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Hillary Found Hissing at NPR

Madame Hillary got real testy when she ran into some surprising turbulence over at The People’s Radio Network, as the Book Tour from Hell continued Thursday.

You see, even some liberals get that Hillary’s not quite being on the level about her own evolution on gay marriage.

So NPR’s Terry Gross wanted to know, you know, what’s up with that?

HILLARY: I think that, as I said — just as the president has said — just because you’re a politician doesn’t mean you’re not a thinking human being. You gather information, you think through positions, you’re not one hundred percent set, thank goodness, you’re constantly re-evaluating where you stand.

Yes, politicians are certainly thinking human beings. Devious, even.

Said the nice NPR lady:

I’m pretty sure you didn’t answer my question about whether you evolved or it was the American public that changed.

Well that got Hillary mad!

Because I said I’m an American so of course we all evolved and I think that’s a fair conclusion.

She’s an American! And that’s why it took her 20 years to make up her mind!

Well, Gross wasn’t having any of this, because I imagine her listeners in the gay community are a little suspicious of Hillary’s nonsense and get the game she played.

Because the chances that Mrs. Clinton didn’t support gay marriage before 2013, when she announced it was cool with her, are about the same as that her husband Bill was deflowered on his wedding night.

It’s just real difficult to imagine that the Wellesley Class 1969 commencement address deliverer is such a traditional gal that it took her until 2013 to get down with gay marriage.

So Gross persisted in her low-key, coffee-talk NPR way. She noted that even back in the Dark Ages – as in say, the 1990s – many people supported gay marriage.

But Hillary is not to be questioned on a book tour!

HILLARY: You know I really, I have to say, I think you are being very persistent, but you are playing with my words and playing with what is such an important issue.

GROSS: I’m just trying to clarify so I can understand.

HILLARY: No, I don’t think you are trying to clarify. I think you are trying to say that I used to be opposed and now I am in favor and I did it for political reasons. And that’s just flat wrong.

I did not grow up even imagining gay marriage and I don’t think you probably did either. This was an incredibly new and important idea that people on the front lines of the gay rights movement began to talk about and slowly, but surely, convinced others of the rightness of that position. When I was ready to say what I said, I said it.

Well enough said!

Let’s go to the tape. If you want to skip some of Hillary’s mumbo jumbo, things start to get real at around 3:30.

14 Responses to Hillary Found Hissing at NPR

  1. I’m not a National People’s Radio fan but always thought highly of Terry Gross and her ability to conduct an intelligent interview. I thought ol’ Hill had thicker skin that this – maybe her time with Obama rubbed off on her.

  2. I’ll have to take your word for it, Keith. I listen to NPR so infrequently that I didn’t even hear Susan Stamberg interview my daughter yesterday.

  3. Remember when Condi Rice was lambasted for saying she could never imagine in her wildest dreams – airplanes flying into bldgs?

    Hillary just outdid Condi by a country mile:

    “I never could have predicted, however, the extent that ISIS could be effective in seizing cities in Iraq and trying to erase boundaries to create an Islamic state.”

  4. Hillary’s like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. From a description of the Queen of Hearts—-“She is a foul-tempered monarch, that Carroll himself pictured as “a blind fury”, and who is quick to decree death sentences at the slightest offense. Her most famous line, one which she repeats often, is “Off with their heads!”

    Ah yes. We’ve met HIllary before. Many times.

  5. “Well, Gross wasn’t having any of this, because I imagine her listeners in the gay community are a little suspicious of Hillary’s nonsense and get the game she played.”

    The gay community really couldn’t care less whether Hillary believes the drivel coming out of her mouth. As long as she toes the party line, they’re good with that.

  6. I normally avoid NPR as well but I’m so glad that MS. Gross did not back down and let Hillary intimidate her. I don’t know why it’s so hard for Hillary to just come clean on this issue; she doesn’t seem the type to be afraid she will lose in 2016.