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Peters: The Biggest Arab Jihadi Victory Since the 12th Century

Brought to you in Iraq and Syria by President Barack Obama.

According to retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, a Fox News analysts:

This is President Obama’s real legacy: The creation of the first Jihadi state in modern history, stretching from central Syria to central Iraq and now approaching Baghdad, all because President Obama saw everything through a political lens.

Have a look at this searing indictment.

40 thoughts on “Peters: The Biggest Arab Jihadi Victory Since the 12th Century”

  1. This frightening scenario and the debacle taking place on our Southern border, not to mention Bergdahl and the release of six terrorists, the iRS scandal, Benghazi-gate, EPA take over, Fast and Furious, Land Grabs across the country and on and on signal years of disaster ahead for our wonderful country.
    All of this courtesy of a small man who has become a dictator and a force of destruction to all.

      1. When asked about the possibility of the terrorists coming back if the Americans left, Obama shoed the question away.

        I need to find that response.

  2. Never again will Red State, Main Street Americans send their sons and daughters off to war to avenge the deaths of the Blue State, Wall Street Americans who elected this poverty pimp to be POTUS.

  3. Boehner just finished a mini-presser, finishing up with this comment re the debacle in the ME. “Where is Obama? Napping !!!” Boehner then stormed off the stage.
    When are you going to start impeachment proceedings, Mr.Speaker??
    When is enough, enough? Obama is a deserter, a traitor, and should be sitting in GITMO !

    1. As much as I agree with you regarding Obama needing to be impeached, at this point there is just not the broader political will of enough of the population to make it possible without destroying Republican chances of taking the Senate back in November.
      The media, the MSNBC hacks, the Jesse and Al’s would suck all the oxygen out of the room and all we’d have accomplished is shooting ourselves in the proverbial foot.
      Take the Senate this fall, then start passing bills in 2015 one after another after another and force Obama to veto every damn one of em. Force the media to cover the fact that he won’t allow any common sense legislation to pass.
      In the meantime investigate the hell out of all levels of the executive branch and put even more information into the public ethos of just how corrupt this administration is.
      And if he hasn’t resigned by the time the Republican Senate takes charge in 2015 have the House draw up articles of impeachment against Holder and pass it along to the Senate. There will be just enough Democrats up in 2016 that there’s a better than 50/50 he could get removed from office. He is as much at fault for the lawlessness as Obama and and impeachment trial would shed much needed sunlight on the corruption of what is supposed to be the office of the nation’s to law enforcement officer.
      Just two cents from fly over country.

      1. Unfortunately, I agree with you. The public is ready for a change, but if the Republicans drop everything to go after Obama, public outrage would shift in his favor because a) he’s black, racism, of course b) the public would view impeachment another huge waste of time and resources. I personally think the Republicans should just keep exposing and investigating the almost daily appearing scandals. This would hurt him and all the Democrats more than to give them a cause to rally around Obama.

      2. Rush was talking about an article from PowerLine where the writer suggested that Obama would write an EO giving every single illegal alien amnesty – just after the Nov. election. A diabolical plot to get the R’s to impeach him so that by the time 2016 rolls around, the voters will be so outraged at impeaching the first black prez – they will lose the election and remain out of power forever.

        I disagree. The “I” word would remain on Obama’s legacy forever. The Articles of Impeachment would be listed in the history books for all to see, even if he is not convicted. Obama is only interested in his legacy and this would cut him down to size. My two cents.

        1. I heard that too Girly1.
          I agree with you, I think that if Barry does that, it will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
          This calculating POS is due to have something backfire on him.
          The racial card is getting pretty thin.

        2. Think about this. Nixon wasn’t even impeached. He resigned before that happened because he did a ‘cover-up’ Clinton was impeached cuz ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’ which was a lie.This grifter has done soooo many things worse than the other two but continues to get a free ride. Compare to Nixon, has Obummer ever covered anything up? Compare to Clinton. Where is Reggie?


    2. Boehner is good at huffing and puffing, but never any follow through.
      Impeachment proceedings should be brought to the house floor just to see how many have the guts to vote for it.

