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Iraq: Dr. Obama is Researching a Cure!

The White House has made it known that Our Leader is starting to wrap his mind around the possibility that Iraq could become an Islamo-terrorist state and that maybe he kind of needs to do something about it.

And so at the White House we’re weighing things, drawing up options, not taking any options off the table, and furiously scratching our asses, all as part of a classic Obama response to events that confound the smug certainty of his expectations.

Obama dressed as a doctorThe world didn’t bend to Obama, and now – God help us – Obama may have to revise his assumptions.

Whatever your view of what should happen here, it’s worth wondering, WHY ARE WE MERELY MULLING OPTIONS?

The possibility of a major al Qaeda advance in Iraq has been apparent for weeks. The Iraqis begged us to preempt the whole mess by wiping out the bad guys while they were massed in their staging areas, to no avail. And now Obama, a day late and at least a dollar fifty short, will have to order an operation that is more sustained, complicated and risky.

Because you see, reversing the considered opinion of the august Dr. Obama can only be contemplated when the patient is at death’s door. Because for Dr. Obama, his ingenious decision to withdraw treatment cured the patient! And therefore, he refused to even schedule an appointment.

And so, Dr. Obama’s next round of treatments would have been ministered after the patient’s death – a kind of autopsy/embalming operation –  were it not for the patient’s decision to elicit a second opinion from the renowned Dr. Khamenei, whose cure is almost as bad as the disease, but who has eagerly swept into the operating room in the absence of Dr. Obama.

Of course, Dr. Khamenei, having opted to remain out-of-network with respect to the Obamacare Foreign Policy Exchange, will be demanding from the Iraqis payment in full.

That is, because Obama refused to leave a few thousand troops in Iraq, we may now be faced with a choice between a Sunni or a Shiite Islamist-terrorist state.

And that’s going to require years of preventative medicine!

52 thoughts on “Iraq: Dr. Obama is Researching a Cure!”

  1. LOL, I first read this as Dr. Obama searching for a CLUE.

    I feel safe knowing he can monitor the Iraq situation from Air Force One’s bar today. Jay Carney told me so ;)

    1. LOL.
      “Our Team” It seems he misunderstood, that the team would be working, but he was to WORK while receiving any information, etc. they may have.
      I am waiting for the staement: “It is all the team’s fauilt”
      If a football coach trains the team to run the ball off of the left side of the field at all times. That team is a failure.
      So where is he telling his team to run with all the information they are gathering?

          1. Google can find your backyard Star, they can certainly find the training bases.
            First strike,…take them out.
            A new Iraqi government,…that’s been tried.
            These people are heathens, they chop people’s heads off, they mutilate women, they cut your hands off.
            They cut your heart out on video.
            They don’t have a Navy or an Air Force, so let’s use ours,….while it still exists.

          2. O just stated our ablity of doing anything with military will take several days. Shouldn’t he be staying at the WH to discuss the options of navel or air?
            If not military I would at least stay behind to discuss what they are going to do about the people that work in Baghdad Embassy. No he is going golfing.

  2. EVERY event that happens with this man he says “our team is working around the clock to……”

    Many of these things seem to be things that they should have already had contingency plans so when they come up they can be on it right away!

    Seems he is 6 steps behind on every thing.

      1. By the way: I just read on Drudge that O, FORBIDS lawmakers from taking pictures of Ilegal Immigrant Facilities.
        I am pulling up pictures in Baghdad of a Country being taken over. This man FORBIDS…………………… of the NEWS.

  3. When Hillary was running for Prez the last time around, she kept talking about sweeping up the mess left behind by the Bush administration. Heaven help the next president, no matter who it is. It will take a very special person to clean up this mess. And about a thousand shop vacs.

    1. On NRO this morning Mona Charen has a good post on Hillary Clinton–I refuse to be on a first name basis with her–called Ready for Hillary. She builds up the argument that Hillary Clinton is solely about identity politics, i.e. vote for her because she is a woman, and has no substance, aka, accomplishments.

      It made me wonder if the Ready for Hillary meme is not a subtle stab at the ineptitude of Obama, however, because it reminds me of the GWB meme Miss Me Yet?

    1. Grace, remember it’s never his fault.
      He is just disappointed in the world, in the veterans, in the doctors and everyone else. They just make him sad because they never bend to his awesome will.

  4. Whatever he decides to do, it will be too little too late. Iran has found an entrance to Iraq, and those Shiite Iraqis who are still alive will flock to their Iranian Shiite saviors. They will certainly not trust the Americans a second time around.

  5. But…but…but…the American people were so tired of the war! He was just doing what the public wanted!

    No. That is not the right answer.

