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Obama’s New World Order

We are in a war for our survival against Islamic extremism.

We have been in this war for quite some time, but we only fully realized it on September 11, 2001. The roots of the conflict stretch back many centuries.

The al Qaeda-inspired Islamists who are taking over Iraq and who hope to establish a mini-Caliphate stretching into Syria mean business. They mean to do us great harm. And increasingly, they will have the weaponry to achieve their ends. They may eventually even possess nuclear weapons, without harboring the sense of responsibility the Russians had with them.

The United States cannot pretend that the world will go away. We can go away from the world, but as we learned 13 years ago, it won’t go away from us.

This country now faces a long-term commitment, similar to the battle against communism after the Second World War, to fight and extinguish Islamist extremism. This means the permanent stationing of troops in the Middle East.

This is a terrible thing to say. It is a terrible thing to advocate positioning U.S. troops for possible battle. But if we don’t, then not far down the road, we are even more likely to have to use them.

We do not have to enter every fight. Where there are leaders in charge who are awful but who nevertheless suppress Islamists, we should leave them alone and even support them, unless they themselves are harming U.S. interests or face a rebellion that could install Islamists. But we must view all conflicts through the lens of the rise of Islamism and whether a threat is posed to the United States from their potential assumption of power.

The United States is the best nation in the world and deserves to be left out of egregious evil that exists in so many places. But we have to face the world as it is. And we are in the world. With our economy and need for resources, very much in it. And the world, as it has proven, is here, with us, too.

President Obama has no understanding of this struggle, because he is a moral relativist. He believes our views are no better, or not much better, than those of others. He doesn’t understand the evil that we face. And he has willfully ignored it so he can focus on advancing his political ambitions and his policy agenda.

We fought two wars in the past decade, one in Afghanistan, one in Iraq. Our history shows that leaving some troops in countries where we have waged war, such as in Germany, Japan, and Korea, maintains the peace.

Here is what I wrote in October 2011, as Obama started to trumpet, for political purposes, that all of our troops would soon be out of Iraq:

Obama’s political success is a foreign policy failure. He may have just handed back the Iraq victory George W. Bush had won. But as long as Iraq doesn’t fall apart before Election Day, this will be a central plank of the Obama campaign.

Even now, as Iraq indeed collapses, Obama can’t bring himself to recognize the catastrophe he  wrought by not taking the recommendations of his military advisors and leaving some forces on the ground to influence events. A White House statement on the situation in Iraq was issued Wednesday in the name of the press secretary, not the president, as if this were Jay Carney’s problem.

We will have the same result in Afghanistan when all the troops are removed from that theater. The Afghan military will be even less prepared to deal with its problems than the Iraqi forces were.

As a result of this president’s policies, Islamists will control large swaths of land in, and perhaps the entire nations of, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, while the existing Islamist state – Iran, the birth child of the last failed Democratic president – gains the ability to produce nuclear weapons.

We went to war in Afghanistan to eliminate a terrorist haven. Today, the whole region is a terrorist paradise.

These are existential threats for the United States. Unlike creeping socialism, which may take some time to destroy us, the attacks coming against the United States will not wait for long.

People will die. The mass civilian deaths we read about will be American, not from somewhere far away. And life for the living will be very bad indeed.

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    1. Yes, I will give him kudos for that. Does anyone in the Obama administration know what the hell they’re doing?

    1. Take out Israel’s enemies.
      Remove all of the Americans that are there.
      No more ground troops or civilian contractors.
      Send in the Air Force and the Navy.
      Target the radar and their communications ability.
      Target the training posts that they have established.

      You do not stop an enemy by playing footsie with it.
      The PC, rules of engagement crap that this administration has forced upon our military is ridiculous.
      Obama is incompetent and in no way capable of being CIC.

      Yes,…send in the Air Force and the Navy.
      The Navy can lay off the coast and lob missiles at them and the Air Force can perform surgical strikes at specific targets or wipe out major targets.

      Will that happen ?
      I doubt it because we have a Muslim sympathizer in the White House.

      I imagine that this comment will generate some disagreement, however, these people are barbarians, and no amount of money or negotiations will turn them from their mission to convert everyone of earth to Islam.

      1. AFVet, my nephew who had three tours in Iraq would agree with you 100%. The former efforts to bring the Mid-East into the 21st Century are falling apart, and Islamic terrorists of any stripe or name are determined to dismantle every step forward taken by the people to throw off barbarianism as Keith described. Either go into a War to WIN or Don’t! Know the ‘end game’ FIRST!

