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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Iraq – June 13, 2014

The event has concluded. I have the video over here.

10 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Statement on Iraq – June 13, 2014”

      1. Typical punting, kicking-the-can-down-the-road garbage from him. Blaming the Iraqis for not defending themselves because this terrorist group is “not that great in numbers.”

  1. Bringing a comment forward.

    Did Obama just give a press conference on Iraq and essentially he said we will study the situation and do nothing?

    Obama quit Iraq, did not get a SOF agreement, and contributed to the current state of affairs in Iraq now. And I’m sure the release of the Obama Five energized and emboldened the enemy

    For someone who claims to have such a world vision he sure has blinders on now. The cocoon surrounding this President has not served our country well. Incompetent staff and advisors and a fawning media.

    Keystone should never be developed because we will never need to be energy independent and we will always have access to oil. America will be defending itself with wind, solar, electricity (but no coal — an Obama miracle) and prayer.

    1. McCain called again on MoJoe for all national security people to go and Petraeus, Keene and others to make a plan.Even then he had low hopes. When the limpy libs Mika and Sam Stein tried to circle back to it was Bush–he decided to go into Iraq–Stein in fact said he was “confused” and wasn’t it Bush…McCain said I am sorry you are so confused…but as I said we had this won… He was quite snide. But Stein had it coming with his puny, “I am so confused…” In fact he mimbed he should not have said that bec it would be used against him. And it was.

  2. Oh, and the fact that he actually took a question indicates he is REALLY going above and beyond the call of duty. Six years – and he has never taken a question. Is he getting a bonus for answering a question?

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