    Let me get a little bit Eastern with this one.

    Assume your generals tell you that a war must continue, but your pollsters tell you that the people have no will to continue it. If you are a true leader, you will not listen first to you pollsters, and then tell your generals to move the armies. No, if you are a true leader, you will listen first to your generals, and then tell your pollsters to go move the will of the people.

        1. He is at the White House about to make a statment on Iraq.
          I thought he was on way to CA.
          His advisors finally woke and told him you need to postpone your golf and fly back to WH for just a bit of a statment.
          He is due to speak in a few mins.

  6. My money is on the good doctor continuing to “consider his options” for the next two and a half years. The Islamic takeover of Iraq is a good thing in his eyes, but he hasn’t quite been willing to say that in public. Yet. He’s becoming more open so that may change.

  7. Patience my friends. Obama’s merely “mulling options” at the moment.
    Given time he will “aggressively” mull options.
    Obama has so many, it’s hard to choose.
    Pen, phone, red line’s E.O’s, hell, he may even send Biden to straighten out those I-rack-e’s.

  8. This is a textbook example of someone that has zero experience taking on a task that he is totally unqualified for.
    The ‘mulling’ is an indication of his inability to make decisions, relying on someone else to do that job for him.
    The problem there lies in the fact the he has surrounded himself with advisers that also have no real world experience, and their arrogance prevents them from taking advice from those that do.

  9. I’m on the Do Nothing side of this issue. Let them enjoy their head-chopping parties, their circular firing squads, blow up each other in random violence, because they will never be one people. Sure, I’m in favor of and would encourage all the cowards to run to Iran so that the Iranians can find a way to house and feed a million new people.

    As long as they’re fighting and killing and running away from each other, they don’t have the time or energy to do the same to us. Regarding MrO’s upcoming schedule: better that he spends the rest of his term golfing, vacationing, fund-raising, and schmoozing with winning athletes than sticking his nose into foreign affairs he doesn’t understand, or trying to make America the biggest third-world country on the planet.

    1. The bigger picture is that [name your Islamic org here], et al are eliminating borders and extending their reach closer to Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon. It’s the Middle Eastern version of the Domino Effect. Obama plays golf and jihadists don’t – therein lies the problem.

      1. I tend to agree with you Sadie.
        They’re like a plague, an infestation of termites.
        At some point they have to be controlled or no Christian or no Jew anywhere will be safe.
        It is nothing more than a modern day Crusade.

        1. One year and one month ago .. April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Prior to the bombing they slit the throats of three Jews. The press dropped both stories faster than a hot tamale.

  10. I can tell you all how this story will end; ISIS will overrun Bagdad….the US Embassy will be evacuated…the rebels will then overrun Syria and topple Assad and with all the money the confiscate, they will fund a world wide violent jihad from Europe to the US. All this while Obama, Kerry, Hillary etc. scratch their asses and the media will still be talking about Cantor’s loss and obsessing over the tea party, while the border is overrun (while they also continue to call for amnesty). Unless and until this crap arrives in DC, physically, none of them care !

  11. The metaphor is kinda strained–but if you want to continue it–they just learned that people who survivve cancer have many more medical expenses throughout their lives than those who have not. The MoJoe people, this morning incl McCain, said there is no intervention–McCain said we had it won and threw it away. So sad, too bad. The Kurds are taking over the oil fields they need to be an indep state–and this rolls on.

  12. Did Obama just give a press conference on Iraq and essentially he said we will study the situation and do nothing?

    Obama left Iraq, did not get a SOF agreement, and contributed to the current state of affairs in Iraq now.

    Keystone should never be developed because we will never need to be energy independent and we will always have access to oil. America will be defending itself with wind, solar and prayer.

  13. Obama has always favored the Sunni side of the wrassling match between the Sunnis and the Shia. It will interesting to see how he plays this out, diplomatically. He’s likely to stumble into all the traps and quicksand pits along the way to whatever he thinks will make him a hero in the eyes of the Lefties.

  14. Nothing, but, nothing gets in the way of his fundraising and golf. Obama is so brazen and shameless that he pulls it off. I guess he really does not get that the world is falling around his satellite ears….well, as long as the fire stays away from the golf course.

  15. Dr. Obama will ponder this weighty, life and death decision while playing golf at the Pasedena fund raiser this weekend. I’m sure he’ll come up with a well-considered solution.

  16. BO’s way is to wait until someone else does something — then he appears to criticize their actions and offer cliche deep thoughts.

    Kinda doesn’t work so well when BO must take action first.

    People are dying as he waffles and hopes someone else will make a move.

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