        The Qur’an allows lying and deception to gain power over opponents, and THAT is why muslims will feign ‘serious talks’ and keep leaders forever engaged in ‘fake negotiations’ and ‘treaties’ that they will never honor!

        Americans need to recall history about the ‘Barberry Pirates’ and all of the muslim slavery trading. Human trafficking is still going on, and infidels – everybody who isn’t muslim – are in imminent dangerjb

  1. I agree with some of your points here, and disagree with others.
    While it’s true that the murdering Islamists are a threat to all the world, we here in the good ol’ USA are more frightened of our own government than some vague or impending threat from outsiders.

    We can’t fix the world, we can’t protect all of the innocents from evil, and why should we when other nations look the other way.
    We’re so far in debt we shouldn’t even be thinking about passing our phony or borrowed money to other nations, no matter how pathetic or poor they might be.
    We can’t afford to supply the world’s governments with military hardware that we can only build with borrowed money. Let them borrow the money for their defense, let them suit up their young and send them off to foreign lands to battle crazed barbarians.

    We’re being invaded without any restraints from the Southern nations, our government is stepping on our necks, raiding our wallets, and telling our young that half of their neighbors are horrible racist haters who need to be “straightened out”.

    If we all truly believe that we will be attacked by the terrorists in the future, then our government should be arming us, not the rest of the world.

    1. I also agree with some of what was said, but the problem with countries like Iraq is that it is not just a war on Terrorism… We have inserted ourselves into a Holy War that will never end. I certainly don’t know what the answer is, but I know that they will never stop fighting… So are we prepared and can we afford to be there until the end of time? Doubtful. Also, terrorism exists and is thriving in many more places other than Iraq and Afghanistan. We simply can’t go into all those countries and oust them all.

      1. Yes, they could pull off some spree-like deal here, but I don’t see these people, daggers clamped in teeth, climbing fences to get in and kill all of us. I know that last line was to kickstart the debate. And I agree–we can’t save everyone…drone them…etc. It’s a bad situation…and feeling that the president doesn’t get all the nuances or care makes it scary.

        1. As I stated above Star, we have the power to send them a major message.
          Playing pussy foot with these people is ridiculous.

  2. IMO, the release of the Obama 5 was the signal for Iraqi offensive by Islamic extremists.
    Another victory for Obama’s “smart, 21st century diplomacy”.

      1. Pray for all Americans abroad — military and civilian. Obama has painted a big bulls eye on their back and signaled to the world that we have surrendered.

  3. Keith, you are an important “must read” for me everyday, but this one was like a punch to the gut because I think you are mostly spot on.

  4. We have an open border (it’s not porous but wide open)
    We have allowed China and Russia to dictate the terms with Iran.
    We have allowed al Qaeda the ability to win the war in Iraq and win the war in Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan…

    I’m sure it’s either Israel’s fault, The Tea Party’s fault, or Justin beiber’s fault.

  5. Keith, Very insightful article! However, your assessment of bho as having ‘no understanding’ of the struggle because he is a ‘moral relativist’ is far too generous an explanation for his behavior, even though that is an astute observation!

    BHO does not care how the American people view him and what we believe is ‘mis-handling’ of foreign policy. He actually knows very well what he is doing, in my humble opinion. Two years ago, he allowed Iran to keep a drone that they captured. Now Iran has copied that highly sophisticated weapon. That is just one example of how he wants ‘to even the playing field’ against stronger nations.

    Also, his rift with Putin has everything to do with the fact that Putin invaded Ukraine earlier than bho expected. Their plans for dividing up the World were not as co-ordinated as bho had hoped, soooo we have the ObamaFiveTerrorists release, now, instead of earlier!

    Guess HOW the World is to be divided?

    Plus, George Soros made his multi-billions of $’s collapsing economies, and the out of control immigration influx on the Southern border is one way to completely ‘stress-out’ or ‘max-out’ resources so essential for jobs and education and on and on. That will lead to massive increase in gov’t assistance and more ‘inflated currency’ printed and circulated. Prices for everything are ‘sky-high’ now.

    Call me more and more cynical, but millions of American citizens – natural-born or naturalized – will continue to grow the great divide and disparity and fuel ‘class warfare’ because of bho’ socialist progressive policies implemented by his un-elected czars and appointees.

