincere effort by Iraq’s leaders to set aside sectarian differences, to promote stability, and account for the legitimate interests of all of Iraq’s communities and to continue to build the capacity of an effective security force.”

So the Iraqis must be both serious and sincere, which as any serviceman or woman who’s been to Iraq can tell you is virtually impossible.

Finished with his remarks, Obama embarked from the White House to California – with a brief stop in North Dakota – where he will raise money for Democrats and presumably play some awesome golf.

We know this is at least a mini-vacation because Michelle is along for the trip. She doesn’t go anywhere with him these days unless there’s recreation involved.

Here are his remarks.

114 thoughts on “Obama: Quiet Please, I’m Still Thinking”

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  2. All the gains hard won in Iraq are disappearing right before our very eyes. Poof. The blood of allies and the Iraqi people is still visible on the ground. Iraqis are being beheaded and crucified as we speak. Medieval Sharia in Iraq is two dance steps away. And Obama goes on a Democrat fund raising and golfing trip.
    I still can’t get over Obama’s willing disengagement from current events and his tin ear. After all these years.

    1. That’s his pattern. He left for Las Vegas for another fundraiser… while Benghazi was still burning and the bodies not yet cold.

      1. “Benghazi was still burning and the bodies…”

        -So How will the Obama sycophant Main-Stream Media report-explain as Baghdad burns and thousands will die under a terrorist Islam army…???
        (besides the ‘blame George Bush’ meme)

    1. Did you notice the carefully orchestrated, lovey-dovey back-patting as they rushed to MarineOne? It’s Father’sDay weekend – the teenaged girls are off doing their own thing – and it’s just the blissfuly happy couple off on a Second Honeymoon.

      1. Yes, it’s like they were discussing how to play “happy couple” for the departure. You pat my back and I’ll pat yours. Like kids on their way to Disney World on the last day of school ;)

        Nah, didn’t believe it for a minute, they’re both just so happy to escape and have fun, fun, fun.

      2. Yes. I as well noticed he walked just PAST the soldier by the helecopter, Than gave a half- ^(* salute. So very disrespectful to our military man standing there so proud.

  3. Obama is a Sunni. This somehow is all tied with Iran. I don’t not have all the pieces yet but I know for sure Obama is a Muslim and hates our country and our people. I know that he is somehow tied to Iran and is working with them.

    1. That is just stupid Regina.
      He’s not tied with Iran, or does he want Sharia or whatever to dominate us.

      He is just an “all-knowing, all understanding” Liberal who has a very liberal agenda, likes to delegate, doesn’t like to be involved in decisions, dislikes anyone who disagrees with him at all.
      He is a fraud, he is incompetent, a poor leader, and thin skinned.

      but he is not a sharia subversive. don’t bother working out the pieces. it’s not true.

      1. Scottso: Agree, he is not a sharia subversive BUTT…In front of the world and the UN he proclaimed:

        “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

        I am not Christian, but I believe that mohammed is not recognized as a prophet by any church. Of course, this is the same man, who sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years.

      2. Scottso, I’m not so sure that he wouldn’t like getting the monkey off his back and passing it on to Iran even though I don’t think it is a Shiite, Sunni thing with him.

    2. His right hand man Val Jarrett is an Iranian. Her family is said to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood Obama so loves!

      Nothing about Obama would surprise me.
      I am more and more convinced he is helping in the Islamist Caliphate.

      1. I’m convinced he is a muslim subversive. Nothing about this person would surprise me. In my wilder moments, I start to think Barry was groomed from birth for the role he now plays.

        1. I’ve had those same thoughts. Groomed. No tangible school history, no work history. Then his damning statement in 2008: “I’m about to become the president of the United States.”
          (All 57 of them.)

  4. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the CIC say that our Air Force and our Navy have determined specific targets that will stop the invasion of Iraq by militants.
    These targets are classified and the insurgents will soon feel the full might of the American military.
    We cannot, and will not allow the deaths of the troops that died or were maimed to have exhausted their efforts in vain to attempt to bring some semblance of freedom to Iraq.

    You were given a chance to establish a decent government, and you have failed to do so.
    You have requested the support of our military, it is on the way.
    You may not approve of the results to vindicate the loss of our brothers and sisters, but you had the chance and you blew it.

    Your request will be answered soon.

    Note to Afghanistan, watch closely.