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    1. Expecting O’Reilly, a closet democrat, to keep his big yap shut is like expecting Mochelle Obama to stop taking lavish vacations at taxpayer expense. Never going to happen. Waste of your valuable time watching the turkey necked blowhard O’Reilly.

      1. I don’t watch TV much, but last night I was in one of those moods when you can’t decide what you want to do. I was waiting for Kelly to come on. Going back to his ‘falafel’ days, he creeps me out, and I am a fan of his NOT.

        1. I think you meant Loofah. Anyhow, I watch Bill almost every nite–but wish he would get less predictable people–Goldberg, Dobbs, that Leslie, Kirsten, Hamm, Wms, Ingraham, yawn yawn. In my opinion, he needs to hurry them along–even Peters. Bill is a registered indep. Not a Dem. But in the first yrs of the admin I think he leaned too far backwards to be
          “fair” to Obama (and get interviews). I do fault him for that. But he is coming around.

          1. I miss that sexy Russian woman who explained the holidays, the body lang person (in the tank for O, but amusing), even Lamont Hill, who had something to say even if it was lame. One nite Bill had Bob Woodson on to discuss the black community–I have met Woodson and he is a wonderful community person, but Bill did not seem to know what a gem he had there.

  5. To some extent I feel sorry for the people of Iraq and everywhere else that these crazed serial killers abound.
    I see in news accounts that hundreds of thousands of them are fleeing the advance of the terrorists; that’s their choice – run or fight-and they chose to run.
    If the peace-loving people of Iraq won’t stand and fight, why should we shed our blood for them, again. And again.
    It’s been said the Islamists or the peoples of one Islamic led country or another hate us. Well, the feeling is mutual by most Americans.

    When the rest of the world finally comes to the realization that these Islamic terrorists are nothing more than thuggish serial killers who have never reached a minimal of civilization, then the scourge of terror will cease.

    1. One eye-witness account described the horror. The Iraqi soldiers are stripping off their uniforms, tossing their weapons, and running. The citizens have no one left to protect them.

      Tikrit is 70 miles from Baghdad where we have the Billion $$$ embassy (the most expensive in the world). I wonder if a.) we have any Americans still working there, and b.) Are they being evacuated.

      1. If there is no “official” order from the WH to evacuate and I was stationed there, I would would un-ass that place in a heat beat.
        I don’t condone abandoning one’s position, but seeing how Obama abandoned our 4 people in Benghazi, I certainly would not depend on any help from the WH.
        S.E.R.E. would be the order of the day.

    2. I do feel sorry for them. They’ve had at least ten years of being jerked around by various parties including the USA. I don’t know how they can stand up and fight at this point. And I’m really angry that so many of our youth have died and been maimed over there for what now appears to be no reason at all.

    3. A friend of mine was deployed in northern Iraq and worked very closely with an Iraqi general. He had so much respect for this man and his fight against these terrorists. A lot of capable Iraqis fought alongside us in this war, especially in the north. Iraq had a parliament set up, they were making progress – in my opinion Iraq could have turned out much, much differently. (on the other hand, Afghanistan was never winnable)

      1. Agree – 100%. Afghanistan is, and always will be – tribal. Unwinnable.
        A few years ago I read how the Kurds, especially, were flourishing – their economy was booming. They were the biggest benefactors of Hussein’s demise.
        This debacle is all on Obama. Ironically, he was crowing a couple of years ago about ‘winning’ the war in Iraq and, of course, taking credit for it.

      2. What will become of the Kurds in all this? They were doing very well considering the world around them! They even built an amazing and beautiful resort area in the north.

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  7. This Is their long dreamed of Caliphate expanding.
    Look at a map of the area and think of the Obama actions in that area.
    Getting involved in regime change in Egypt, Libya and Syria and then running away form the results.
    I see Obama himself as helping the Islamist Caliphate with his foreign policy actions.
    Many say “foreign policy failures”. I say “foreign policy PLANS”.

    Obama is a part of the Islamist Caliphate and him many quotes about Islam then start to make much more sense.

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