    Americans need to be inspired and engaged in every aspect of governance, but as you have already pointed out, bho is ‘weary’ and Americans are ‘weary’, but we cannot afford to become discouraged. Yes, I sound discouraged, but I am fighting that everyday! jk

    1. I now believe Obama IS a part of the Islamists caliphate!

      His taking out the leadership of Egypt, Libya and the try at Syria and his abandoning Afghanistan and Iraq and leaving them all to the Islamists.

      Now when you read the things he has said about Islam, it al makes sense.

    1. The former Ambassador to Syria Ford, resigned. And he is speaking out. He is a very seasoned foreign service professional.

  6. Not only did AlQaeda plan to kill Americans on 9/11…they intended to take down our economy by striking the heart of the financial center.

    Today, they are rejoicing. Obama is succeeding where they failed on on 9/11. As an additional bonus, he has left the borders completely open for them to set up shop in America…again.
    Obama has allowed more Arabic speaking refugees into this country than any other race – 75, 000 as of Sep. 2013. Latinos? 4,000.

    I’m still wondering what that ‘civilian national security force just as powerful and well funded as the US military’ is all about. Is it going to be Mexicans and Muslims? He did tell Lainos to punish their enemies, ddn’t he?

  7. I do not expect Barack Obama to do one thing to defend this country either from extremists from outside like the Islamists or from within and at our borders.

      1. As I said earlier on the thread, no more ground troops,…we tried that and it didn’t work.
        All it resulted in was 4500 dead soldiers and countless maimed American soldiers due to IED’s.
        IED’s have no effect on a bomber.
        Send in the heavy guns, the Navy and the Air Force.
        Obama just released 5 killers back into that theater.
        They are responsible for thousands of deaths of innocent people.
        I do tend to agree with Langley except for the Nuke aspect.
        We can easily bomb them back into the stone age though.

  8. The war began before September 11, 2001.

    Beirut: Marine Barracks 1983
    Lockerbie: December 1988
    WTC: February 1993
    USS Cole: October 2000

    Whether in Europe, the ME or in America, the jihad will continue – it’s only a matter of frequency.

  9. “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert their citizens to Christianity.”–Ann Coulter, September 12, 2001

    Meanwhile, the price of oil is heading up, again, because of the chaos in the Middle East. And since oil is traded in dollars, a weak dollar is only going to mean MORE pain at the pump this summer.

    $3 gas is already the new normal; wait until THIS oil shock hits the markets. Hang on to your wallets, friends and neighbors!

      1. So sorry about that price!! I have family members near Los Angeles who wished they had moved years ago. Now, their home is not worth what they paid for it, and that was ‘big bucks’ that I couldn’t afford on any level. We just have to work harder at changing DC! jb

    1. The price of gas has been going up here since Monday, and now the price of ten gallons is $37.90 for regular grade. I noticed that QT is beginning to eliminate ‘mid-grade’ fuels!

      Keystone Pipeline has deliberately been delayed by bho and the extremists in the EPA, and our economic recovery and National Security still depend on becoming ‘Energy Independent’! Please lobby your reps and senators! jb

  10. “President Obama has no understanding of this struggle, because he is a moral relativist. He believes our views are no better, or not much better, than those of others. He doesn’t understand the evil that we face. And he has willfully ignored it so he can focus on advancing his political ambitions and his policy agenda.”
    “Obama can’t bring himself to recognize the catastrophe he wrought by not taking the recommendations of his military advisors”

    Keith, he is not ignorant! He is not stupid! He is orchestrating this!!!!
    How do you not know this? How can you not come out and say it??
    He is getting away with it because people still think he’s a moron or a puppet. PLEASE KEITH! Help wake people up!!!!

    1. yeah, I think you’re right about this. I don’t think there’s any “relativism” about Obama’s sympathies in, eg, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. he’s pretty darn sure the Islamists are in the right.

  11. “This country now faces a long-term commitment, similar to the battle against communism after the Second World War,” only much worse. It’s worse because there are so many more people who sincerely believe in the jihad, and who believe they are divinely commanded to advance or support it individually, any way they can.

    So, for example, it doesn’t matter much whether a government imposes a death penalty for apostasy or “blasphemy” when plenty of individuals believe it their duty to carry out such a penalty. And it isn’t much protection to live under a non-jihadi government when individual Muslims will bring the jihad to you wherever you live (e.g. Paris, Brussels, Malmo).

    Another reason it’s much worse is how the guise of religion gulls the naive (e.g. Pope Francis and many other Christians) and serves as a pretext for charges of bigotry against the vigilant.