    1. AFVet,
      You Air Force guys have those awesome B-52s, B-1s & B-2s…
      Lets just CARPET BOMB!!!; 500-1000-MOABS/Daisy-Cutters bombs… (since Nukes are a No Go :-( every so-called “ISIS” movement before those f#cking Islam barbarians get near Baghdad…
      Then let tactical USAF/USN jets pick-off the survivors :-)

      1. Someone on another thread said that we need troops on the ground to call in the coordinates to the aircraft.
        Google can see your backyard.
        We have the capability to target the training sites.
        Take them out first.
        The Navy and the Air Force have access to satellites that can see anything that is happening in those countries.
        There is no more need for troops to send coordinates for either the artillery or air support.
        That was the old days, Korea, Vietnam.
        No need for ground troops in this scenario.
        Anybody remaining there should be told to get the hell out because air strikes are on there way.
        Collateral damage will happen.

        1. AFVet, we had special ops on the ground very very early in Afghanistan to ID and laze targets and they worked close with the Northern Alliance.

          We also had “boots on the ground” in Libya for a short time.

        2. I mentioned what I had read, regarding the coordinates needed for Drones and or airplanes, don’t know the first thing about military actions. I will note the news source again when I pull it up.

          1. O rambled about the Iraq people needing to get busy getting their Country together. (MY words)
            I do feel sorry for the citizens that truely wanted their freedom. I cannot tell you who they are.
            The only thing that I am sure of, it seems that O and the crew are days………..behind what happened with the stampede.
            Just like the illegals. Google was mentioned on this thread. I am sure they have some type way of knowing if thousands of people are heading to our border.
            Why didn’t anyone intervine days ago?

          2. Lee because they want the illegals here. Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. Of course, they are not financially supporting any illegals — that’s the taxpayers’ job.

          3. I guess I should have stated: Why do they get away with not resolving it.
            In other words they have sattilite, cameras, spys, etc… Why aren’t they explaining that everyone was asleep at the wheel when these thousands of people came striding.

    1. we won the war because he said we won. In his mind, if we say we won, or the website works, or you can keep your doctor, or he can shoot 3 pointers…then it’s true.

  5. I suppose it’s too much to ask if this Administration had contingency plans in place were something to go awry in Iraq.

    You know. Just in case?

        1. Blonde on MoJo couldn’t handle McCain so after a break she called in her loser father Dr B to clean up. She is a waste…

  6. After 6 years, what makes us think that Obama is going to suddenly realize that he is supposed to be the leader of this country and actually do something–other than raise money for Democrats and play golf. On the other hand, what little he has done indicates that consciously or unconsciously, he is hell bent on destroying this country piece by piece. Maybe we should be grateful when he gets out of the oval office (I’m assuming he actually knows where that is), and goes out on the golf course where he can do very little harm to American citizens.

  7. Memo to the GOP: whatever you do, do NOT mess up the Senate races this year.

    If you have both sides of Capitol Hill, you will have the ability to make Obama’s life so miserable that he’ll resign. Flood him with popular bills until he cries uncle; ping-pong his flunkies in front of both chambers’ Oversight Committees until they forget what lies they told to whom, and can be exposed and prosecuted as such; and force him to admit, by his actions, that he’s only in it for himself.

    Do it the right way, and America will be happy to see him go.

  8. I WANT THAT JOE BIDEN (2010):
    “…Iraq will be the greatest success of Obama”

    ~as US Military Helicopters circle the US Embassy in Baghdad trying to EVACUATE Americans from Iraq…

  9. So while Obama obsesses over the 3 G’s (gay marriage, global warning, and golf) the middle east explodes. I love how AFTER the crisis he and his team are going to consider ways to react – nice contingency planning guys. Meanwhile in Chicago, the Rahm-ster has begun impersonating his old boss, losing sleep over the lettering on Trump’s shiny new building while the hospitals stock up on body bags for the upcoming weekend’s gangland target practice. Incredible…

  10. I’m sure he will paint the red line and tell them not to cross it and everything will be hunky dory. Worked with Syria so well.

    1. -that “red line” in Syria… kinda bleed into Iraq with these guys in “ISIS”…

      I DARE someone to ask those Bimbos; the red-head & blonde babes who are “US State Dept. spokes-people” what “ISIS” means… -LOL

  11. I cant wait !!! to see what Obama “NSA” Susan Rice on the Sunday shows (not on FNC) explaing what is going on in Iraq today…

    1. We already know – it is caused by a youtube video of course!!! And, quite frankly, what difference at this point does it make?????

  12. Clinton Was Leading Champion of Iraq Withdrawal
    Saw no need for status of forces agreement.
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a leading and outspoken supporter of the Obama administration’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq and even defended the White House’s controversial failure to reach a status of forces agreement with the Iraqi government.

    Team Obama’s decisions in Iraq are coming under intense criticism from experts and lawmakers across the political spectrum in light of the seizure of key Iraqi cities by a violent Muslim extremist group that is seeking to transform the nation into a strict Islamic state.

