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Quote of the Day || June 12, 2014

“People ask, “What’s my big achievement?” and I’m like, look, we completely reversed Bush’s victory in Iraq. There are those who may not like it, but I think you have to admit, it took some effort.”

– Hillary Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

8 Responses to Quote of the Day || June 12, 2014

  1. Have you ever been in a situation when you know you should keep your mouth shut, but you just can’t resist so you talk and talk, and the more you talk, the worse you make it for yourself? Hillary Clinton is at that point now. She took out after an NPR reporter who asked her to clarify her stance on gay marriage. NPR! That’s a case of friendly fire.

    • You hit the nail on the head here.
      The question wasn’t that hard, or required anything more than she listened to the LGBTs and felt their pain. Or love. Or whatever.
      It’s the concussion that’s causing these gaffes and short-tempered attitude. Head injuries sometimes make the victims combative.
      Her handlers should take her out of the public eye before it gets worse and she totally implodes in public.
      It’s time for her to gracefully retire and start buying onesies for her expected grandchild.

      • Nah, leave Hillary in the public eye. The more exposure, the more explosions. I have a good friend, in spite of the fact that she is a far-out Lefty. On rare occasions we talk politics, but it was she who said to me, “I don’t like Hillary and would not vote for her” and that was before the interview with Terry Gross from NPR.

        • After she snapped, and cut her off. The newswoman should have said: I mean no disrepect, However: Than ask the question again.
          I feel the WH Newsman need to do the same thing. Except interupt stating I did not ask you to ramble: Than repeat the question.
          By the way the response she gave was practiced as a response answer many times behind closed doorrs.