    The problem is not just “Islamism.” It’s Islam, which attacks the rest of the world in multitudinous ways. Military force isn’t enough. It is critical that the non-Muslim world finally understand — or relearn — that Islam itself is the problem. We need to stop caring about whether we hurt the feelings of “moderate” Muslims. The necessity of saving what’s left of the civilized world from the evil of Islam is far more important.

    1. Reading Wm Federer’s book ‘What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an’ is available as an e-book. It is the history of Islamic extremism in the World and how they expect to achieve World Domination!

      So called ‘Moderate Muslims’ do not exist! It is impossible to separate Islam into distinct parts, because its Worldview tenants of religious practices, political beliefs, and military conquests are inextricably woven together.

      So called ‘moderate muslims simply believe that they are to infiltrate every community at every level of society and governance, populate the country, and be ready to demand changes to accommodate them in schools, neighborhoods, courts, etc.! ‘Moderates’ use every means to appear ‘just like everybody else’, and they leave the extremists militants to carry out jihad against infidels. Moderates are ‘endangered’, also.

      Imans have complete ‘mind control’. 9-11, Fort Hood, and other attacks occurred after the perpetrators consulted with their Iman! These are ‘pure evil’ leaders of mosques and muslims. jb

  12. The other day I mentioned the people who figured out Japan’s secret
    code and was able to find out where their ships would be.

    Don’t we have spys that may have been able to see this major stampede in Iraq? They (spys, etc.) should have been on their toes, especially after the pathetic move on releasing 5 MAJOR TERRORIST.
    As I was typing this, I just heard McCain’s comment of a New National
    Security Team.

    I keep thinking about Reagan saying:
    Gorbachev tear down that wall.

    We have now someone traveling, giving speeches, etc.

    1. Today, June 12 is the date in 1987 when President Ronald Reagan made his Berlin Wall speech! By 1991, the Soviet Union was ‘no more’!

      President Reagan believed strongly that America should always deal with other nations from a position of STRENGTH! Bless him for his courage! jb

  13. I just pulled up Drudge.
    Video showing thousands of soldiers captured by ISIS.
    Not being shown on MSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Under the video it states: The biggest families in the history of mankind at the hands of the State of Islam.

  14. I am confused so maybe some of you who have more knowledge of the Middle East could clarify my problem. It’s pretty much agreed that Syria (Assad) is also fighting these people and Iran is supporting Assad. So, it seems to me one of these ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ situations. Yet I see so-called conservative politicians all over the board on getting involved in the Middle East. Why would we pick a fight with Syria or Iran right now if they are fighting ISIS themselves?

    I am also troubled by our recent history of letting allies down. We lead these peoples down the primrose path and then abandon them. Henry Kissinger wrote a month or so ago that there have been four failed US military actions in his lifetime, three of which the US withdrew from unilaterally. This would make the fifth, I think, and what peril it puts our ally Israel and our questionable ally Saudi Arabia in.

  15. See Keith, Jay Carney knew you could foresee the future. He was jealous. Recall the snippet remark about your website?

    Keep up the excellent work Keith. I recommend this site for all my friends to read.

  16. ‘President Obama has no understanding of this struggle, because he is a moral relativist. He believes our views are no better, or not much better, than those of others. He doesn’t understand the evil that we face. And he has willfully ignored it so he can focus on advancing his political ambitions and his policy agenda.’
    ‘Bama knows exactly what he’s doing and is doing it intentionally. Least we forget the only promise he’s ever kept “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    He has supplied the sworn enemies of America and AlQaeda with billions in aid and military grade weapons, this ring he wears bears the Shahada, muslims are allowed to keep their faith when participating at Jeremiah Wights Trinity Church which he did for 20 years, allowing Iran to develope nukes, his immigration policies of bringing in 100,000 muslims a year and spreading them out through the Bible Belt planting the seeds to chance the face of America. Need I go on?

  17. A must-read, first-hand report from Michael Rubin who traveled to Tikrit and Mosul earlier this year.
    ( Rubin has been warning about A/Q in Iraq for well over a year now. It appears to be much more complicated with his latest report)

    IRAQ IS ON THE PRECIPICE: The coming week will decide whether it climbs down, or falls.

    While Americans focus on the shock of al Qaeda flags over Mosul, Iraqis describe a more complicated scene. One Iraqi reported that insurgents in Mosul told his brother that they were not al Qaeda, but rather veterans of Saddam’s army. Rumors are rife throughout Mosul and Tikrit that Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Saddam Hussein’s vice president and the most senior official of the previous regime who evaded American capture, has returned from Syria and is leading renewed insurgency.

