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Chelsea Made a $600,000 Salary at NBC

Looks like making outlandish sums of money for little work runs in the family!

Trading on her famous name, Chelsea Clinton picked up an obscene $600,000 annual salary at NBC News, where she has worked as a special correspondent, according to Politico.

Extra-special, it turns out.

She started at NBC in November 2011 working up fluff pieces for a Brian Williams show that, uh, got cancelled in June 2013, and has since worked on packages for the evening news. This year she’s on a month-to-month contract in case NBC wants to cut her off should her mom run for president.

Still, her $600,000 pales next to the tens of millions amassed by her parents for speeches and some polite trade association Q&A.

But she’s learning!

30 thoughts on “Chelsea Made a $600,000 Salary at NBC”

      1. With what Chelsea is being paid, she could also claim she’s broke, just like her parents were in 2001. That kind of salary doesn’t far in buying a $10mil. home in NYC.

        1. The couple purchased their new Manhattan apartment for the low, low price of $10.5 million. The 5,000 square foot apartment has four bedrooms, six-and-a-half bathrooms.

          She’s gotta pay someone to clean all those toilets. LOL

  1. It would be interesting to find out how much less NBC pays Jenna Bush Hager or how Chelsea’s salary compares to full time NBC employee. Obscene is the understatement but don’t forget Matt Lauer makes something like $20m/year.

  2. Is she gonna bring junior to work? I listened to the audio of Meredith Viera’s husband, Richard Cohen’s, memoirs and he recounted how Mike Wallace at 60 Mins barked at Meredith for bring her son to the office–shut that effing baby up! Nice.

  3. Poor little rich girl.

    If Mom had not been blindsided by MrO and had won the right to put her shoes on the Oval Office desk, little Chelsea would have been appointed to something or another, or a special position would have been invented just for her. As it turned out, NBC just stepped in to give the kid something nice.
    Just thinkin’ here, a lot of things would be a lot different if MrO was still the Senator from Illinois. With Bubba standing right behind her chair, would Putin be so bold, would aliens be overrunning our borders, Iraq-Iran-all the -stans, so much would be on a different level now.

    1. Interesting. Not that Hillary would have been so great–though she is a neocon–but that she would have had backup besides a garishly dressed, peevish quasi-nutrition expert.

    2. And had Hillary been elected President, the Clinton’s wouldn’t have amassed a quarter the money they have now. Just think of the horror – Chelsea might not have been able to buy a $10m apartment. Waaaaaa, waaa.

  4. The Clintons (Bubba, Hilliary & now this useless/arrogant/obnoxious daughter) need to check on their reservation in H#ll…

  5. Nothing but bribery………just like all the news executives whose relatives are at working in the White House. NBC should be brought up on charges of influence. Gee…… I wonder why GE did not pay taxes after making $4 billion.

    This country will continue to get fleeced until there is some type of hopefully political revolution.

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  7. most places they call that a bribe , a payoff, a kickback But hey the Clintons invented this with Hilary’s cattle futures for Tysons water pollution deal . They may be crooks but they are clever crooks .

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