    Clinton emerged as one of the top supporters of the withdrawal and defended the administration’s failure to secure a status of forces agreement, which would have kept several thousand U.S. troops in the war-torn country and potentially prevented extremist terror groups from resurging in Iraq, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of the likely presidential candidate’s past statements and interviews.

  13. Keith, World Net Daily has just announced that 200 American contractors are under siege at this very minute and fighting for their lives.. The story is on the left column on Drudge.

  14. What he wanted to say, but couldn’t:
    “Don’t worry folks – Valerie is workin’ on this here Iraq thing. As soon as she has a few options ready for me, I will get back to you. Things are gettin’ a little backed up in her office, ‘ya know – all of those phony scandals ‘n everything.
    Like me, Valjar has never held a real job either; but she’s doing a heckuva job tearing down the country while I, your Potent Potentate. have myself a rip-snortin’ good time.

    Well my chopper’s ready, folks. Just want to say ‘thanks’ to all you suckers who voted for me. And even to those of you who didn’t vote for me. Viva Mexico! Ooops, I just let the cat out of the bag. That wasn’t supposed to come out until my Farewell speech in 2015. My bad.

  15. As of 3:03pm EST Shep Smith of FNC just came on and is trying to blame everything that is happening in Iraq today on “that bunch… from 12 years ago…”
    -Shep Smith is blaming Bush-Cheney for EVERYTHING that is happening today in Iraq… (not a word or comment about Obama as Obama flys off on some California vacation…)

    1. Sounds like Shep needs some (Mc)Caning…The senator SAID we had this thing won…but now…it has all turned to …poo. Whether we should have gone in etc is not the immediate issue.

      1. I had to turn Shep Smith OFF for the past half-hour… (3:30pm EST) Now Shep is trying to get into with Chris Wallace….


        1. I am only guessing maybe he pulled the straw in the
          Fair and Balanced contest, where he MUST disagree that O is doing anything wrong.

    2. Follow that logic and it can be blamed on the Founders for creating this nation. Without them we would never have been in Iraq!

    3. To follow that logic we can also blame the builders of the World Trade Center Towers for their attack. If they had not built them they would never have been attacked.

    4. Thanx for reporting on that, LS. You deserve combat pay for watching. No wonder he was the only FOX anchor to get an invite to a private dinner with Obama at the WH a few months ago.
      I wish Ailes would take Shep and Arthelle Neville by the hand and march them over to MSNBC.

  16. If and when Obama decides to act, Maliki will have called on the Iranians.

    Obama does not understand that the world does not arise at 10 — stumble into the office, yawn, stretch, maybe half listen to a briefing, lunch, host an awards ceremony for some sports team, or school science winner, and then head off to a fundraiser and a weekend of golf or relaxation or partying. Nope. The world does not operate on Barack Obama’s timetable and we will pay for that.

    He on the other hand, will sleep well.

  17. Dictator “Bub” (Short for Beelzebub) Obama doesn’t give a damn about Iraq, America’s security, or anything that is beneficial to our country. He is on the side of these terrorists.

    If it is good for the country Dictator “Bub” Obama is against it. If it is bad for the country Dictator “Bub” Obama is for it and will do anything he can to support us.

    It’s as if the devil himself has taken up residence in the White House.

  18. A decision will be made in time to hit the links… With his ‘homework’ standing in the way of playtime, we’ll see something very soon.

  19. It has been reported that the US has spent 15 or 20 BILLION DOLLARS training the Iraq security forces..who when confronted by the rebels.. laid down their arms, stripped off their uniforms and ran away. AND I DON’t BLAME THEM!

  20. Golf? You betcha!

    He’s speaking at Cal Irvine’s graduation (which presumably is funding the trip), but is going back and forth to Palm Springs.

    No real need for him to be minding the store, is there?

    Of course, the WH will defend his traveling by saying that the president is accessible anywhere in the world.

    And we know that he could care less about appearances.

  21. It is becoming more and more obvious that the narcissistic brat has a limited capability for conscience thought and is nothing more than a bio-system for a sphincter valve.

  22. You are ALL over thinking Obama’s speech. I’ve made it easy for you to understand by offering a shorter version translation. No need to watch the video.

    Good luck Iraq. Get your act together. Don’t call us. I’m off to play golf. Have a good weekend.

  23. The enemy has eyes and ears.
    They see Obama on the golf course.
    They see Obama at a fundraiser.
    They see Obama on vacation.
    They see and hear Obama flapping his jaws.
    Result? On to Baghdad! Allah-Akbar.
    Thank you Bibi for the word that best describes Obama, LOATHSOME.

    1. The enemy is also finding out the O FORBIDS any cameras where the illegals are staying. He also FORBIDS the Border Patrol from speaking to the news.
      They are getting a real laugh out of that as well. Good ole Free America is now being FORBIDDEN from doing things.

