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Obama Schedule || Friday, June 13, 2014

10:00 am ET || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:25 am ET || Departs White House
1:45 pm CT || Arrives Bismarck, North Dakota
2:40 pm CT || Participates, with Mrs. Obama, in a roundtable discussion with Native American Youth; Cannon Ball Elementary School
3:45 pm CT || Attends the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration and delivers remarks; Cannon Ball Powwow Grounds
5:20 pm CT || Departs Bismarck, North Dakota
6:20 pm PT || Arrives Palm Springs, California

47 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, June 13, 2014

  1. Attends Flag Day celebration.
    Are they going to tape Mooch’s mouth shut ?
    After all, you wouldn’t want to give the kids the wrong idea.

    • I just just heard a part of today’s chit chat from O.
      He said: My team is working around the clock. Re: Iraq
      O’Rielly pointed out they have known about this for months.

      Than seconds later I pull this thread and look at the absolute
      __________ Day Plan for tomorrow.
      I guess I should not be so upset. He may not be working, but the team is. sarc
      If at least one part of the team had the respect and the devotion to keep this Country run as our Constitution explains we might not have to worry so. That is not the case.

  2. aren’t you so glad there is nothing of any importance happening in the country/world that would prevent POTUS from attending these events?

  3. I wonder if he’ll suggest they change the name of the school. After all ‘cannon balls’ used to be a weapon of war and have no place in a gun free school zone. I’m sure the local tribe would quickly name him “Chief GoFyourself”

  4. Iraq is on fire and this criminally negligent, dererlict asshat is running his skinny legs off to play golf in Palm Springs, His refusal to sign a SOF agreement in Iraq is proving to be Benghazi on steroids.

    A MUST READ, first-hand report from the brilliant ME scholar, Michael Rubin, who traveled to Tikrit and Mosul earlier this year.
    ( Rubin has been warning about A/Q in Iraq for well over a year now. It appears to be much more complicated)

    Note: Appearing on the Bill Bennett radio show back in Oct. 2011, Rubin stated emphatically that we ‘will lose Iraq’ (not
    ‘might lose Iraq’) b/c of Obama’s troop withdrawal and failure to sign a SOF Status of Forces) agreement

    IRAQ IS ON THE PRECIPICE: The coming week will decide whether it climbs down, or falls.

    While Americans focus on the shock of al Qaeda flags over Mosul, Iraqis describe a more complicated scene. One Iraqi reported that insurgents in Mosul told his brother that they were not al Qaeda, but rather veterans of Saddam’s army. Rumors are rife throughout Mosul and Tikrit that Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Saddam Hussein’s vice president and the most senior official of the previous regime who evaded American capture, has returned from Syria and is leading renewed insurgency.

    Read more:

    • I just heard on Fox the issue of the problem of having platforms for drones, or manned planes.

      Militants storm Turkish consulate in Iraq City, taking 49 people.

      US Embassy prepares contingency plans to evacuate its employees if necessary.
      State Dept. has warned US citizens regarding traveling to Iraq.

  5. You have to give Obama credit. He couldn’t be any further away from DC when Bagdad falls. Bismarck, N.D.! You gotta’ be Fk’n kidding me! Lovely place actually, been there in my travels West.
    He’s never around when SHTF.
    Father in Heaven help us.

    • He should be sitting down all day tomorrow with his pen and phone and a PHONE BOOK, looking for someone to watch these people. Instead OUR BORDAR PATROL AGENTS have been pulled from watching our border to babysitting.

  6. Nice job by the scheduling office. Line up a graduation speech in Southern Cali so the president can sneak in some golf in Palm Springs, courtesy of all of us.

    And he’s also told ISIS that they can take the weekend off too.

    • Decapitations are also the trademark of the brutal drug cartels in Mexico and Central America. With Obama’s open door policy, how soon will they become commonplace in a neighborhood near us?
      He refuses to lift a finger to stop the drug wars. I see little difference between A/Q and MS13 et al.

    • This is not being shown on MSM….
      The citiizens of this Country deserve the news.
      If someone does not want to see it. They have a remote.
      I grew up seeing the evening news of Vietnam. It taught me to appreciate our Country, our military, and of course of freedom.

  7. Let’s hope that all Americans are successfully evacuated from Baghdad in appropriate transport and that Obama gets to Palm Springs. Unlike Benghazi when the evacuation when it did happen was complicated via private charter. Still Obama made it to Vegas so the Palm Springs thing is pretty much a sure green light.

  8. Obama is so… what is there to say? A two week vacation from White House Dossier may be necessary. Toprol XL 25 (BP med) can only do so much.

  9. What a marvelous name for a school; CannonBall. Topped only by the Cannon Ball Powwow Grounds ………..
    FYI: total #students at Cannon Ball Elementary school – 97
    Unemployment rate Cannon Ball, N>D> as of 2011: 23%
    Largest employer: yard maintenance and service industry

    Oh boy.


    They are just raping this country at every juncture. To fly off in the middle of several crisis like this and go on a 4 day Father’s Day Weekend with no public schedule is just inexcusable.

    I noticed the Palm Springs pressed were not sure if the Obama Children will be joining them for the “Fathers Day Weekend”.

    So, the question is who and where are our National Leaders that tells the President this is unacceptable? I can’t imagine any of the Ex Presidents can condone this behavior. They need to send a joint Op-Ed letter to the NY Times and Washington Post stating their concerns. I know Carter won’t have a problem………..Time for Bush 41 and 43 and Clinton to be Patriots.

    PS- FARROGANCE is a new word combing a word that starts with F and Arrogance. I will let you use your imagination what word starts with “F”

  11. The world is burning and Obama cavorts with Native American Children?
    Then he goes to Palm Springs? My son was there with his famiily the last time Obama was there and remembers the traffic and restrictions.
    Great Golf Facilities? Expensive?
    Who is paying?

  12. Keith, do you know whether Sam Kass accompanied the First Family on their trip? I am sure Barack needs him to round out a foursome.

  13. Rome is burning,…….
    Heard on the radio this AM that the border guards are restricted from taking pictures with their cell phones under penalty of being fired.

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