    Read more:

    1. Just read Michael Rubin’s detailed article, and the CHAOS ensuing with all of the Islamic factions fighting for power and land is more than disturbing! As he mentioned, mounting any kind of strikes from the USA will be almost impossible, because the question remains: ‘From where would US Forces launch an offensive?’

      bho has decimated our military through ‘forced’ elimination over the past five years, the ‘best and brightest’ military leaders and strategists! Why? Obviously, his calculated decisions have only emboldened the Islamists to pursue their World Domination Goal! jb

  18. I’m sure I’m not the first to think this, but I don’t think that the takover of Iraq by Al Qaeda so soon after the handover of 5 Al Qaeda commanders is a coincidence.

    They can say the Obama Five had nothing to do with it, but it’s not rocket science to know that Al Qaeda will use the elation of having received their greatest wish from their sworn enemy to wreak havok. And that’s exactly what they are doing.

  19. “President Obama has no understanding of this struggle, because he is a moral relativist. ”

    Sorry, Keith, this is NOT why he espouses the views he holds.

    “Obama” is the son of Weather Underground / May 19 Communist Organization Fugitive Domestic Terrorist – aka ELizabeth Duke – who is still alive. [Hence his alliance with Bill Ayers, Mom’s long-time comrade.]

    In 1975 “Obama” was featured on the cover of Weather Underground magazine, Osawatomie.

  20. Keith,

    What exactly is the American interest in Iraq now?

    What is overlooked (maybe not understood?) is the context behind what is happening in Iraq now.

    This is a war between Shi’a and Sunni. That is Iran/Hizballah/Maliki/Mahdi/Assad against Al-Qaeda/ISIS/Saudi.

    This is an unsettled struggle for supremacy in the area–the Levant and Mesopotamia–left over as a result of British/French/American ham-fisted division of territory after WW1 and WW2. We did not take into account the realities of culture/religion/ethnicity when we drew the lines in the sand to create Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and others.

    As is happening around the world (Congo, Sudan, Ukraine, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, etc) people are sorting themselves out. Iraq will likely end up being three de facto countries: Kurdistan, Shia-stan, and Greater Sunni-land.

    The ISIS forces (Sunni) are already meeting Iranian (Shia) forces in Iraq, as they have been in Syria.

    What is in it for us to become involved? Just like in Syria–whose side are we on? Al Qaeda? Iran? Kurds?

    Let ’em sort it out. We need to aggressively pursue American interests. Which in Iraq now are: protect American citizens, American property, American businesses. There is no American interest in supporting any of the sides in this conflict.

    We should be prosecuting a war on our own southern border. And a war against the crony corruption of Obama’s handlers in DC and around the country.

    Convenient how IRS, Benghazi, Gitmo prisoner release, and all the other Obama regime scandals are forgotten isn’t it?

    1. Our interests in Iraq are oil, as they have always been in our dealings with the Middle East. In addition, we have a national security interest in seeing that Iran, Syria, and Iraq become a single force of terrorism which acquires the capability to build a functioning nuclear weapon because if they do, they will use it against us.

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  23. Keith, I disagree that Obama doesn’t understand this struggle. He understands it very well. He understands the struggle is against freedom, against the power and influence of the U.S. and against our survival as a Constitutional Republic and he sides with those who want to suppress freedom, destroy the U.S., and eradicate all of the principles and values upon which we function as a Constitutional Republic.

    This was evident simply by researching his background. It has been completely obvious since his first day in office. He told us his goal was to fundamentally transform the U.S. and that is the one thing he has never lied about nor failed to try to accomplish.

    1. As I recall it was the British who F—– up the middle east when they created Iraq. Let them solve it. Maybe we could lend them s few A—– which could turn the sands of the region into a smooth sheet of hot, molten glass.

  24. Has everyone forgotten how Hitler lost the war. If I remember correctly they ran out of fuel, what is obama doing now, no drilling, no pipeline, letting the muslims overrun all the middle east oil fields, giving brazil millions of our hard earned dollars and letting them drill off our coast, shutting down our coal fired and oil fired plants, regulating our factories and businesses into bankruptcy. So would someone tell me what the U.S. has left to wage a war with.
    Appears we can either fight or grab our ankles and kiss our rears good bye. What have we got left, our lives will be worthless if we don’t.

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