      1. This is so egregious. The trip to the Indian Reservation this afternoon is also closed press. No cameras or cell phones allowed inside. He is such an underhanded, sneaky, lying, double-crossing thug – he has turned into a paronoid schizophrenic.

        1. Just heard another pathetic bit of news.
          After two years of requesting Lois Lerner’s emails.
          They now state two years of emails are lost. Glitch.

        2. G1 _ Do you have a source link for that? It’s one thing to have a WH photographer, it’s quite another to clamp down on presidential public activities as well as events such as what is occurring at the borders.

          1. Heard about ‘closed press’ at the Indian Reservation from one of the talking heads on FOX this morning- can’t remember which one.

  24. Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Winner failed to secure the peace in Iraq.

    Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Winner probably doesn’t even understand what that means.

  25. Seriously, is Obama flying out to the west coast for another round of golf and Michelle is “socializing” while the streets of Iraq are littered with dead Iraqi soldiers, 200 american contractors have no way out because the U.S. Air Force has been issued stand down orders thus the Air Force can not offer protection to the pilots willing to fly the American citizens out, and strict sharia law is being imposed placing Christians in immediate danger.

    Then on our own home front we have a President who willfully decided to swap 5 terrorist for one American defector. We have illegal alien minors being transported into this country without parents, the creation of “death lists” by VA administrators and now we learn that two years of IRS emails from Lois Lerner to the White House have disappeard due to a computer flaw.

    Who is minding the store? Anyone?

  26. Unrelated, but:

    IRS claims emails from Lois Lerner to White House “lost” in a supposed “computer crash.”

    They’re just TOYING with us now.

    1. The truth is that all those IRS emails are backed up, by law, on servers operated by the IT contractor hired to maintain the IRS systems. The EPA tried the same trick years ago in a law suit, but they were caught. Same deal. The emails still exist.

    2. Rep. Jason Chaffetz sent out this tweet this today:

      IRS Commissioner testified in March Lois Lerner emails were archived. Here is the video #IRS

      If the emails were archived then it would not matter if Lerner’s computer crashed. It’s just another lame excuse from the gang that can’t do anything right.

  27. Did anyone really think that even the disintegration of Iraq was going to interfere with Obama’s golf/fundraising weekend??

      1. That says it all, a big huge disrespect USA, I got this helicopter you paid for I can just fly to Palm Springs on. Sickening!!

  28. Couldn’t have been orchestrated better? I prefer to chump it all up to ignorance and ineptitude. There’s no way a radical muslim could have disguised his religious beliefs as black liberation theology “Christian” but really be a radical islamic who holds the office of the President of the United States while also never taking off a gold ring that devout muslims wear with arabic words in it that profess that the muslim god of the moon is the only god. This sort of thing could never happen, just like such a person would never coordinate through his half-brother and through Hillary Clinton’s brother to move and manage massive amounts of money to the Muslim Brotherhood and to the Al-Qaeda. Nor would such a person sit in the office of the president and continue funding the Egyptian government with massive aid money AFTER the government had been toppled and taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. These things do not happen. Nor would such a president ever consider the thought of supplying arms to radical “rebel” armies in order to Arab Spring the region for years to come–but allow Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others to be murdered in Benghazi to cover up any illegal arms trades that might have occurred. Indeed these things do not happen. Yet, for each one, there are whistleblowers who have testified on-record that this is what is going on. With the current “Transparent Presidency” we do not yet have the opportunity to validate any such claims or bring any issue (i.e. international war crimes) to justice. This, not even going into how this president forced the Affordable HealthCare Act on the nation, centralizing health care under the IRS and other government controls (with known felons having access to social security numbers and every other very personal details): healthcare fundamentally changing (destroying) 34% of the US economy. Nor shall we even consider how this same person now proposes to fundamentally change (destroy) the entire energy sector of the US economy (which domino effect impacts ALL segments of the US economy). These things just do not happen. Close your minds and trust the government that wishes to only do what’s best for You.

  29. As usual, when the going gets tough, Obama goes golfing…and fundraising. Please please please can we fast-forward to January 2017?

  30. “I have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options…” Isn’t that what the “team” does -or should be doing- every day? Isn’t that what they’re THERE for, what we pay them for? This is akin to making a public announcement that you brushed your teeth this morning. Yeah, and…?

    They should already have had all options ready and he should already have decided on one. This is absurd, embarrassing and potentially catastrophic. AUGH, how will we ever survive the next 951 days?

    1. Gov. Huckabee just made the same point. He said they should have had the contingency plans already lined up to pick which one may be used.
      Also just saw on Fox that Danger Pay is being cut to serviceman in some locations, such as Kuwaitt, Qatar, Montinagro, Bahrain, and more. The amount $7.00 a day cut.

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